Taurus Man

The sign of Taurus is the second in the zodiacal circle, symbolizing the middle of spring (April 21 โ€“ May 21), when a complete transformation of nature takes place: the snow finally melts and the leaves bloom on the trees. This is the first of the three signs of the element Earth ๐ŸŒฑ, which gives him strength, perseverance and a sober mind. The fixed cross of qualities determines the inertial type of behavior. Before taking action, Taurus should think well and prepare. If they take on something, then they go to the end and necessarily achieve the goal, regardless of the amount of time and effort spent. Kindness, responsiveness, as well as love for material goods and the desire for pleasure, the representatives of the sign receive from the planet-patroness of Venus โ™€.

Taurus Man Personality

The Taurus man is calm, reasonable, self-confident. He loves comfort and will do his best to achieve it. The earth sign is quite sociable, but a relationship of trust develops only after a long acquaintance. Friendship ties of a Taurus man are formed during childhood or student years and persist for life. In adulthood, the representative of the sign can become close to a person who is useful to him in some way. The Taurus man is distinguished by increased efficiency, is not afraid of hard physical labor, is ready for monotonous activity, but all his efforts should be well paid. If this does not happen, Taurus will not tolerate this state of affairs and will quickly find a new occupation.

By nature, a Taurus man is, as a rule, phlegmatic, less often melancholic. He is rather stingy with the external manifestation of emotions, tries not to touch other peopleโ€™s feelings. The representative of the earth element has a kind, calm humor, can get along in any team, tries to create a comfortable environment around him. He does not like quarrels, conflicts, but he is always ready to fight back the attackers. If a Taurus is pissed off, it will not seem a little to anyone. A furious bullish look and harsh words will be remembered for a long time by the offender, they will discourage the desire to awaken the beast in a person. The Taurus man values the opinion of those around him insofar as it coincides with his own. He is not afraid of dangers, but he is ready to take risks only after weighing all the pros and cons.

The ward of Venus is not devoid of romance, while he replaces words of love and tender confessions with cute gifts, as well as real help to the chosen one in solving her problems. The representative of the sign has a strong charisma, has a good taste, prefers to wear high-quality clothes of expensive brands. He likes beautiful women, but the real feeling rarely comes. The Taurus man loves and knows how to make money, almost always achieves financial well-being thanks to hard work, as well as a correct assessment of the current situation. In an unfamiliar society, the representative of the sign often behaves tacitly and withdrawn, but is completely liberated among friends and becomes the soul of the company.

Positive Traits of the Taurus Man

The Taurus man surprisingly combines practicality and romanticism in his character. He moves through life, striving to create an atmosphere of material and emotional comfort, to surround himself with beautiful expensive things and spiritually close people who will never be left to their fate. At the same time, in all his endeavors, the Taurus man is guided by common sense, rationality, expediency. Before starting to move forward, he thinks for a long time, but then he moves towards his goal like a tank, not noticing the obstacles on the way and showing fantastic endurance. The sign of the Earth element appreciates art, has creative abilities and a developed intellect, always keeps its word. The main advantages of a Taurus man:

  1. Practicality. The representative of the sign knows how to easily solve problems that seem incredibly difficult to others. He is well versed in life, copes with everyday difficulties. A man always directs his efforts to what can give real results. Even a negative experience Taurus is able to turn in his favor, from any business he seeks to benefit for himself and his loved ones. The representative of the sign knows how to properly manage money, buys only the necessary and useful things.
  2. Hard work. In this, the representative of the Earth element is superior to all other signs of the zodiac. With hard work, he can achieve success in almost any field of activity. After a hard day at work, the Taurus man will do household chores, enjoying the process itself. He is equally capable of physical and mental work. In fairness, it should be noted that Taurus can not only work hard, but also have high-quality rest, so it does not become a complete workaholic.
  3. Good nature. At first glance, a Taurus man may seem a little gloomy, but this impression is deceiving. He will always respond to a request for help, and for the sake of people close to him, he is ready to move mountains. A man born under the sign of Taurus is distinguished by benevolence, tolerance for the shortcomings of others and the ability to love. He is not capable of betrayal, he is ready to spend his strength and energy on good deeds, while subconsciously expecting at least verbal gratitude in return.

Negative Traits of the Taurus Man

Negative traits of a Taurus man are often the reverse side of his merits. Thus, frugality is sometimes transformed into hoarding, the desire for constancy โ€“ into excessive conservatism, and practicality into soulless prudence. The hard work of Taurus is incomprehensibly combined with periods of pathological laziness, when all matters are postponed for later. The man of this sign especially does not like to work in an orderly manner. Taurus is characterized by excessive gluttony, due to which they can gain excess weight. In family relationships, they are often jealous and suspicious, even if the spouse does not give any reason for this. Disadvantages of a Taurus man that annoy people the most:

