How to Seduce a Aquarius Man

Seducing an Aquarius can be a lot of fun! These tend to be free-thinkers, and sometimes a little eccentric. They typically look totally normal (no you wont see someone in a purple furry hat!) but they are hard folk to categorize or predict. One of their main personality traits is indeed being unpredictable! There are some common traits however.

Starting Aquarius Man Relationships

One thing to keep in mind when you want to attract the attention of an Aquarius man: they are primarily concerned with your brain and your intellectual power. Of course they want somebody attractive, but they are not stuck up on appearances.

They first want to be sure they have some intellectual compatibility before proceeding any further. That’s because communication is very important to them. The more you share common interests and can talk about it the more he will be fascinated about you.

Therefore, it is important not to censor yourself. On the contrary, he will respect you for ideas, unusual as they may be. Catch his attention by starting conversations on curious, off-beat or avant-garde topics. Spirituality, New Age thinking and mysticism will also spark their interest.

If possible use humor to present your ideas. Aquarians love to laugh and to be surrounded by funny people.

First Moves with Aquarius Man

Aquarius is a sign that has a reputation for being a non-conformist. It also means that for your first date, you will need to plan something unusual, unconventional and full of originality. That’s where thinking outside the box, out of the beaten path will pay huge dividends. Tickets to ComiCon or an UFO/Star Trek convention, a VIP tour of NASA or a sleep over at a museum would be good bets. Actually anyplace where he can learn something new or be occupied with a fun activity are sure ways to make the date memorable.

Winning a Aquarius Man Heart

You can look at an Aquarius man socialize and get the impression he’s not a tough nut to crack when it comes to love. And I can tell you – that would be the wrong impression. Don’t let his openness and friendliness fool you into thinking this guy is easy to work with when it comes to all those emotional gushy stuff! That’s so far off it’s ridiculous. With the risk of sounding a bit too harsh, you could even say that an Aquarius man is likely to be kind of emotionally unavailable. And that can put a damper on your seducing strategy!

Let me explain. The thing is an Aquarius male is extremely interested in people. He likes befriending them and is a true definition of what we call a people’s person. In that sense you couldn’t find a guy who’s more open and genuinely interested in others. However, when it comes to his feelings – it’s a different story. He’s not one to open up quickly and share what’s inside. In fact, if you go into it a bit deeper you’d see that a huge part of his interest in others is merely a diversion.

So, what to do to crack through that shell of his? Well, for starters – let him probe you. Then, don’t get too discouraged once you see that he’s interested in basically everybody else. It’s the way he is, remember that! Just make sure he doesn’t feel like he’s got you all figured out and you should be fine. Sure, it might sound a bit like game playing, which is considered a no-no but it’s the best way to his heart. A tiny little bit of game playing for a good cause is okay, in this case, just make sure that in the end he finds you worth it.

Never ever, use his goodness to your advantage!

Being a people’s person also comes with a gift – being able to see right through some of those people. And even though he’s nice and sweet most of the time, taking advantage of that will make him very angry. And you don’t want that!

If you’re still thinking of pursuing him you’ll need to know this too – you might have to make peace with him not quite knowing how to articulate his feelings. Big love gestures aren’t his thing either. And if you try and run in the hopes he’ll chase after you – he probably won’t. Maybe he’ll be hurting, maybe he’ll even be desperate – but he won’t show it, he’ll just shut down and sort of wait until the storm passes.

Loyal, realistic, great with money and positive

But don’t think that an Aquarius man doesn’t have anything great to offer. Far from it! He has a lot of great qualities that you’d want in a partner – he’s loyal, realistic, he’s great with money, he’s positive and can brighten up your day! The only thing is – you’ll have to earn it.

In his eyes I mean, you’ll have to stick with him and get him to that point where he’ll want to show you everything he really is. It’s pretty easy – if you make him see you’re worthy everything will be worth it!

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