How to Seduce a Leo Man

Seducing Leo is relatively easy compared to many other zodiac signs. All you really need to do is... worship them! Praise and compliment everything! Someone once said that if you pour a bucket of compliments over a Leo not one of them will fall off and hit the floor, and it’s so true.

If you mention past lovers, be sure to point out how they are or were inferior - Leo absolutely loathes second place, in anything. Most Leos value a partner they can be proud of and show off to the world, so it’s worth making sure you are well dressed and looking your best on a first date. If you can turn peoples heads it will score major points.

Most Leos also prefer a confident and playful partner. One of the most common personality quirks of Leo is how playful they are, often ’pretending’ to be serious just to enhance the drama of a situation. They are passionate and powerful people, but not above a little acting to get their way or just to entertain themselves (this can offend some of the more emotional and empathetic signs who sometimes describe it as superficial).

Starting Leo Man Relationships

Seducing a Leo should be fun. That’s because they love to have fun! They are party animals! (pun intended!) and they want everybody around them to have fun also. So, if you want to attract the attention of a Leo man, you need to display a playful nature and also be prepared to outsmart the competition as the Leo knows he is attractive to women.

First Moves with Leo Man

As a principle always treat a Leo like royalty, which means that seducing that sign does not come in cheap. They like extravagant gifts, fine dining. If you are on a budget tough, you can overcome the problem by showering him with attention or flattering him. Actually, this is always a good idea with Leos and you never outdo a Leo in that department. He just is naturally born with a high opinion of himself.

He loves the outdoors when the sun, his ruler, is shinning. So, plan plenty of sports activities.

Winning a Leo Man Heart

The Leo thrives on attention. This is why he’s rarely seen alone. Usually he’s in a group of people, doing what he does best – keeping them all entertained, being the center of attention and keeping all eyes on him, which is of course what he does the best! That’s why they say that in order to become closer to a Leo you must first become his audience.

Attention, admiration and flattery is what he’s looking for, so, if you want to draw him in, there are really two ways to go. Either be the one that can care less about his obvious cries for attention and make him try and wow you, or dance to the beat of his drum and flatter your way to his heart. Both should prevail since Leos do love their ego boosts on one hand, but can’t resist a challenge on the other. Paying is hot ‘n’ cold should do you most good!

Even if he seems quiet, gentle and like more of a wall flower do not be fooled. Underneath it all hides the dominating figure of a true Leo.

Now, this might not seem logical considering that they’re generally outrageous, over the top and have that bigger-than-world personality but it’s true – Leo is a romantic sign! Moonlit walks, sunsets, candle light – these are all more than enough to swipe him of his feet.

Also, they’re quite the romancers so you’ll know you’re getting somewhere when he starts showering you with attention, affection and possibly even presents, all to get you all for himself!

Leos are VERY possessive. So, what’s the card you’ll have to play with? Let me hear the drum roll – yep, it’s jealousy! If you have him thinking you want him and on the verge of wanting you back but then so much as even look at another guy – you’re bound to make his blood boil! Being dominating is literally written in the stars when it comes to this guy, so if you want yours you’ll have to make him fight for you.

The thing about Leos is that they crave everything from attention to love. They want it all, and we know well that everybody appreciates that. So, yes, you want to let him boast and do his thing and have him think that you’ll have whatever he’s serving.

BUT you’ll also want to show him you too are a force to be reckoned with, and you are someone worth fighting for. As I said it’s the domination thing, and it’s not fun trying to dominate over someone who’s all good! In order to get yourself a Leo you’ll have to be a little playful kitten – cute and cuddly but with her claws at the ready!

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