Libra man offended

The Libra man is unstable, his mood is changeable and often pushes for rash acts. The representative of the air element loves to boast of his achievements and erudition. An open and interesting personality instantly attracts the attention of others, becoming the soul of the company. People, feeling a great life experience, tend to seek help or advice. Unfortunately, the volatility of Libra makes their companion often puzzle over what they feel at certain moments of life. It is especially difficult for the second half, when the Libra man was offended, but it is not clear what. To understand how to behave better in such situations, it is important to know the characteristics of the man’s character of this sign and have an idea of the intricacies of psychology.

In a love relationship, Libra rarely boasts decisive action and determination. They do not like responsible steps, preferring to shift the load of important decisions to a partner. A man enthusiastically solves the difficulties that arise, but most often these are problems of others. He postpones his affairs for a long time “for later” and takes on their implementation when all the deadlines expire. When choosing a life partner, he often draws attention to strong-willed, strong women, such persons win his heart from the first meeting. Shy and modest girls almost do not cause a response in the soul of a guy. If you want to fall in love with a representative of the air element, act directly, without retreating. This feature will help to quickly resolve disagreements in family life, even during periods when the offended Libra man seriously thinks about ending the relationship. This pressure makes the guy give in, showing his diplomatic qualities and showing respect for the decisiveness of the second half.

How to understand that a Libra man is offended

Libras tend to cheat themselves. The passion to dramatize even the most insignificant grievances leads to the fact that in the life of an air sign, dejection and self-confidence often reign. However, the man quickly leaves, not having the habit of taking revenge on offenders. I am ready to forgive over time even the arrogant villainies committed in his direction. If the person who offended him honestly admits perfect, he sincerely apologizes. Libras are very dependent on the internal state, if peace and harmony reign in the soul, they are ready to convey their mood to everyone they meet. But if, for some reason, the day did not work out, the guy will throw out all the negativity to his close circle. And you will puzzle over what a Libra man might take offense at.

When a guy is dissatisfied with what is happening, he can tell the partner a lot of rudeness and barbs, even raise his voice. This representative of the elements of Air quickly departs and begins to suffer with guilt. Therefore, you should not worry when, in the heat of a quarrel, your chosen one uttered unpleasant words, much worse when a man withdraws into himself and refuses to make contact. In such a situation, if you do not take the initiative to reconciliation, you can lose a loved one. Indeed, during the time in a quarrel, Libra can wind itself up to such an extent that it will finally make sure that the relationship is unnecessary.

Men born under this sign love to delve into themselves. They are the frequent visitors of psychologists and trainings of a psychological orientation. After a quarrel, they turn to their inner self, avoiding any contact with a partner. They may not answer messages, drop incoming calls, or even pretend that they are not at home. If you notice a chill on the part of the chosen one, you should immediately find out the reason, otherwise the quarrel can grow to an unprecedented size, and then make peace with a man-Libra will be especially difficult. Attentive guys are especially appreciated when a woman makes the first contact, even if she is not to blame for the disagreement that has occurred. Perhaps these men do not have the simplest character, but their romanticism and charisma completely cover all the shortcomings.

Possible causes of a quarrel with a Libra man

Libra does not like to swap over trifles, they are always looking for the love of life. And it’s okay if there are more than two dozen such girls over their life years. After all, initially they seek to build harmonious and lasting relationships. For this man, it is important that an atmosphere of peace and positive always reigns in the family. Because of his own insecurity, he seeks an alliance with a woman who will have opposite traits of character. If the companion is often unhappy, radiates negative, then Libra will quickly begin to be weighed by relationships. They are especially offended by the unwillingness to listen to them. If a beloved missed their request for help several times past their ears, they will begin to move away from her, seeking mutual understanding on the side.

