Virgo man offended

Virgo man rarely shows his feelings to others. This sign is revealed only in the circle of close people who are fully trusted. It is with them that does not hesitate to expose your soul. Therefore, it applies stringent requirements to its environment. And if he suddenly became cold and alienated to his beloved, then the Virgo man was offended. To understand what touches this representative of the earth element most of all, you can study the features of his character.

Virgos are not particularly temperamental and romantic, but they attract women with reliability, punctuality and fidelity to these promises. This man is ideal for family life, with him you will be like behind a stone wall. Sometimes he shows excessive meticulousness and boring, but these qualities are trifles, compared with the merits of the sign. The guy will not declare his love on a daily basis and fill up with calls and SMS, but if you get sick and need help, he will drop everything and rush in the shortest possible time. The representative of the elements of the Earth shows feelings by actions, not beautiful words. If you are a pragmatic person who appreciates reliability and mutual understanding, then Virgo is ideal for long-term relationships that will smoothly grow into a happy family life. If you need Spanish passions, then it is better to look for other options.

How to understand that a Virgo man is offended

Virgos are characterized by balance in all spheres of life, often to people from the side they seem excessively lethargic and incapable of making serious decisions. But this is not true. While others fuss, committing unnecessary actions, the Virgo man systematically follows his goal, not exchanging for nothing. They adhere to the same strategy of behavior in quarrels. They do not like loud screams, swearing and insults. It’s easier to leave, slamming the door loudly, and then to sort out your own feelings. At the same time, the guy accumulates grievances for a long time inside and rarely acts as the instigator of a showdown, hoping that the situation will resolve itself.

Virgo man likes to plunge into his thoughts, because of this, he often seems detached and lethargic. But these guys are not as cold as they seem at first glance. They are quite sensual, but rationality and restraint prevent them from showing themselves. Representatives of the earthly elements need to carefully consider everything before taking a step. Therefore, they do not immediately show a reaction to external stimuli. If a Virgo man is offended, this is often unnoticed. A similar thing happens when his patience has been tested for a long time, but at one moment the accumulated emotions spilled over the edge.

A man negatively relates to quarrels and conflicts. He is completely non-aggressive, has good control over himself, it is easier for him to leave and move away than to find out something, proving his innocence. Therefore, if a lover has become cold, ignores meetings and calls, perhaps the Virgo man is offended. During such a break, the guy does not get angry and does not wind himself up against his beloved woman, but carefully thinks about the situation, deciding how to behave in the future. Moreover, they rarely take revenge on their offenders, even in serious conflict situations, they readily go to reconciliation.

Possible causes of a quarrel with a Virgo man

Every woman needs to know how to behave with a Virgo man so that no conflict situations arise in the future. It is important to work on mistakes in behavior so that the relationship becomes strong and harmonious. If a girlfriend often makes scandals without listening to the opinion of a man, even the patient will soon get tired of Virgo a similar attitude. Do not provoke a partner to show jealousy. It’s not possible to hurt him seriously, but losing your trust in your beloved can be irrevocably easy.

Virgos are careerists and pragmatists. In the first place for them are personal achievements. Love affairs are often postponed for later. They forget to call their half because of a busy schedule, numerous hobbies and important thoughts about life. If you require constant attention, affectionate messages and declarations of love, then Virgo is not the best choice. They will courageously bear claims and requests, make promises to change, as a result, they still will not be able to fully meet your requirements. Then his patience will end, and he will express everything that has accumulated. If you do not want to spoil the relationship, then you should accept this feature of the character of Virgo and understand that your relationship does not play a leading role in his life. A girl who is able to adapt to her man will ultimately receive more than the one who arranges tantrums, seeking attention by blackmail. After a while, the guy will surely appreciate your sincere behavior and feel in you a loved one who can understand and accept him in any situation.

