Aquarius man offended

Aquarius — a sign that hovers in the clouds, they are able to take offense at the most insignificant occasion. Most often, quarrels with the Aquarius man occur against the backdrop of the rejection of his views on life. They are hard to tolerate criticism, attempts to intervene in the inner world and moralizing. If you are unable to accept their complex nature without trying to remake Aquarius, then long and harmonious relationships cannot be built.

Aquarius man offended — how to overcome the conflict? Often in the heat of a quarrel, you can say a lot of offensive words and completely lose your relationship. To overcome acute moments, you need to know the features of the character of this sign, this will help to find an approach to a person, stopping possible differences at the root. The advice of astrologers will help to better understand the partner and his preferences.

How to understand that a Aquarius man is offended

Representatives of the air element try to avoid violent scandals. But when their interests are hurt, they can give a partner a thrashing. For these people, it is easier to admit that the chosen one does not suit them and silently retire, leaving with them unjustified expectations and broken dreams. Even if from the side a man seems confident in himself, in his soul he is very vulnerable. Because of the fine mental organization, he builds a barrier around himself, through which few people manage to penetrate his life. Just a couple of unsuccessful jokes that catch Aquarius’s self-esteem — and thoughts are already in it, is it worth it to continue such a relationship? And so, the guy frowns, casts dissatisfied glances, combing words through his teeth. Moreover, if he is slightly upset, and you try to atone, then by the evening the situation will change dramatically. But if you adhere to the chosen line of behavior, oppress your point of view, Aquarius will also refuse to meet and the conflict will worsen.

Maximalists by nature, Aquarius do not notice halftones, if resentment, then mortal, if happiness, then immense. Therefore, they can hardly endure jokes and jokes about appearance, character traits and failures that have occurred. At the same time, the offended male Aquarius first of all draws the disorder not on the opponent, but on his own personality, recognizing his failure. Against this background, persistent depressive states and general frustration in life may occur.

Often, women in a relationship with Aquarius notice that the beloved has become silent and lethargic. Not always this behavior means that the Aquarius man is offended. Perhaps the melancholy nature remembered her first love or admired the beautiful sunset. In such situations, you should not obsessively find out the cause of sadness, coming up with various reasons for jealousy. Unreasonable claims can provoke a conflict, forcing the guy to plunge more into his inner world, abstracting from unpleasant reality.

Possible causes of a quarrel with a Aquarius man

If the representative of the air loves, he is ready to forgive a lot of the chosen one, forgetting about his touchy nature. Aquarius pedants and lovers of order, they carefully monitor the cleanliness of the house, they are annoyed by sloppiness and sloppiness. But sweetheart, they are ready to forgive such shortcomings. However, do not abuse your partner’s love, the constant dirt in the apartment and the tasteless food will make even a patient guy crazy. But Aquarius is particularly hurt by her lover’s frivolous attitude to their plans and goals.

Those born under these signs often indulge in dreams, and if you are dedicated to your innermost thoughts, then you have managed to overcome the barrier of mistrust. In this case, behave with a man-Aquarius should be extremely correct, no offensive jokes even on the most unreal plans of the chosen one. Tough criticism and an instructive tone can alienate a loved one, even if you have been in a relationship for a long time. Also follow the mood of the guy, if you notice that he does not want to be frank, do not persistently bother talking. Sociable Aquarius loves communication, and when they are well-disposed, they themselves are ready to talk about their goals and aspirations day and night. In this case, you need to make an interested look and not show that this topic is boring or of little interest if you do not want to push your partner away from you. Flamboyant indifference and coldness are some of the main reasons for parting with the men of this sign.

The Aquarius man loves girls who are easy-going, ready to unobtrusively show love and affection. If you are jealous of a guy for every female, thoroughly check your phone and pages on social networks, be prepared for the fact that your relationship will not last long. Total control scares the vulnerable nature of Aquarius, in such relationships he feels imprisoned and is looking for a reason to break free. Ambiguous adherents of the elements of air relate to the fact that they are trying to reignite jealousy. The guy quickly finds out the deliberate attraction of the attention of fans to his person, and in a hurry to escape from such a companion. This sign is perspicacious and has a remarkable intuition, if you want to arouse jealousy in it, you need to act subtly and carefully. Also, they do not tolerate obsessive women who do not respect personal space. In this case, it is easier for them to end the relationship without giving reasons. And, to restore the trust and interest of the Aquarius man is not an easy task.

