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Men who were born under the sign of the zodiac Sagittarius are easy to climb, have a positive outlook on life and retain their childish immediacy for many years. The stars endowed them with an increased sense of justice and crystal honesty, which they expect from others. Sagittarius is a peace-loving nature, and in order to seriously argue with them, the necessary good reason. But if a quarrel has already occurred, and the feelings of the Sagittarius man are hurt, then there is a reliable way to make amends for him, avoiding the conflict escalating into a break in relations.

Sagittarius loves to idealize people, endowing their loved ones with the qualities that they want to see in them. Against the background of this character trait, they often have to disappoint in expectations when faced with harsh reality. Sincerity and unquenchable enthusiasm work like a magnet; around such guys there are always a lot of women seeking to lasso them, creating long-lasting and strong relationships. That is why it is important to know how to behave if a Sagittarius man is offended.

How to understand that a Sagittarius man is offended

Representatives of this constellation do not always have the correct notions of tact. They love humor and jokes, sometimes tough and even offensive. Therefore, they themselves do not perceive rude words spoken in the heat of a quarrel, and unpleasant remarks, unless, of course, the opponent did not want to offend the dignity of Sagittarius. Sincere and open, they expect the same behavior from others. Communicating with them is a pleasure, especially if you have a well-developed sense of humor. Adherents of the element of Fire are not accustomed to think badly of others, initially they look in the interlocutor only for the positive side, turning a blind eye to the minuses and shortcomings.

Sagittarius does not like open conflicts, avoiding clarification of relations and large quarrels. They consider their halves weaker, suggesting it is wrong to take offense at those who are superior in strength and stamina. However, this does not mean that the fire sign cannot be touched. Affect a guy’s feelings can be humiliating remarks or jokes aimed at ridiculing his shortcomings. In such a situation, the man does not even try to hide his irritation and reacts with a powerful surge of aggression. Better not to touch your lover in moments of anger. You will not only fail to hush up the conflict; most likely, you will aggravate the quarrel. Angry Sagittarius in a wave of anger is able to use any spoken words against his opponent.

If the representative of Fire is offended, do not reassure him. He must cool off on his own, otherwise, you risk hearing about yourself a lot of new completely unflattering things. After a flash of anger, Sagittarius will regret what was said and try to make amends. If you do not want to receive a portion of insults in your address, let the guy calm down. It does not take much time, only 2-3 hours - anger and rage will pass without a trace. Although, if the reason for resentment is really serious, the man will suppress his emotionality, burying anger and irritation deep in his soul. In such a situation, one should not count on quick reconciliation, Sagittarius can sulk at the offender for many years, coming up with sophisticated plans for revenge. In order to avoid such a development of events, you should clearly know how to behave with a resentful Sagittarius man.

Possible causes of a quarrel with a Sagittarius man

Those born under this constellation rarely act as initiators of the conflict. If you have feelings for your second half, you are ready to close your eyes to a lot, can get along with almost any partner. However, they will never forgive beloved betrayal, for them it is a matter of principle. Returning the Sagittarius man if he finds out about adultery will not be easy. In other cases, the guy always goes towards the girl, is ready to listen to her arguments and give her beloved another chance for reconciliation.

Those born under the auspices of the element of Fire do not tolerate hypocrisy and disregard for their person. Also cool are overly jealous ladies seeking to keep the freedom-loving sign under control. Noticing the pressure from the beloved woman, Sagittarius can become isolated in themselves, refusing to continue the relationship. Therefore, these men never bother their beloved with suspicion and jealousy. Protecting their own freedom, also carefully respect the freedom of their partner.

Sagittarius does not like obsessive girls, he is dismissive of such persons, he can even stop communicating if he realizes that the woman is dependent on relations with him. This sign jealously guards the secret of his personal life. He never brings the problems of personal relationships to the public and does not accept when a woman discusses the details of their relationship with her friends. If you are used to sharing quarrel details in a girl’s company, then there is a serious risk of losing the location of the Sagittarius man.

