Cancer man offended

All relationships go through resentment and quarrels. Especially often, troubles occur in a love relationship with Cancer. It’s easy to hurt him, he is a very touchy, overly emotional person. You should not consider the end of the world if the Cancer man is offended, but most likely you will have to make a lot of effort to regain confidence. This representative of the stronger sex is subject to frequent changes in mood. Yesterday he threatened to get a divorce, but today he plans a joint trip to the warmer climes. You can learn how to prevent conflicts with your beloved and quickly stop them, for this you should study the behavior of this contradictory sign of the water element.

Cancers — dual personalities, extraordinary, unusual. Combine mysterious silence with an excellent sense of humor, attracting female attention like a magnet. He is careful in choosing a close environment, and is not used to trust outsiders. He is considered one of the last romantics, but the external coldness makes him think of him as a callous and unemotional person. However, there is little truth in such statements. In the soul of Cancer, passions boil that can not be seen in a hot Latin series. Offended Cancer bears a plan of revenge for a long time if the opponent of his serious hurt and does not want to apologize. This character trait is unbearable for emotionally balanced girls who take a lover’s mood change to heart. If you want to build a stable relationship, you need to understand how to behave properly with a Cancer man.

How to understand that a Cancer man is offended

The duality of Cancers is manifested in their emotional response to resentment. They either quickly depart, forgiving the offender, or for a long time conceal anger at the person who decided to cross their path. When a man is offended, he rarely shows the true mood, escaping with jokes and meaningless excuses. However, at this time, accumulates and cherishes their own grievances. An offended man-cancer should be treated as an expensive thing — very carefully and delicately. He has low self-esteem, so asking directly if the guy is offended or not is impossible. Such questions hurt an already scrupulous nature, making the chosen one feel uncomfortable.

These men are painfully experiencing inappropriate jokes, remember how they were ridiculed in front of the class in their school years, all promises made by parents and relatives who were not restrained. If your man has ceased to get in touch, ignores calls and SMS, it is worth thinking seriously. Perhaps you committed a rash act that hurt a guy. The mistake was not necessarily committed now or a few days ago. You may have forgotten about the promise made to Cancer a year ago, and he kept winding himself up, adding new details to the tragedy that happened.

Cancers often fall into depressive states, pulling them out of the negative is extremely difficult. The reason for this is the zodiac horoscope and character traits. But if a woman takes steps towards it, the Cancer man will definitely appreciate it, even if not right away. He feels sincerity and kindness, cherishes a loved one. If feelings for the chosen one are alive, people of the water element are ready to close their eyes to a lot. They cannot forgive only treason and betrayal. Although periodically they themselves commit infidelity and windiness.

Possible causes of a quarrel with a Cancer man

One of the reasons for a quarrel with the representative of the sign is the invalidity of their merits by others. If a man does something, he certainly needs to hear praise and recognition. Sensitive Cancers cannot be sharply criticized; they poorly perceive voice enhancement and imperative intonations. If you want your beloved to do something, ask in a quiet, insinuating voice. Then he will try to fulfill the desire of a partner. Also, do not praise in the presence of a chosen one other representatives of the stronger sex. This hurts Cancers, can lead to a major quarrel. Because of their uncertainty and instability of character, those born under the auspices of the Moon are too jealous. Guys can check their loved one’s phone, browse social networks, ask about their close circle, and even arrange for loyalty checks.

Cancer do not forgive betrayal; for them, even harmless flirting with another man is akin to betrayal. If you find out about your frivolous correspondence with a fan, be prepared for a scandal after which it will not be easy to return the Cancer man. And God forbid checking his phone, pages on social networks! Born under the auspices of the water element negatively refers to the mistrust of a woman. In such situations, he will openly express negativity and cause a violent scandal.

