Male offense by Zodiac Sign

Absolutely all men, without exception, are irritated, angry and hurt sometimes, but representatives of each element do it in their own way. Some keep emotions in themselves, others throw out dissatisfaction on others, and the horoscope explains the difference in behavior by belonging to a certain element and sign of the zodiac. At the moment of birth, a person receives not only destiny and life purpose, but also temperament. The characteristics of the character of the chosen one should be taken into account by women in any conflict situation.

The horoscope advises looking for shelter if a man of the Fire element is offended, since everyone within a walking distance will get under the hot hand. Impulsiveness and hot temper do not allow to restrain emotions, so uncontrollable rage breaks out. A minute ago, the gentleman could confess his love and dream of the sublime, and now he is ready to throw lightning bolts at the one who caused him a serious offense. It is advisable to leave a man alone with himself and emotions for a while, since in this state he does not perceive words and persuasion well. When the storm dies down after the offense, you can make peace and ask for forgiveness without remembering his aggressive behavior. The gentleman hardly wanted to scare anyone, but his passionate nature does not fit into the established framework.

The offended man of the Earth element should be listed in the Red Book as a rare and endangered species. A wise gentleman rarely gives vent to emotions, and legends can be made about his patience. He does not know how to conceal offense and accumulate claims, because he prefers to immediately discuss controversial issues. It helps to smooth out rough edges and come to a compromise in time, but there is also a downside to the coin. If you hold back your feelings for a long time, sooner or later the offense will burst out in a powerful stream of anger and claims. The love horoscope advises not to bring the situation to such an ending, since in anger a man practically does not control himself. After an offense, it is necessary to pause so that the chosen one calms down, and only then go to reconciliation.

If a man of the Air element is offended, he will plunge into silence and contemplation of the world around him, showing his contempt for his opponent with his whole appearance. The mood of a gentleman directly depends on the behavior of a loved one, mirroring his attitude towards himself. A loud scandal will not follow the insult, since the man is not inclined to stoop to primitive showdowns. It is much easier for him to erase the offender from life than to be scattered in spatial explanations. Astrologers advise putting up with the chosen one as soon as possible, since after a break it is impossible to return him. Thanks to his quickness and easy character, a man will surely forgive an accidental offense if a person sincerely regrets his deed.

An offended man of the Water element will arrange a real theatrical performance in two acts without intermission. You should behave with a sensual chosen one as politely and carefully as possible, since the slightest mistake can disrupt his inner harmony. If a man is offended, he will groom and cherish negative emotions, nurturing plans for insidious revenge. For this reason, you should not leave him alone for a long time with dark thoughts. Representatives of the Water element have only one step from ordinary offense to depression, and they are not ready to forgive treason under any circumstances. Men rarely admit their own wrong, so a woman has to apologize if she is interested in a relationship.

Offended men by Zodiac Sign