Virgo greatly respects her relatives, they are indisputable authorities for him. If you do not want serious quarrels that could lead to a break, never criticize his family. Try your best to enlist the support of the parents of the man, because they can have a serious impact on his choice. It will be difficult for those girls who did not like the relatives of the Virgin to have stable and harmonious relations with their man. It is also worth paying increased attention to everyday life. The maid is annoyed by scattered things and a web in the corners. They may be silent and not express dissatisfaction for a long time, but iron patience comes to an end. If you want to avoid household scandals, try to maintain order at home and indulge a man with delicious dinners.

How to make peace with a Virgo man

If a quarrel has occurred, show delicacy and tact, do not push, wanting to quickly make peace with a Virgo man. In communication with a person born under this sign, rush is contraindicated. His spiritual conversations, persuasions and threats will not return him until he comes to a certain decision. Give the man some time to understand and understand the situation. If a quarrel is your fault, do not try to expose the Virgin to blame. Such tricks do not work with him, he subtly feels falsehood and emotional blackmail. Such behavior can not only alienate a lover, but also lose his trust forever. Admit mistakes sincerely, and the guy will definitely appreciate it.

If a man is to blame for the conflict, you should not take the first step towards reconciliation. Without scandals and tantrums, tell me directly that you did not like it. Such a rational approach arouses respect in Virgo and makes you think. They cannot be persuaded by tantrums and requests; they value the inner core. Virgo is attracted to such companions like a magnet, they themselves are ready to take the initiative and seek their attention. And if a girl is imposed, falling at the guy’s feet, he will try to break their connection as soon as possible. Therefore, if the partner made a mistake, let him fully realize this. If you still have feelings, he will definitely take the first step towards reconciliation, trying to make amends. If you want to teach a lesson to your beloved, keep in mind that there may not be a second peace offer. Virgins rarely talk about their feelings, if their sincerity is not appreciated, they will no longer be revealed to this person.

Wanting to return the Virgo man, it is important to remember the need for a balance between the attention paid and non-importunacy. This person appreciates the manifestations of feelings, but too frequent declarations of love can fill him with a sore mouth and quickly get bored. After a quarrel born under this sign, it is important to be alone with your own thoughts in order to draw conclusions about the situation. However, at this time, do not forget about yourself. Virgo does not like untidy and groomed women. He is attracted to girls whose appearance indicates that everything in their life is stable and safe.

How to strengthen a relationship with a Virgo man

Virgos are realists and are not afraid of loneliness. Among those born under the auspices of this sign are many convinced bachelors. Perhaps this is due to excessive caution and discretion. At the same time, their high level of intelligence and sparkling humor attracts many female representatives. But Virgo men strive to choose one sweetheart for life. They rarely seek a relationship without commitment, preferring not to waste time meaningless flirting. They often look cold and insensitive, hiding true feelings under a mask. They like calm and confident women. If you are a creative person who is not distinguished by constancy and punctuality, Virgo is unlikely to be seriously interested in such a passion. He is looking for an equal partner who will be on the same level with him. Those born under the sign of the Earth do not choose frivolous girls.

It is important for those who want to interest Virgo to show mental abilities and business qualities. Guys rarely meet on the street, preferring a beautiful cover, rich internal content. This sign can sometimes pay attention to a bright, spectacular lady, but if there is nothing to talk about with her, he will quickly be disappointed by stopping communication. Want to keep Virgo for a long time? Show your interest in self-development, make it clear that you are an independent person who does not need guardianship and patronage.

Only delicious food and a clean apartment will not conquer Virgo. He appreciates moral support, a woman should share his undertakings, but always have his own point of view. Those born under the rule of the elements of the Earth seek harmony in all areas of life. The main aspirations of these representatives of the stronger sex are self-realization and building a large and strong family. A man wants to see his partner as a beloved, friend, good hostess and expectant mother. It is important to understand that the sign subtly feels any pretense and falsehood. Therefore, if your ideals are far from his values, then it is better not to start communication, it will not be able to last long.

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