  1. Stubbornness. Perseverance and perseverance in achieving the goal passes at the sign of the Earth into obstinacy and intractability, the desire to act in his own way, contrary to common sense and the advice of the surrounding people. The Taurus man considers himself to be right in everything, is inclined to see virtue even in his inherent shortcomings, does not tolerate remarks addressed to him and considers them a sign of a negative attitude towards him on the part of the critic, can fall into a rage and begin to take revenge.
  2. Greed. Even if a Taurus man has a million in one hand, with the other he will reach for a badly lying penny. As an entrepreneur, the representative of the sign will unscrupulously raise the price tag or add an extra service. In marriage, Taurus is not inclined to give his wife all his salary and buy any thing he likes. He is ready to spend only if he sees some potential benefit in this. But the Taurus man will always take care of his own basic needs.
  3. Lethargy. To get a Taurus man out of his place, sometimes a sensitive push is needed. He perceives with caution any changes in his life and is inclined to hesitate for a long time before making a final decision. In studies, the representative of the sign does not belong to those who grasp everything on the fly; it takes him quite a lot of time to assimilate new information. Even outwardly, the movements of a Taurus man are measured and slow.

Taurus Man โ€“ Birthday Horoscope

The general features of the zodiac sign in each person are present to one degree or another, the character and temperament can vary greatly depending on the exact date of birth of the Taurus man. Those born in the first decade (April 21-30) fully feel the patronage of Venus, therefore they are passionate in love and strive to experience all Earth pleasures. In the second decade (May 1-10), the Taurus man is under the influence of Mercury โ˜ฟ, his feelings and emotions are sometimes too rational. In the third period (May 11-21), the planet-sub-ruler Saturn โ™„ endows the representative of the sign with boundless patience and determination. The widget gives you the opportunity to fully learn the character and understand the behavior of a Taurus man by choosing the desired date of birth.

April Birthday

Taurus Man in Love and Relationships

The Taurus man in love does not immediately show vivid emotions. He draws attention to attractive women who carefully monitor their appearance, dress stylishly and modernly. Before starting courtship, a man looks closely at his chosen one for a while, tries to surround her with attention, to become useful in something. If, in the presence of a woman, Taurus begins to straighten the collar on his shirt, pull up, tie, pull on his jacket, then he likes her. Initially, he attracts the fair sex with his calmness and prudence, and upon closer acquaintance, with his tenderness and sensuality. For a man of this sign, the concept of "love at first sight" does not exist.

He becomes attached to his partner gradually, step by step, although he can offer sexual intimacy after one or two dates. Taurus in love begins to monitor his appearance even more carefully, he can change his hairstyle, use a more expensive perfume. At meetings, a man tries to touch his chosen one as often as possible, experiencing physical pleasure from this. A long-term relationship with a representative of the sign often ends in marriage. Taurus man in a relationship is ready to endure the complex nature of his beloved woman, to mitigate conflicts with gentle humor. The main thing for a partner is not to go too far. A man will do everything possible to preserve love, it will be hard to experience a breakup, but if he leaves, then it is very difficult to return it.

Acquaintance and Dating

Taurus is a sign of the elements of the earth, has a sober mind and a real outlook on things. At the same time, the patroness Venus endowed him with romance and sensitivity. Attracting a Taurus man man is not easy. It is unlikely that he will like the battle lady, "plastered" in several layers, with a deep neckline and in a leopard-print mini-skirt. To capture the attention of a representative of the Earth element, you need to show femininity and impeccable taste in choosing clothes, be able to keep up a conversation about art and good modern music. Do not act too frankly: an unobtrusive display of interest, light flirting and patient waiting for a response will most likely push the Taurus man to the next step.

A lot depends on the first date in the further development of romantic relationships. Modest make-up, elegant dress, thin gold chain on the wrist, flowing beautiful hair will certainly be appreciated by Taurus, who pays attention to all the details of a womanโ€™s appearance. The courtship of a man is traditional โ€“ flowers, sweets, presents. Moreover, the cost and intensity of gifts will depend on the seriousness of his intentions. The representative of the earth sign appreciates in a woman the ability to skillfully manage the household, she will gladly accept an invitation to dinner, which should be organized according to the upper class. A beautifully served table, exquisite dishes and absolute order in the apartment triple the chances of a Taurus man to like it.

Sex and Jealousy

Taurus in love can court for a long time without insisting on sexual intimacy. Moreover, a swift intimate relationship can convince him of the easy availability of a partner and turn serious intentions into an affair for several nights. In order to move on to a close relationship, the representative of the sign must be firmly convinced of what his chosen one likes. Taurus man in bed is affectionate and passionate at the same time, loves long foreplay โ€“ kisses, hugs, tries to get maximum pleasure himself and deliver it to a woman. He gradually frees himself up and every time seeks to improve the quality of sex, meeting all the wishes of his partner, is always ready for erotic experiments, if the lady likes it.

Taurus man in sex will not tolerate vulgarity, vulgarity. He loves role-playing games, but they should awaken romantic feelings in him. The better a Taurus gets to know his partner, the more he becomes attached to her, the more attached his soul is. The attitude towards long-term relationships leads to the fact that the earth sign begins to consider the woman as their property, even a slight manifestation of coldness on her part hurts him. Better not to give a man the slightest reason for jealousy. For a long time, he can pretend that everything is in order, but discontent will gradually accumulate. The jealousy of a Taurus man is capable of splashing out with a sudden fit of rage, from which everyone will be scared. The representative of the earth sign does not forgive cheating.