How to make peace with a Sagittarius man

If you do not know how to behave properly with a Sagittarius man, the main thing is not to make hasty radical decisions. The explosive disposition of the adherents of Fire does not suffer haste. After the conflict, they need to consider what happened, calm down, and weigh all the arguments. Having drawn conclusions, he will certainly convey his point of view to his partner, while suggesting several options for avoiding conflicts in the future. The guy is not able to get hung up on fights if his feelings for the chosen one have not yet died out. He strives for everything new, thoughts of past failures have no place in his life. Therefore, if the girl after the conflict starts a cheerful conversation, pretending that she does not remember the quarrel, the chosen one will happily support the initiative.

If the Sagittarius man is offended, but feels that there is his fault in the disagreement that has occurred, he will be ready to declare a truce first. He is fixated on justice and tries to adhere to this principle in all spheres of life. After reconciliation, the guy will try to atone for his guilt in all possible ways. When a woman is at fault, she needs to admit her mistakes and apologize. Representatives of this constellation feel falsehood in all its manifestations, so if you do not feel guilty about yourself, you should not lie. This approach will only exacerbate the conflict. If the girl, being guilty of a quarrel, decided to let it go by itself, then most likely the guy will be offended by such behavior. He will move away from his partner and draw conclusions not in favor of their reconciliation.

Often quarrels with Sagittarius occur against the background of his tactless jokes. They say, without thinking that their statements can hurt the interlocutor. But men of the element of Fire unintentionally offend a partner. Keep this in mind the next time a controversial situation occurs. If you are ready to perceive the words of your beloved as constructive criticism, and not a desire to offend, then quarrels in relationships will occur less frequently.

How to strengthen a relationship with a Sagittarius man

Those born under the constellation Sagittarius are not just given the decision to create a serious relationship. They are accustomed to protecting their freedom from external encroachments, choosing free disposable connections. It is difficult to win such a man; in the initial stages of acquaintance, it is easy to scare him away by excessive seriousness and talk about a joint future. Fortunately, such egocentrism is characteristic of young representatives of the sign; in adulthood, Sagittarius change their point of view, trying to find a person close in spirit. At the same time, guys pay attention to spectacular girls. Their interest is caused by unusual appearance, stylish wardrobe and self-confidence. If you can hook a man with a beautiful wrapper, then you won’t be able to keep him in this way. They value independent women with their own interests and individual opinions on any issue. Sagittarius is ready to forgive such a companion, for the sake of her he will even restrain himself in humor, avoiding offensive jokes.

Representatives of Fire appreciate home comfort, but they themselves are not ready to do household chores. They see their mission in raising money for the family and building a successful career. Often attached to caring girls who know how to cook and restore the perfect order in the house. Also, this sign warmly responds to the manifestation of moral support and care. Take an interest in business affairs, encourage his career achievements, he will definitely appreciate it. However, you do not need to turn into a tortured housewife in curlers and a bathrobe. Sagittarius love eyes, their sense of beauty offends the sloppy look of the second half. Try to change. Attractive appearance and stylish clothes will not only strengthen the bond with your loved one, but also help make peace with the Sagittarius man after a serious conflict.

Another option to strengthen the relationship is to learn about his hobbies, sharing them with him. Sagittarius is flattered by the interest in their favorite business, especially like the role of teacher and assistant. They will patiently teach their soul mate all the intricacies of the hobby, which will give her a chance to get closer to the object of attention. But do not be too persistent in showing interest in the chosen one, he can be scared away by a woman ready for anything for him. In the struggle for his attention, it is important to strike a balance between disposition towards a partner and a certain understatement, which will warm up feelings for many years. Make it a rule to never forbid anything to your boyfriend. It’s impossible to drive a freedom-loving nature under the heel, but you can spoil relations with a 100% guarantee. Having appreciated the carte blanche from his beloved, Sagittarius will try not to disappoint her and justify his expectations.

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