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Pisces — a sign related to the water element, men of this sign are contradictory and inconstant. Initially, these guys seem calm, a little emotional, even a little amorphous. At first glance, Pisces is nice and friendly, but there is a second side to their personality, which is fraught with not the most pleasant surprises, such as touchiness and vindictiveness. But this sign rarely lets someone into the soul, so few people manage to know the other side of their nature.

Resentment and disagreement are often found in any relationship, but when the man Pisces is offended, many women do not know how to behave properly in such a situation. To understand how to avoid a serious quarrel, you should understand the characteristics of the mental world of representatives of the water element.

How to understand that a Pisces man is offended

These dualistic natures are used to restrain emotions, and it is not always clear that they are unhappy or annoyed with something. They often accumulate in themselves, splashing out negativity only in the most extreme cases. But this behavior does not mean that the representative of the water cannot be offended. How to understand that a relationship is at stake? What are the characteristics of a Pisces man? Defining them is not easy, but possible.

Pisces are touchy, any trifle and thoughtlessly said remark can catch them. In such situations, they do not express their discontent directly, but keep negative emotions in themselves. But to notice the frustrated look of representatives of the water element is quite easy. If your man walks frowning, monosyllabic answers questions and pretends to be very busy, that means you offended him with something. If he avoids your company, thinking up urgent matters, you definitely hurt his self-esteem.

Pisces are gentle and romantic, and if they began to show aggression, therefore, are seriously annoyed, their pride was dealt a slight blow. When trying to find out the reason for this behavior, aquatic inhabitants get off with meaningless remarks, refusing to admit that they are offended. They begin to refer to problems at work, poor health, and magnetic storms; they never admit the true root cause of their emotions. Therefore, if a girl feels that the other half has “pouted”, most likely it is. Even if he does not admit it.

Possible causes of a quarrel with a Pisces man

Representatives of the water element rarely go to an open conflict, preferring to hush it up and pretend that everything is in order. They smoothly move through life and are able to adapt to those around them; the feature of going with the flow makes them avoid open conflicts, finding loopholes even in difficult situations. Two people live in them: one wants pleasure, the other wants to be right in the eyes of society. They are subject to frequent mood swings, they are able to defend their position, but will not go on an open showdown.

The initiator of the conflict in 90% of cases are women. The causes of dissatisfaction are household trivia and the external coldness of water representatives. The female sex is ready to openly make claims, to which Pisces translates everything as a joke, trying to smooth out the conflict. Men simply do not want an open quarrel, leaving their shell from harsh reality. But this approach does not mean that he is happy with everything; most likely, the offended Pisces man wants to maintain the status quo.

A real problem for lovers is the guy’s hobby for work or a hobby. In such situations, the stronger sex is ready to work all night, completely forgetting about his beloved. Pisces are famous for their enthusiasm, if they find something to their liking, then they forget about sleep and food, not to mention talking with a beloved woman. Usually, faced with such behavior, girls begin to show excessive perseverance, breaking off the phone of a loved one, sending hundreds of sad messages. By this, you will only push the Pisces away, most of all they do not like obsession and meticulousness. With such a madame, the relationship will not last long. It is best to be patient, soon the guy will decide his business, again becoming gentle and attentive.

Also adherents of the elements of water do not like windy and fixated on themselves ladies. If you are not completely determined in choosing a partner, leave Pisces alone. This man will not sit obediently, waiting for his beloved to return to him, having sorted out all the slightest worthy fans. Moreover, do not provoke a person to jealousy. Sensual by nature, they are afraid of mental traumas and try to avoid them by any means possible, even by getting rid of destructive relationships. But you should not behave indifferently with a Pisces man. The ostentatious indifference will not force to run after the beloved, but on the contrary, will push away and get bored. Cold-blooded in people, Pisces boils with inner passions, in their life there is no place for apathetic and indifferent personalities.

