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People born under the Scorpio sign have a complex and ambiguous character. They combine in their nature opposite traits: from excessive frankness to insidious cunning, from wild passion to tender romanticism. Representatives of this zodiac sign are always surrounded by female attention, but not every woman will be able to build harmonious relations with them. Often there is a situation when a Scorpio man is offended, and a girl cannot understand what is the reason for such behavior.

Representatives of the elements of water rarely expose feelings. By their serene appearance, it is difficult to understand what is hidden in the depths of the soul. They are reluctant to let strangers into life, building a wall between the new person and themselves. From the behavior of Scorpio it is difficult to understand whether he loves, or simply plays the chosen role. However, the attitude will change dramatically as soon as you are considered to be your person. The guy will become more open and friendly, although this does not mean that he will not baffle you with ambiguous actions and frequent mood swings. If you have chosen Scorpio as a couple, you need to become a little psychologist to smooth out minor quarrels and major conflicts at the appearance stage.

How to understand that a Scorpio man is offended

Scorpions choose a companion personality to match themselves. They are attracted to complex natures, with an explosive character and bright charisma. Therefore, quarrels and misunderstandings in a pair are common. Men born under this constellation may be offended by the most insignificant occasion. They remember grievances for many years and try to find a reason to take revenge by hitting the culprit more painfully. Scorpios rarely show sincerity, many simply do not know how to do this. Often, the second half does not have a clue what is in the mind of her chosen one and is forced to guess the reason for the behavior of the offended Scorpio man by external signs.

Initially, the quarrel is complicated by the fact that representatives of the water element are very stubborn, and do not like to compromise. Even understanding that they were wrong, they rarely admit it, flatly refusing to take the side of the opponent. And to understand what the guy was offended by is almost impossible. He does not like to voice the reasons for dissatisfaction, considering complaints unnecessary whining and non-male behavior. If his feelings are seriously hurt, from a gallant gentleman he turns into an unscrupulous boor who is looking for how to hurt a loved one more painfully, releasing insulting taunts in his address. If you did not notice aggression in your direction, but your lover became silent and cold, then there is still reason to think that he is unhappy with something.

Often, the offended Scorpio closes in on himself, ceasing to communicate with his partner. A man can ignore his beloved for weeks. Sometimes the representative of this sign leaves without explaining the reasons, slamming the door loudly. In such a situation, do not grab his hands, begging him to return. After a while, the chosen one will return home, cooling down and weighing all the arguments. One of the main rules that helps to understand how to behave with a Scorpio man is the lack of pressure and excessive control. If he decided to leave to ponder the conflict, do not hold him. Stubborn natures become furious if someone wants to change their decision by force.

Possible causes of a quarrel with a Scorpio man

Hot-tempered Scorpions often do not need significant reasons for resentment. It happens that a quarrel arises out of the blue. Therefore, you do not need to constantly blame yourself if a Scorpio man is offended. Often in this way a guy spills out the negative accumulated during the day. Those born under this sign are able to make a positive impression. At the initial stages of a romantic relationship, they show themselves to be gallant, gentle and sensitive natures. It seems that the man anticipates your every desire, understands every little thing and is ready to get a star from the sky. However, during a long relationship, a guy’s behavior can change dramatically. He becomes jealous, tough, not suffering sentiments. The cause of a serious quarrel can even serve as a look cast by an outsider at his chosen one. Moreover, Scorpio will quarrel not only with his beloved, but will also deal with the unlucky boyfriend who dared to look at his woman.

Sometimes in a difficult relationship with a representative of Water element, a girl is unable to withstand emotional pressure. A man has a difficult character and skillfully uses the entire spectrum of pressure to achieve the desired. Not all partners will be able to bear this. The intransigence of the Scorpions affects every area of life. If he asked you to wear a red dress for a long time, and you dressed up in green, then be sure that the scandal will not take long. The guys also zealously follow up on the promises made to them. It went from childhood, a Scorpio boy could sulk his mother for weeks if she forgot about the word given to him.

