Gemini man offended

The Gemini man is a welcome object for women. Charming, knows how to make beautiful compliments, effectively caring. But his heart is difficult to conquer, he is unstable, often changes his fiancee and does not always understand who he needs for strong harmonious relationships. The guy’s behavior is changeable, then he is gentle and romantic, then he stops communication, avoiding a partner. Perhaps this is the fault of the touchiness of the signs of the air element. Many women are looking for ways to win the guy’s cold heart, wondering how to behave if the Gemini man is offended.

Geminis are active, they love everything unknown, they have many hobbies. Bright creative personalities that attract a lot of attention from the female side, this contributes to the windiness and unwillingness to focus on one partner. Their originality conquers even cold hearts, but living with such a person is not always easy, this requires knowledge of the psychology and character characteristics of Gemini.

How to understand that a Gemini man is offended

Gemini can be seen almost from the first minutes of communication. Talkative, cheerful, excellent storytellers, they prove their feelings with beautiful words and spectacular actions. For all their merits, they are very touchy and you can hook them with even minor comments. This is because the guys are giving too much attention to the little things. It is not necessary to say offensive words, it is enough to show with facial expressions that you are not experiencing joy in the company of a representative of the air sign. A man will understand everything at once and speculate the remaining details. His mood directly depends on the behavior of the partner. Gemini can be offended even by the intonation, which says greeting. If they are upset, they carefully hide their feelings, laughing aside and transferring the conversation to another topic.

Understanding that a Gemini man is offended can be difficult. He does not make scandals; it is easier for him to get away from the conflict, having deleted a person from life, than to explain the reason for dissatisfaction. Therefore, those born under the auspices of the air are drawn to those people who feel and understand them without words. The best way to attach Gemini is to learn to understand them. They never cheat on such a partner, because the main goal of their life is to live in harmony with others. People who were born under this sign easily make new acquaintances, but also just sever ties with loved ones. If they are disappointed in a partner, returning the Gemini man will not be easy. He can avoid the partner, reducing the clarification of conflicts to nothing.

Born under the auspices of Mercury, they constantly dream. When their attitude towards the chosen one suddenly changed, this is not always the result of resentment. Perhaps the guy just made money and forgot about what was expected from him. Or wanted to be alone to gather his thoughts. Do not worry because of the sharp cooling, most likely, this is not the fault of the partner, the changeable Gemini needs to be alone sometimes.

Possible causes of a quarrel with a Gemini man

The habit of controlling relationships often plays a trick. Especially this option negatively affects the connection with Gemini. This freedom-loving sign does not suffer any restrictions. A woman who is constantly jealous or harasses her partner with nit-picking is unlikely to stay close for long. Uncertain girls are better off looking for another guy’s relationship. Those born under the auspices of the air will give many reasons for jealousy and concern. They like to flirt with the opposite sex, sometimes doing it unknowingly. An intelligent woman will close her eyes to such innocent pranks, such behavior will help maintain harmony in a couple for many years. Letting a man go to a meeting with friends, you should not constantly call him, you also can’t check your lover’s phone and read correspondence on social networks. Distrust hurts Gemini painfully and makes you think that next to him is a person who does not fit him at all.

Excessive obsession can also lead to conflict. Girls accustomed to devote every free minute to a partner will annoy the guy. This obsession with the relationship repels the Gemini. He is used to the fact that love is not in the first place of his priorities and expects the same alignment of values from his beloved. If a girl does not know what to do with herself in her free time, she tries to devote her life to serving a partner, this will quickly bother him. At first, he will try to be less in the company of an obsessive passion, and then, he will reduce communication to nothing without explaining the reason.

In everyday life, the guy is not very picky, ready to forgive the mess and tasteless dinners. Gemini is a creative person, their life is subject to its own routine. Pedantic women, accustomed to the ideal order, will not be able to get along with a free sign. They will plague the partner with nitpicking and comments. Men belonging to the air element do not tolerate constant conflicts and fanning problems. If a woman often criticizes, getting quarrels over trifles, then even with a strong love the guy will not be able to withstand for a long time. Reconciling in such a situation with an offended Gemini man will be a difficult task. He is used to perceiving problems with a share of humor and is waiting for the same approach from his half. A constantly dissatisfied woman who is in a depressed state will negatively affect this sign of the zodiac circle, bringing anxiety and knocking down a cheerful mood.

How to make peace with a Gemini man

Despite the touchiness, it is possible to make peace with a Gemini man; it is enough to know a few tricks. The main thing — do not take everything said by the partner at face value. In his hearts, he can say that it’s over, but after a couple of days he will return home to his beloved, as if nothing had happened. In such a situation, it is important not to remember the reason for the quarrel and not try to prove their case, this can provoke a new conflict, pushing the chosen one forever. If there is a desire to find out what happened, then it is better to do it at another time, observing tact during the conversation, avoiding sharp corners and mutual accusations. But this approach does not always work with airborne signs. They are masters of the conversational genre, it is very difficult to speak them: they can get out of the most difficult situation dry. If you are preparing to argue with your beloved, prepare serious arguments that he won’t get away with.

The Geminis cool quickly, they do not know how to accumulate resentment for a long time. Having considered the reasons for the quarrel and having been alone for some time, he will certainly want to break the silence and hush up the conflict. If you don’t want to quickly forgive a partner, you can torment him a little without answering calls and SMS. But do not get carried away, long quarrels negatively affect the emotional connection with the chosen one. It is fraught to behave similarly with a Gemini man; he does not know how to be alone for a long time. There are always a lot of women in his surroundings and, most likely, soon one of the fans will want to take the place of a betrothed.

If the girl is to blame for the quarrel, then she should take the first step towards. While Gemini’s feelings for the partner are still alive, it’s possible to return him, the main thing is not to remind the reasons for the quarrel and start a new round from scratch. Returning the offended beloved, you need to understand that to make the previous mistakes in the relationship will not work. If the Gemini man has left, then he will no longer want to return to old problems.

How to strengthen a relationship with a Gemini man

Extraordinary, active Gemini love women who are fully consistent with the preferences of their native element. The chosen one should be active and cheerful, there will be no difficulties and boredom with her. Every day, Gemini sees the relationship as a holiday, not a constant routine. In order to attract the attention of this guy, you need to not only look seductive, but also behave appropriately. Good modest girls are not attracted to Gemini men. They like expressive and vibrant women. A girl should combine not only an attractive appearance, but also be an outstanding personality, independent, with her interests and goals. Boring people do not attract this zodiac sign, they quickly get fed up with them, setting off to seek new interests on the side.

Choosing a partner, Gemini focuses primarily on their feelings. He does not pay attention to the opinions of friends and relatives, it does not matter to him that the ill-wishers grate behind the girls. If a loved one has any secrets in the past, she must tell the guy herself about them. People born in this zodiac circle do not tolerate lies and shortcomings. They are valued sincerity and devotion. It is important not to bend, opening your beloved portions. Excessive obsession can push away and cause a man to feel full.

An important aspect in relations with Gemini is the sensual component and spiritual intimacy. If you want to maintain harmony in family life, you should pay a lot of attention to the romantic side. Arrange pleasant family dinners, travel together and travel to new places. The presence of common hobbies will help you get closer to your partner, and you should not forget about self-development: to be independent and self-confident. Geminis never leave an interesting and emotionally mature woman, especially if she takes care of herself, has a light disposition and a cheerful character.

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