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Aries are used to occupy leading positions in all areas of life. They do not want to concede and admit their own mistakes; against this background, conflicts often occur. If this fire sign is the chosen one, then it will be very difficult to establish relations. The girl will often have to deal with the offended Aries man and puzzle over the cause of this behavior. And his mood swings only exacerbate the situation. The character of the first sign is completely controlled by the planet Mars and the element Fire. He is unrestrained, ardent, at first does, then thinks about the consequences. To create a harmonious union, it is important to understand the reasons guiding the feelings of a man and learn not to respond to his emotional outbursts.

With their incontinence, Aries make excellent life partners, attentive, faithful, who want to create a strong family. You can always rely on them, keep your word, strive to find one companion and live with her in harmony until old age. It is these qualities that attract women to the representatives of the Aries sign. Many girls see in a decisive man a desired elect and are ready to put up with the flaws of his character.

How to understand that an Aries man is offended

Not always a woman can understand that her partner is dissatisfied and harbored an insult to her. But not in cases with a quick-tempered Aries. He does not know how to hide his feelings, and if he is filled with anger and rage, then this immediately becomes clear. Those born under a fire sign instantly change if they are not happy with something. If 10 minutes ago the guy was declaring his love and thinking about a joint future, and now lightning flashes in his eyes, and he is not shy in expressions, then the Aries man is offended. The cause of the quarrel, most likely, was the behavior of the partner. In such situations, the chosen one can be very aggressive. It’s pointless to prove something to a stubborn man; he won’t want to listen.

Almost all quarrels with those born under the auspices of Mars occur over trifles, growing into something grandiose. At the same time, the guy will say big words about the breakup, collect things to leave his beloved, but after a couple of hours he will forget about the conflict. Therefore, it is not worth worrying about every quarrel with Aries. The temperamental partner just needs an exit of emotions in order to defuse the situation. A stronger cause for worry is the silence of a man. If after a major conflict, he falls silent and completely goes into thought, then it is worth seriously thinking. Most likely, disagreements appeared in the relationship, which must be corrected in order to avoid serious consequences.

However, even after major quarrels with many mutual accusations and insults, Aries never takes revenge on the offender. Intrigues and manifestations of meanness are disgusting to his open nature. A guy can say everything directly, saying a lot of unpleasant words, but spreading rumors behind a person’s back is not his reception. After a while, many men of this sign begin to communicate warmly with their former partners, turning into close friends. Therefore, women always pay attention to Aries, seeing in them honest and worthy chosen ones.

Possible causes of a quarrel with an Aries man

If a girl is used to being a leader in relationships and independently making all decisions, then Aries is not suitable for her. He will never allow the partner to take the main place, serious conflicts will erupt on this basis. A man influenced by Mars will never be ruled by a woman. He will not tolerate if the chosen one will indicate how to behave and what to do. In this case, the couple does not last long, constant quarrels and omissions destroy even the strongest feelings.

Fire signs are jealous. They can be pissed off even by a friendly correspondence of a chosen one with one of his comrades. Therefore, it is not worth provoking a partner to show jealousy, most likely, a grandiose scandal will occur, after which it will be very difficult to make peace with the Aries man. Moreover, those born under this sign hate when they restrict their freedom, trying to control. They will react harshly if the girl picks up the phone, reads personal correspondence and checks the call log. In a fit of anger, they can destroy half the apartment and leave for several days in an unknown direction. They do not like lies, they themselves try not to lie, we love people. Therefore, distrust hurts and hurts their subtle nature.

Aries man reacts sharply to insulting jokes and disrespect. He considers himself exceptional and this behavior of his partner touches him to the core. The guy can not even hide his discontent under the guise of indifference. He will answer the beloved with a crude sophisticated joke that will forever discourage the girl from laughing at his shortcomings. Perhaps this behavior takes its roots from deep childhood. Those born under the auspices of the sign often become an object of ridicule and insulting jokes in childhood. Therefore, it is difficult for them to perceive without emotions such behavior from a loved one. Even a stubborn fiery Aries needs some understanding and support.

How to make peace with an Aries man

Usually, Aries rarely initiates reconciliation if a woman is to blame for a quarrel. But if a similar situation occurs, you should agree. Such impulses from a man mean only one thing — he is in love and values relations. No need to recall previous omissions, it is better to turn the page, starting from scratch. If the guy after the conflict does not get in touch, you will have to try to return the Aries man. To do this, it is better not to focus on the reasons for the disagreement, this will only widen the gap between the girl and her chosen one. Show your charm and femininity, passionate Aries will not be able to resist if they see that after a quarrel the partner has become even more attractive and desirable.

You can make it clear to a man that you need his help. The leadership qualities of the sign will not allow you to remain indifferent if the beloved is in trouble. Also a winning move would be to ask a guy for advice. He is proud of his analytical mindset, and he is very flattered when relatives are interested in his opinion. However, do not get involved in female manipulations. If the chosen one understands that the next performance is being played in front of him, then the relationship may end there. Aries subtly feels any lie, ceasing to trust a loved one if caught in a hoax.

If these tips did not help, then you should turn to heavy artillery. After waiting a while, try to start a conversation with a partner about your longing without him. People born under the auspices of Mars are very sensual and sincere. It is hard for them to cross out a woman’s memory if love remains for her. The manifestation of emotions has Aries to the person, he appreciates openness and is ready to give her lover a second chance if she realizes that she needs it. However, all feelings should be sincere, going from the heart. In this case, just words will not be enough, you have to prove what has been said by actions and deeds.

How to strengthen a relationship with an Aries man

A woman who wants to create a strong relationship must understand how to behave with an Aries man so as not to provoke a quarrel. She will never enter into a confrontation for leadership in a pair. By meekness and understanding, much more can be achieved than by constant conflicts. Aries are not able to resist the spell of femininity and tenderness. The ideal woman for such a guy is a modest, economic, child-loving partner. Men of the fire element often pay attention to bright unpredictable persons, but calm girls are chosen to create a strong connection. If the fair sex has not yet walked up, then it is better for her to bypass the fire sign. He will not be able to forgive the betrayal and close his eyes to the constant flirtation with other fans.

In order to conquer Aries you need to be able to listen and be an interesting conversationalist. At the same time, notice the achievements of the partner, focusing on his victories. Girls who want to please these men should pay more attention to their hobbies and work affairs. However, a woman must have her own interests, develop in all spheres of life, not depending on her partner. Independence attracts a fiery sign. Despite the fact that the Aries man strives to be a leader, he will not be interested in a weak, boring partner, completely dependent on him. He appreciates the chosen ones to match, but who know how to recognize his strength in the right situations, giving way to leadership. With people who are influenced by Mars, it is not easy. But many girls want to see only this man next to them. He will never betray, always help, romantic and subtly feeling. He is not bored with him, he clearly knows what he wants, striving for his goals.

It should be remembered that even such strong natures require understanding. They are susceptible to indifference, insults and insults, but try to hide it with all their might. If you want to conquer a partner, show that you are always on his side. Never criticize the Aries man in public, support any point of view. If a misunderstanding arises, try to convey your vision of the problem with a calm voice, without turning to screams and threats. Aggression provokes Aries to scandal: claims expressed in an ultimatum tone will never be considered. However, if you show sensitivity and mutual understanding, then the chosen one will certainly listen, because he values relations and is not ready to lose them because of a trifle.

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