How to Seduce a Taurus Man

A key to seducing Taurus is to propose a date at least a few days in advance. One of their quirks is that that if you invite them on a date ‘tonight’ the answer will likely be ’no’. This isn’t due to them having particularly busy social lives; they just really don’t like last minute surprises or unplanned events (and to a Taurus ‘last minute’ = about 24 hours!) Similarly, don’t change your mind or cancel, as that will be a major turn off.

Starting Taurus Man Relationships

You need to show that you are a down to earth kind of girl. Stick with topics that establish yourself as being sensible, practical, loyal. Taurus men do not relate well to dreamers and people with tier heads in the clouds. Good conversation starters have to include anything to do with money and investment. Taurus men are generally very savvy with their money and they need to know that their lover is too.

Another sure bet is any topic revolving around food and wine. Ask him abut his favorite childhood foods and you will see his interest in you peak. Other recommended subjects include anything related to the past, family, roots, traditions, holidays and you’ll score points.

But you will need lots of patience, tons of determination and considerable perseverance. Taureans like to take their time before deciding they want to enter a relationship with you. Casual affairs do not interest them.

First Moves with Taurus Man

Taurus men like to take their time. DO NOT RUSH THEM. Into anything. Yes, I know I already said that, but it is worth repeating. Invite your Taurus over for dinner and cook their favorite meal. Serve dinner on nice china, with crystal glasses, on a table with a beautiful linen, and were flowers and candles are displayed.

Do not forget desert. Taureans do have a sweet tooth! Be openly affectionate and be unabashedly demonstrative. Wear something sensuous, made from natural materials, like silk, angora, velvet, lace. Something they can fondle.

Winning a Taurus Man Heart

Just like the bull which is the symbol for this Zodiac sign, the Taurus man is strong and quiet. They are typically very calm, composed and practical. Not bubble headed even in the slightest. So, don’t think playing games with a Taurus will get you anywhere. He sees it how it is.

A Taurus male isn’t going to make snap judgments about anything – not even when it comes to love. So you’ll have to play it fair, be who you are, put all your cards on the table and most importantly give him time to make up his mind. He’s not the one to fall in love at first sight!

To conquer a Taurus man you’ll have to tap into that super-feminine side of yours. He wants a lady, not a tomboy! He’ll appreciate good manners and a polished style more than anything. Also, he’s the more traditional type of person, which means that he’s going to want to be the dominant one between the two of you, even though he’s probably the more passive individual.

That’s the thing – if you want to snatch a Taurus you’ll have to prove yourself worthy, you’ll do all the work but he’ll make the final call. After carefully thinking it through, of course! If things come to this and you’ve played out all your moves, remember – it’s not a good idea to push him into anything, his stubbornness is going to show its nasty face, and that will be that.

Keep in mind that staying a lady in his eyes is the most important thing if you want his respect, and with respect comes love!

Be sure that if you do things right the reward is going to be so worth the effort. A Taurus in love is capable of doing the most beautiful things for the one he chose. Don’t get me wrong, he’s definitely not the type of guy to promise you the stars but he can be very pampering and romantic.

Usually he’ll surprise you with little gifts, random compliments straight form the heart and generally little things, but be sure they’ll always come just at the right time and will always be very meaningful!

Making the effort and trying to sort of prove yourself to him, while also letting him be the one in charge of the relationship may seem like a lot of hassle but trust me – what comes next will most certainly make up for it. So, get your pearls on, maybe a classic little black dress – Audrey H. style, get your demeanor straight and get yourself the astrologically strongest man around – the Taurus.

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