How to make peace with a Pisces man

If a quarrel is inevitable, then the question arises of how to improve relations after a conflict with Pisces. As noted earlier, the zodiac symbol is peaceful and vulnerable. But at the same time, he often dramatizes, playing in his imagination past situations, independently thickening paints. Even a small misconduct on the part of a woman can create terrifying details in a guy’s thoughts. Also, these men tend to endow their passion with those qualities that are not in reality. They can love and endure for a long time until the harsh realities of life break their colorful fantasies. How can one prevent an aggravation of the quarrel and restore peace with the beloved?

The most important thing is to understand the complex nature of Pisces. Their rich imagination not only helps in work and creative activity, but also often poisons their personal lives and relationships with loved ones. Perhaps they would not have been so depressed and vulnerable, if not for their delicate mental organization. If you are ready to provide moral support, to avoid rudeness and excessive obsession, then it is definitely worth trying to establish relationships with your loved one. A pleasant fact for girls is that Pisces love heart-to-heart talk and are ready to listen to their partner if something is bothering her. But do not forget about one of the most important rules of communication — all claims and discontent are expressed in a soft tone without accusations and pressure. It is necessary to formulate the phrase with the words “I feel unpleasant” or “it hurts me”, but not with “you are to blame” or “you hurt me”.

At the same time, listen to his answers, do not interrupt, let speak out, perhaps even cry. People who constantly hide their emotions inside, also need a discharge and an understanding interlocutor. Pisces needs a soul mate who is ready to turn her shoulder and listen. With this approach, they turn a blind eye to the many shortcomings of the chosen one, easily forgive sloppiness, motivation and stupidity. But if the girl speaks in a commanding tone or laughs at the shortcomings of her lover, they will instantly be disappointed in such a lady, closing herself in herself. That is why it is so important to make peace with the Pisces man on time, not giving him the opportunity to cheat himself. Show tenderness and sincerity, if you feel guilty about yourself, feel free to apologize. The guy will appreciate it. Most of all his heart responds to sentimental conversations about feelings and emotions.

How to strengthen a relationship with a Pisces man

Pisces also sometimes want passions, not for nothing that they relate to the water element. They can be calm, like the expanse of a lake, but sometimes they need violent and unbridled feelings. A daily routine can kill interest, causing apathy and coldness. For a strong relationship, men of this sign are looking for sensual natures with a rich inner world that are sensitive to romance and capable of a sincere manifestation of feelings. If you are primarily interested in stability and the material side, it is better to pay attention to other representatives of the Zodiac. Pisces are able to make their lady a queen, but if only she was originally a princess. Therefore, in a couple, they choose reverent girls looking for true love. If you want to keep a guy, try to monitor the level of romance in life together. Organize candlelit dinners, spontaneous trips to other cities and countries, drinking wine on the seashore or on the roof. At the same time, it does not matter how much money is spent, Pisces will surely appreciate the efforts, feeling your zeal and desire to make it pleasant.

The representative of the water element loves aesthetics in all its manifestations. Therefore, to maintain interest, choose beautiful images, sensual underwear and pleasant smells. The chosen one will never ignore the new hairstyle and hair color, especially if this is done in order to please him. If he is in love, you can not be afraid of the appearance of rivals, no one can turn him away from his beloved. But still do not forget about the manifestations of passion: diversify your intimate life, write cute SMS, cook his favorite dishes. And the response will not take long. If the man Pisces is in love, then he is ready to do everything for the happiness of the second half. He is not sorry for money and time, he is ready to shower with flowers and compliments the chosen one, while listening to her at any time of the day or night.

Pisces men are specialists in non-standard surprises, it is they who give sites on the moon and buy rare handmade jewelry. They invest a bit of themselves in each of their present, completely without hesitation, they are ready to spend the last money on a gorgeous bouquet of roses for the chosen one. If you want to “hook” a guy on yourself, avoid excessive openness and vulgarity; they prefer the image of a cute, naive girl rather than a burnt bitchy lady. And remember that returning the Pisces man when he left is almost impossible, it’s easier to try to keep him.

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