How to Seduce a Libra Man

Seducing Libra can take a lot more work than most of the other zodiac signs. Whether you find the required style enjoyable or not will probably be the biggest factor in your success.

Libra appreciates the classy look, so make an extra effort to look nice for them. If they aren’t impressed with your appearance it will be much harder to get their attention. If you’re picking a location for a date, choose a nice restaurant, and not a bar, movie, sports event etc.

Similarly, social graces and etiquette are more important here than with almost any other sign. Start off formal and polite, and don’t say anything offensive or confrontational early on in the conversation even if you’re joking (yes, Aries, Leo, Sagittarius I’m looking at you guys!). You may well have the charisma to pull it off normally, but your Libra still wont think it’s cool.

Starting Libra Man Relationships

Always showcase your culture, knowledge and intelligence. A Libra man wants a beautiful women who is also witty and can carry on a conversation. A man born under this signs loves architecture, painting, music and theater and wants to share his views on the subject matter with others. To get his interest, keep up to date on what is going on in the art scene and state your opinion strongly. Libras are interested in hearing all sides of an issue.

First Moves with Libra Man

On your first date, be as romantic as possible. Libra men love romance and making romantic gesture. Your efforts will not go unnoticed. Never scoff at him for opening the door for you or pulling the chair.

Being indecisive by nature, a Libra man appreciates a women who knows what she wants from him. He is also easily seduced by compliments and flattery as long as it is not too obvious. You must be sincere and avoid clichės.

Winning a Libra Man Heart

Of course you fell for a Libran, there’s no denying he’s oh so charming! In fact, he’s so slick with his words that it’s really a no-brainer you’re into this guy. However the thing about a Libra man you’ll need to understand right of the bat is that he’s all about deliberating! You have to be ready for this ’cause it will determine how things go between you two. It determines how pretty much anything he does goes!

You’ll have to be pretty open with this guy

And how he deliberates and thins and decides is based on facts. Pure facts! You’ll have to be pretty open with this guy. Not only with your words but with your actions too! He’s not one to try and figure out why you are the way you are, or why you said what you said. He’ll look at the facts and you can be sure that after careful deliberating he’ll base an opinion on these facts.

Of course, don’t expect him to make a rash decision about anything (this goes for deciding whether he likes you and wants to give it a try). He’s just not that kind of a guy – that comes with being a Libra.

He’ll have to carefully consider everything and then make up his mind. This goes for hook-ups, relationships and even break ups! So it’s no wonder Libras are real heartbreakers – the mere fact that you’ll have to wait for him to decide on everything is enough to make you see things may not go easy! It’s not that he likes to taunt you or something like that, it’s just that he likes to make sure everything he does will be what’s best for both of you!

However, once he’s made up his mind about something it means he’ll stand by it 100%. And you can trust him with everything you’ve got! You see, he might be indecisive but once he’s sure there’s no turning back, or turning it down! His girl will be happy and he’ll be the reason.

The always righteous Libran will definitely make for a great boyfriend and even husband. All you need to learn to do is spell everything out for him, ’cause he’s not into interpreting you, and let him have his time deliberating!

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