How to Seduce a Cancer Man

There are two distinct ways to seduce a Cancer. The first is to tune into them, and the second is to catch them at a time when they’re on a natural high. Depending on your timing this can make them incredibly easy, or incredibly difficult to seduce.

This is the first of many contradictions which surround this complex sign. Before we reach for the handcuffs and baby oil lets talk about their personality briefly. This is possibly the least understood sign, and understanding them will make things much easier...

Starting Cancer Man Relationships

Now that you know what motivates him, how do you get his attention? First of all, be there for him. And secondly, do a lot of mothering. Fuss about him. Worry about him. The purpose of all this mothering and fussing is to make him feel safe.

He is always looking for affection and closeness because his main goal is to have a stable relationship. A Cancer man is a sensitive soul who can be easily hurt in his feelings when he senses disloyalty from somebody he loves. Therefore, if you can provide a sense of security for him, he will be yours.

The Cancer man is courteous and polite, a romantic that dreams about security, family and praises traditional values. Because he is ruled by the moon, your cancer man can run hot and cold in quick succession. One second he is passionate and, the other, cautious, closed off.

First Moves with Cancer Man

Bring him baked goods, preferably homemade. It can be anything as long as it shows that you took the time to make it for him. Show some cleavage. Cancer rules the breasts in astrology, therefore, he is the ultimate ‘boob” man.

Be considerate of his feelings. Above all, be accepting of his swing moods but also be concerned “You sound like something is bothering you. What’s wrong?” Be family oriented and have a healthy respect for tradition.

Learn how to read the cancer moods and understand what your Cancer man needs from you at that moment. If he seems grumpy, he might be trying to tell you that he feels unwanted and wants support; if he is being argumentative, it’s probably because he feels unacknowledged, so praise him; if he gets close to you, he wants reassurance and TLC.

Winning a Cancer Man Heart

A typical Cancerian male is someone who’s shy, and seems very introvert. He’s not someone who shares a lot of things about himself, he’s more the type that likes to stay out of the way, and mind his own business. He’s willing to eventually open up, if you’re willing to work hard to make him feel comfortable, to do that.

The thing is, he might seem like a complete and total puzzle to you for quite some time, before you start to get the idea of what he’s really like. Don’t let this period discourage you, or make you give up on him – cause if you take a step back you’ll never get close to this guy.

The Cancer man is prone to mood swings. In fact he might seem like a completely different person every time you see him. He can go from sad to happy in a matter of seconds. But the important thing to know is that the changes are simply in his mood, and he’ll always be back to his regular self in the end – they don’t mean he has the dual personality, like the Gemini.

His shyness may make him come across as distant and uninterested, but be sure that’s not the way he is. Just like the crab, which is the symbol of this sign, he will pull back into his shell, which is his comfort zone, when he starts feeling threatened.

So make your approach accordingly. You’ll want to be aggressive, but not too much because that will scare him, and nonchalant, but not too much because that won’t have any effect on him. You’ll need to get him to open up, before you can take a place in his heart.

The thing is, even though he’s often in his own world, he’s a very realistic person. So if you want to be with him, he will take time to make sure that you’re suitable to be his partner. As harsh as it may sound, he may even judge you, to see if you are worthy of being his other half.

If you want this guy, make sure you put up with this, and stay by him no matter what. No playing games with a Cancerian. You want to show your affection, pamper him and be the perfect girl. Once he starts trusting you he will appreciate it like no other, and shower you with love and affection himself. That’s the deal with a Cancer man, it takes time to crack that hard shell and get in, but once you get in there, you’ll see it’s all been worth it.

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