This sign scrupulously refers to family values. He respects his parents, for him an important aspect is the presence of a strong relationship of the chosen one with his family and relatives. If a beloved has a conflict with his mom or dad of Cancer, he is unlikely to take her side. Always shares the opinion of elders, considering it unquestioning in any matters. Choosing a future companion, takes into account the wishes of the parents. If they expressed dissatisfaction with the son’s girlfriend, this promises serious problems for the couple in love. To please relatives and Cancer himself, you must be a good housewife and mother. A man appreciates home comfort, deliciously prepared food and lovely family rituals. He is not attracted to careerists who are alien to the traditional concept of the family. If a woman pays a lot of time to work or forgets about household chores, then the relationship will not work out.

How to make peace with a Cancer man

If a quarrel has already occurred and there is no way to turn back, you need to know a few tricks that will help reconcile with the Cancer man, not leading to a break. For those born under the sign of the water element, an emotional connection is important. They are strongly attached to people in whom they feel spiritual similarity. Guys do not leave such girls, turning a blind eye to misconduct and imperfections. It is important to build a spiritual connection between yourself and your beloved, find common deeds, interests, and establish a common life. If a man often shares his beloved emotions and dreams, then she is on the right track, her partner trusts her, feeling her man. If before this, the chosen one was gentle, affectionate, talked about business at work and that worries him, but suddenly drifted away — this is a bad sign. Do not let the situation go by chance, pretending that everything remains as before. Cancer, feeling indifference, closes in itself. It will be difficult to return a partner, but you should not give up. Call your beloved for a confidential conversation, take part, take an interest in business at work. Even if a man is very offended, he will still notice that you empathize with him, and his heart will soften.

This manner of behavior applies to major quarrels. If the reasons for the conflicts are insignificant and your guilt is not there, then rushing at the first call at the feet of a loved one is not worth it. Sometimes it’s good to give food for thought, to make a valued relationship. When a girl constantly follows the question of Cancer, he forgets and begins to believe that he can do anything. Show that you are a sensitive and sensual nature, need romance and mutual understanding. Those born under this sign often forget that others may experience fear and insecurity. More often remind the man that you need his support. This will refresh the relationship, make it more open and gentle.

In cases where the fault lies with the guy, you can not rush him with accusations, trying to prove the truth. Cancer has a great sense of contradiction: even if he feels injustice, a rude tone will force him to go against the clock, exacerbating the conflict. Try to subtly hint that upset. You can try to influence your partner through relatives and friends. To do this, you must have a trusting relationship with them. Never miss the opportunity to join the company of a guy, in the future these people will be able to play on your side.

How to strengthen a relationship with a Cancer man

Cancers are changeable, like water. This is characteristic of all signs of the water element. But if they felt a partner, found a soul mate in her, they would remain in a relationship for a long time. Thoroughly hiding the fear of loneliness behind humor and pretense of coldness, they are ready to forgive much to the chosen ones. Pay attention to feminine persons. They like the gentle girls, and not the burnt bright bitch. This image must be maintained in life together, carefully monitoring the appearance. If initially the partner was gentle and docile, and turned into an arrogant and unprincipled fury, Cancer will not be able to forgive the betrayal of expectations. Show your character right away, pretense is a bad tactic for family life. Sooner or later, you will get tired of playing the role, then you will have to be alone with your own self.

The waters that were born under the auspices of the water are especially generous; they spare nothing for their loved ones, trying to surprise with unusual gifts and expensive surprises from the very first meetings. However, Cancer is offended when the female gender sees in them only the financial aspect. Show the guy that the soul component is more important than material values. Cancers are romantic and tender, with such a man you will always feel special.

Do not attach importance if a loved one made a couple of compliments to the waitress. He is simply used to being gallant, and courtesies often break against his will. Do not harass your partner with suspicions, focus on pleasant emotions. Distrust and jealousy destroy even a strong bond. Engage in a search for common interests, Cancer want to see in the chosen one not only a lover, a wife, but also a friend who can support in difficult times. Take time for each other: hours spent together, small surprises, romantic evenings can not only strengthen relationships, but also take them to a new level.

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