How to make peace with a Aquarius man

The offended Aquarius man rarely goes to reconciliation on his own. Despite suffering and sleepless nights, he continues to cherish negative emotions in his soul, recalling every little thing. But at the same time favorably accepts apologies and confessions of wrongness from the chosen one. The main thing to remember is that you cannot approach Aquarius immediately after a quarrel and try to find out the cause of the discontent. The conversation begins after the verse is a passion, and the guy thought over the words spoken to him, and cooled slightly. For reconciliation, it is important to take a gentle look and choose a calm tone. Conversations, accompanied by loud screams, will force the companion to head off into his world, completely disappointed in his beloved. If Aquarius is not ready for a conversation, you can’t rush it, give time to sort it all out and decide.

You should not manipulate people who were born under this sign, they subtly feel the partner’s hypocrisy, and instead of the desired reconciliation, you will aggravate the conflict. One of the surest and most reliable ways to return the world to a relationship is sincere regret and recognition of one’s own mistakes. The kind nature of Aquarius is ready to forgive and understand other people’s flaws, especially if it comes to a loved one. Apologizing, be gentle and affectionate, promise to continue to be attentive and understanding. They love flexible women who can adapt to their opponents and show wisdom and prudence.

If the previous tips did not help reconcile with the Aquarius man, he should be left alone for a while, allowing him to understand his feelings. At the same time, do not focus on the return of a close romantic relationship, for a while, stay on the friendly stage. Be an attentive listener and a reliable shoulder, your lover will definitely appreciate the approach, especially if the feelings are still alive and there is attraction between you. A new hairstyle and a change of image will help to spur interest in your beloved. A curious representative of the air element will certainly want to find out what is happening in your life.

How to strengthen a relationship with a Aquarius man

Quarrels and misunderstandings go through any relationship. But if you notice that the Aquarius man is offended regularly, and alienation is clearly felt in the air, then you should seriously think about strengthening the emotional connection. And one woman is not always to blame for conflicts. Soft Aquarius also loves to impose their outlook on life and achieve leadership in relationships. Therefore, you should not always follow your partner’s lead, you should think about your own needs and desires. People related to the air element, although they love soft and flexible girls, but do not respect people without an inner core. With such partners, they feel complete impunity and do not consider them for a serious and strong family relationship. If you feel that Aquarius has begun to twist ropes out of you, demanding strict fulfillment of his whims, correctly, but in a solid form, inform that you do not like it. A loving person will listen to the arguments and try to work on the mistakes. If he continues to behave in the same spirit, it is worth questioning the sincerity of his feelings.

In conflicts, try to find compromises, do not put all the blame on the chosen one, divide it in half. Be sure to disassemble the quarrels that have occurred, not locking yourself and not escaping responsibility. Reasonable dialogue not only minimizes controversial issues, but also prevents mistakes in the future. If Aquarius is aimed at ending the romance, in no case should you try to hold him back with tears and hysteria. Men are flattered by such behavior, but at the same time they are repelled from their beloved. Most likely, the decision to leave was taken under the influence of emotions and the guy did not seriously consider what was said. Do not show panic, behave calmly and with dignity, the best option would be to take a couple of days to think it over so as not to break firewood.

If you want to please your beloved and strengthen your connection, tell him that touches you and makes you dream. Think about your favorite children’s books, tell about a movie that made you cry, take your soul mate to a place where you like to spend time alone. Such emotional openness will make the chosen one see you in a different light. Establish your own traditions and habits, known only to you two. If you live feelings and moments, Aquarius is a great option for a long and tender relationship. These men are not led to a bright wrapper, they try to look into the very soul, exploring the inner world of the chosen one.

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