How to Seduce a Scorpio Man

Many people are initially wary of Scorpio relationships. As a practicing relationship astrologer I often have clients wanting to know if their new Scorpio partner is going to start being mean to them later. The fact is that (if treated well) Scorpios are amongst the most genuine and loyal partners of any sign, and also amongst the most nurturing.

The only time that problems arise is when a partner can’t or won’t commit to them. The only bad thing about Scorpios is that they give you everything, and they want the same in exchange.

Starting Scorpio Man Relationships

Scorpios have a bad reputation for being broody, mysterious and hard to understand, especially as far as his emotions are concerned. The reputation is not totally underserved. Scorpio have a very rich emotional life they keep close to their chest, not trusting anyone with it.

Therefore dating this sign can be a roller coaster of hell and heaven. They can be caring and possessive, practical and emotional, romantic and demanding al at the same time. You might not know from one moment to other where do you stand with them. However, once they have decided they are in love with you, you will have no doubts about his feelings.

First Moves with Scorpio Man

For a first date, take your Scorpio to a Swedish or German film festival. Nothing light or uncomplicated. On the contrary, Scorpios love to ponder the depths of the human mind. If you are not into deep complex movies, try a more traditional approach to dating Mr. Scorpio and take him to an intimate dinner.

A good point to remember is that Scorpios a quite traditional at heart. He likes to do things the old fashioned way. Do not play games, try to make him jealous or hard to get. It will not work with this sign. A Scorpio man appreciates a little flirtation. But don’t overdo. Just enough to attract his attention and then wait for him to come.

Winning a Scorpio Man Heart

No wonder you have a thing for a Scorpio man! These guys simply ooze passion. It’s like, sure, they seem composed and calm most of the time, but as soon as you gaze into his eyes you’ll be drawn in! And then – you’re hooked! It’s merely impossible to stay cool after you’ve caught a glimpse of the fire this guy’s holding within. You’ll become intrigued by the fiery and feisty persona that’s hidden under a nice thick veil of mystery, just waiting to burst out and take over!

Seducing him means getting under all of the layers and right into the core of his being – so, it’s advisable to be ready for what you might uncover. Once he’s opened up you’ll find that this is a person who is capable of immense passion! And that passion is there, in everything he does – work, love, jealousy… Every single thing!

Yes, a Scorpio man is very prone to jealousy

He is possessive in the extreme, so, all those little teasing games will do you no good! This guy simply won’t stand for it! A girl who’s ready to act loose and flirt all over the place just to catch some attention is not the one for him! In fact, he’ll see right through any kind of game playing, so don’t go that route.

The way to seduce a Scorpio man is to actually get him to seduce you! Look at it this way – this is a man who’s very comfortable in his own skin, he doesn’t cares about what people think, he’s not familiar with envy and similar feelings and he is above all VERY proud. So – he cannot be the pray!

He will not allow you to strip him of his veil of mystery, get to him and simply become the one who tamed him. He will feel much more into it and much more comfortable if he’s the one going after you! So even if you have to create that sort of a feeling just to feed his ego – do so.

Now, this does not mean – play hard to get or be uncatchable or whatever. As I’ve already said this won’t work. What I’m suggesting is that you try and entice him with some mystery! Don’t put it all out there at once! Let him probe you a bit and get interested himself!

Once he’s decided you’re the one – then you’ll be showered with such love and passion you won’t know what hit you. Mind you, he’s not into public displays of emotion so don’t let the lack of those make you worried. Be happy when he’s the perfect guy just for you. And appreciate it!

You not appreciating him will definitely arouse his temper, and you do not want that! If you remain the girl he thinks you are there is not a person in the world who can sway him into believing otherwise, and he will be the partner every girl dreams about!

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