Virgo Man in Marriage

What attracts one towards a Virgo Man - is his amazing personality, his nature, his loyalty, his sense of responsibility .You can be glad with him forever, but only if you truly know and understand him. The given article will help you understanding a Virgo man better.

Have you just proposed a boy? But still waiting for his reply in a yes or no ? Perhaps he is a Virgo man because the person with Virgo sign takes time for any matter in life. A Virgo man will never give you very quick response. He, in fact, takes time for making a decision. A man of Virgo sign is no doubt an imaginative person but he is a very practical guy too. You can’t expect virtual feelings from him. He believes on what he sees. He does not believe on stories but yes believe on what he actually knows. If feelings are budding in your heart for a Virgo man you will have to wait for a long to go in a committed relationship with him. He will always love you but with realistic way not in dreams. This type of man is kind of dogmatic person. Possibly Virgo men live on their own doctrines. They love to follow their own set of principles to live the life.

But that does not mean they are not alive. Yes! A Virgo man enjoys his life fully but not like men of other zodiac signs. He makes his own rule to enjoy freedom of life. He is aloof how to praise a girl or how to pamper a girl. Often you may feel that he is a boring person but this is not fact. He will express his love, make you happy, but in different way. Being his love or his life-partner you feel proud to have him. He is very conscious or serious in his relationship. Once he commits he will never leave your hands. You might not hear love poems or romantic words, but beneath his care and loyal character you will never miss short of love.

A very good quality in a Virgo man is sense of responsibility. A Virgo man is highly devoted for his family-parents, wife and children. He can’t bear any family member suffering in pain. At one point of time if you throw any bitter word he can tolerate, but if you tell a single word against his family he will not bear you at all. So for making your impression in front of a Virgo man, you need to make your good image in his family.

Friends are also worthy for him. He finds each friend valuable. He likes to maintain relationship or friendship with those people who are exactly like him or believes in reality. He is always ready to help his friends. Being a helping person he is also bighearted and a gentleman. He will give you each of things which will make sense. But things which are not showing any meaning he will ignore. A Virgo man likes to live in a calm or serene place, he himself a very peaceful person.

If you truly want to go in his arms then show your emotions in limit. Be a practical girl like him. But if you start calling him unnecessary or will expose your feelings too much he will very soon get irritated and will start ignore you. But that does not mean he wants distance. He will love to be close with you but as per his willingness. It is you only who has to understand his different thought and continue your relationship with him. Doing this your relationship will go forever. He will never hurt you. He is hard but soft too will not impair your emotions meaningless.

Besides, you can love to see his sincerity, truthfulness, attractive physical look and warm heart. A Virgo man is perfect, a loyal good-looking guy for you if you’re Taurus, Cancer or Capricorn girl.

Virgo Man as a Husband

In fact, the only real type of man for Virgo woman is man Virgo. He is not interested neither for love nor passion, and he is not possessive. He is usually a conventional and conservative and he accepts domestic life, because it’s part of social games. A Virgo man is a very practical person with strong intellect and detailed information of all the aspects of life. He likes to keep his private life on a friendly basis, as it is a commercial relationship. When angry, he never becomes rash rather he keeps the feelings deep inside to hide them from all people around him.

In many cases, he prefer to remain celibate, because it’s part of his natural abilities. It would take a lot of work to keep a romance kindling between a Virgo man and his wife especially when they are involved in their favorite projects and are focusing more on their worldly affairs than their relationship. As a husband, he has many features like a Virgo woman. One of the good things is that he is capable man, which provides a comfortable and luxurious life for his family.

He can be very critical, dissatisfied, and sometimes boring because of his hypochondria. He keeps his home and protect his family from financial ruin. This man is not too masculine. He has quite a small male dominance in its appearance and performance. He has no need for a passionate love and sex and his deepest range in love is flirting I, he do not loves foreplay. He carries a rigid demeanor in the bedroom which often creates quarrels between the two about lovemaking. He will never try to be a passionate lover.

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