Scorpio negatively refers to control and suspicion. Despite his heightened sense of jealousy, he himself cannot stand it when a woman tries to follow every step, checking the phone and social networks. The guy will try to get rid of such a lady as soon as possible. Scorpio men are rarely true partners. They have a passionate temperament, which is difficult to satisfy one woman. However, the relationship on the side should not affect the family life of this sign. They carefully protect their family from strangers.

How to make peace with a Scorpio man

Often, women, frightened by the coldness of a partner, make mistakes that finally turn the guy away from them. And here is what we are talking about:

  • Blackmail. If a Scorpio man is offended, you should not try to manipulate what is dear to him, trying to return the relationship. He is a good psychologist and easily recognizes moral pressure.
  • Stalking a partner. The guy is annoyed by obsessive women, if after a quarrel they do not give him a pass, trying to find out the cause of the offense, he will get angry even more. It is also not worth declaring love every minute, trying to make amends. A predatory sign instantly cuts through the victim, losing to it the remnants of respect.
  • The desire to lead to jealousy. If the partner sees the girl in the company of a man, he may decide that she has a new relationship. In this case, it will be almost impossible to return the Scorpio man. The passionate sign of water will deem betrayal even a walk in the park with another guy.
  • Tears. These representatives of the stronger sex do not touch female tears at all. They bore them, and tantrums cause disgust.

A good way would be to disappear from sight of a loved one for a while. This will give him not only to think about his own behavior, but also make him bored. Scorpios adore everything mysterious and mysterious. If the usual course of events changes, and he does not find you jumping around his person, as has always been the case, he is clearly wary. When meeting, it is worth portraying a friendly indifference. If Scorpio pecks at the bait, then he will certainly call his sweetheart. A couple of times you can not answer or, picking up the phone, refer to urgent matters. Such tactics will only inflame a man’s interest, forcing him to look for new ways to get closer to his former lover.

Scorpions are passionate lovers. They, like no one else, are attracted by temperamental women. If the ex changed her hairstyle, lost weight or chose a new style, he will definitely notice it. Especially if there is a hint of sexuality in her appearance. Such tricks can stir up previous feelings in a Scorpio man, making you think about renewing the relationship.

How to strengthen a relationship with a Scorpio man

Lovers of a measured and calm life are not on the way with Scorpions. Around their person is always a keen interest. The charisma of this sign not only attracts women, but also exhausts morally and physically. If you ever tried to build a relationship with this representative of the elements of Water, then with other men it will now be fresh and boring. The relationship with Scorpio is a swing. The wisdom “From love to hate is one step” — fully characterizes their attitude towards women. Today he showers with flowers and takes to a luxurious resort, and tomorrow he can pour silence into an icy bucket and leave for an unknown destination. The Scorpio man dislikes conventions and hackneyed standards, it’s hard with him, but without him it’s not interesting.

Temperamental and contradictory, they spend most of their lives in search of the only one. Therefore, so often change partners, hoping in each after meet the same. Attracting their attention is not easy. He is a conqueror, he likes strong, accomplished and inaccessible women. She will never pay attention to the lady who hangs herself on him, confessing her love. He will like the cold beauty, not reciprocating, for her sake he will be ready for exploits and accomplishments. Born under the constellation Scorpio, they love with their eyes, they are attracted by bright unusual beauty, grooming and style. A man will not be able to get carried away by a cute dummy for a long time, even if she looks charming. He attaches great importance to the level of intelligence and education. She will never appear in a society with a near special, she simply uses these girls, and having achieved her goal, stops all communication with them.

If you are paired with Scorpio, it’s worth getting used to that the leader’s place will always remain with him. All important decisions will be made without your participation. Although, this does not mean that he will not act in the interests of half. The guy is very kind to family members, protecting them from external threats, taking care of material wealth. But if the chosen one does something that completely does not suit you, you should calmly but firmly show your discontent. Just do not raise your voice, this is perceived by the guy as aggression, which will immediately be followed by a response. Self-sufficient passionate women who love adventures, hating boredom in all its manifestations harmoniously coexist with Scorpions.

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