Also, a man is greatly affected by fun at his favorite pastime or hobby. Uncertain Libra is very keenly experiencing such attacks from loved ones. Therefore, if you do not want a serious quarrel, watch your statements so as not to offend your partner and not cause serious moral trauma. Do not make fun of the guy’s shortcomings, being in the company of friends. Even if he laughs at a joke with everyone, she can seriously hurt and inspire thoughts that you do not admire him, considering him a loser.

In household matters, Libra is characterized by restraint. They value harmony in the environment. And if you do not differ in love for putting things in order or cooking, then conflicts can occur on this basis. Men born under this sign will not start serious quarrels, but they can still firmly express their discontent. At the same time, they often spend time cooking themselves, it is not difficult for them to wash dirty dishes or spend a day off at home cleaning.

How to make peace with a Libra man

You should not wait for time if you feel that the guy is offended. In his heart he is always ready for reconciliation, since he believes that accumulating resentment is a waste of time. It is not difficult to reconcile with Libra men, especially if a woman takes the initiative in her own hands. The guy wants to see in his beloved not only a sexual partner, but also a faithful friend who values his relations, preventing conflicts and omissions. Having noticed sincere regret, the partner will definitely appreciate this, because it is hard for him to be alone for a long time with his depressive thoughts.

If a man became the initiator of the conflict, then it can be difficult to wait for steps from him towards reconciliation. Due to his uncertainty and indecision, he does not always understand how to behave properly. Fear of rejection often pushes them to loneliness, provoking breaks even of the most stable relations. If a guy wants to make peace, he can be filled with thoughts that the girl will not forgive. That is why he postpones the conversation for a long time, gathering his strength. If you are sure that you want to return the partner, but do not know how to behave properly with the Libra man, just hint that you want to renew the relationship. Just do not take this step as a favor. Libra will feel notes of contempt in behavior and become isolated in itself, moving away even more.

When starting a conversation about reconciliation, make reasonable arguments. Get rid of excess expression, do not make tantrums. Do not put pressure on the representative of this sign or use blackmail. Prohibited tricks will make him hide deeper into his carapace. Try to combine decisiveness and tact, it is these girls that Libra appreciates. Show that you were bored, tell us how you lacked a relationship with him. However, at the same time, gather all your strengths to look attractive and confident. Libra men are visuals, they will not leave unnoticed the new image of her lover and her flowering appearance. They are drawn to such a companion, like a magnet.

How to strengthen a relationship with a Libra man

The charismatic man of this air sign is the dream of many women. At the beginning of a relationship, he shows all his gallantry: he is beautifully caring, conducts intellectual conversations, not forgetting to be interested in the tastes and preferences of the interlocutor. He is attracted by external beauty, especially grooming and gloss. The girl must necessarily have developed intellectual abilities. If she does not know how to maintain a dialogue or makes inappropriate comments, she is unlikely to be interested in the Libra man for a long time. However, the representative of the air element will not be fascinated by the clever "ugly woman" either. His desire to live in harmony extends to the search for the ideal life partner. It should be everything in moderation: from external beauty to a rich inner world.

To return the Libra man, if he went to another, is not an easy task. Even harder to fall in love with. For a stable and strong relationship, try to provide him with comfort and tranquility in the bosom of his family. At the same time, leave behind a hint of some secret without revealing female secrets. Let him realize that you are not an open book that can be read in 2 pm. He is attracted by everything interesting and unknown. Listen carefully to the advice of the chosen one, but it is not necessary to implement them. Libra loves to talk about their exclusivity and achievements. However, they do not require that their advice be strictly followed. Most likely, in a couple of days the man will completely forget about the conversation that has taken place.

Show restraint. Do not cling to it for nothing, the subtle nature painfully reacts to comments, especially if they are said in an ultimatum rude tone. When caring for the appearance and wardrobe, do not forget to pay attention to the decoration of the house. She loves to surround herself with beautiful things; she values cosiness and aesthetics. It is the representative of this sign that will carefully examine not only the presented gift, but also how it was packed. In the intimate sphere, Libra man prefers diversity. Try to surprise him more often, and then the most passionate and faithful partner will be next to you.

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