Loyalty and Cheating

The Taurus man is very careful about choosing a life partner. He, as a rule, marries for love and is sure that this is forever, he is ready to carry the chosen one in his arms, to satisfy all her whims. At the same time, the reciprocal feelings of the spouse, her attention and care are very important to Taurus. If complete harmony reigns in the family, he can remain faithful all his life and admire other women only as works of art. The cheating of a Taurus man is likely only if the second half does not live up to his expectations: he cannot create a warm and cozy atmosphere in the family nest, is too wasteful, cold in bed, or deceives him and regularly makes scandals for the most insignificant reason.

In adultery, a man of the Earth element often finds an outlet from family life, satisfies his desire for romance and thirst for sensual pleasures. Relationship with a Taurus man lover is characterized by passion and tenderness. A man is looking forward to a meeting, he is ready to give caresses for hours, enjoying every inch of a womanโ€™s body. Most of all he is inspired by reciprocal confessions. The Taurus lover will do everything possible to hear from his partner again and again how good she is with him, and be proud that he has brought pleasure to his passion. He is inclined to regard his mistress as a potential life companion, and if he comes to the conclusion that it is she who is the woman of his dreams, then he can decisively break off marital relations and enter into a new marriage.

Quarrels and Break ups

By nature, a Taurus man is endowed with a calm, balanced character, does not like quarrels and stormy showdowns. At the same time, inside the earth sign there is a steel rod of life principles and moral convictions laid down from childhood, which he will never give up. For Taurus, it is important that the partner shares his life views and if this does not happen, he may be disappointed in his beloved. The guy is ready for some time to endure the unreasonable nit-picking of his chosen one, even to translate them into a joke, but when a woman goes beyond boundaries, he decisively puts her in her place, showing incredible stubbornness. If a Taurus man is offended much, he will express it openly and directly, after which he can leave, slamming the door.

The representative of the sign will not forgive treason, in other cases it is worth trying to return it back. However, it makes no sense to immediately chase after babbling excuses. Taurus needs to be given time to come to his senses, to think about the situation. Only after that he will answer the call and agree to meet. The dumbest thing is to keep blaming him for the wrong behavior. Initially, a Taurus man is unlikely to flare up if he is not convinced that he is right. He always feels his own mistakes and seeks to make amends, he expects the same from his chosen one. Therefore, at a meeting, it is best to calmly express your point of view, apologize and try to convince him of your love, otherwise break up with a Taurus man is inevitable.

Taurus Man โ€“ Compatibility Horoscope

In marriage, a Taurus man is usually happy, because he is very careful in choosing a life partner. Over the years, romantic feelings may weaken, but the warmth of the relationship and the trust of the spouses in each other remains. If Taurus feels that the other half is moving away from him, he will do everything possible to restore family harmony and prevent divorce. The representative of the sign perfectly understands that marriage is a responsibility for those close to you and is ready to conscientiously fulfill household duties. Of course, in a marriage, a lot will depend on the partner. Not every zodiac sign can offer the love match for a Taurus man. To some, life with a representative of the earthly element will seem too bland and measured.

Taurus man and Aries woman may well be happy together, despite the difference in temperament. An active girl is inclined to constantly stir up a slow bull, pushing him to all kinds of "feats". However, the man is in no hurry to commit them until he thinks over all the consequences, which is incredibly annoying to the lady.

Taurus man and Taurus woman will create a calm, harmonious union based on the coincidence of the views and interests of representatives of the same sign. Perhaps from the side of the couple it will seem a little boring, but loving partners will always find something to talk about, and in bed they generally understand each other perfectly.

Taurus man and Gemini woman will "rub in" their characters for a long time. At first, the calm partner is shocked by the eccentricity of the lady and the desire to throw tantrums on every occasion. Over time, Taurus will learn to tame the violent outbursts of Geminiโ€™s emotions, but the couple needs to hold out for the initial period of life together.

Taurus man and Cancer woman equally value comfort and convenience, care about material well-being, are sexually compatible, and adore their children. If they direct their efforts in one direction, and will not try to drag the blanket over to themselves, their marriage can be called ideal.

Taurus man and Leo woman on the path to happiness must overcome as many as three stumbling blocks: mutual stubbornness, contradiction in views on financial spending, jealousy of the representative of the earth sign. If desired, the couple will be able to find a reasonable compromise, giving each other relative freedom of action.

Taurus man and Virgo woman will easily get along with each other, the two earth signs have excellent compatibility both in love and in everyday matters. The spouse will become a faithful ally in all the endeavors of a man. Sometimes she likes to grumble, but her remarks are almost always appropriate and Taurus treats them with understanding.

Taurus man and Libra woman have a common patron planet Venus, therefore they fit together like two halves of one whole. The relationship will develop according to the principle of a puzzle โ€“ the partnerโ€™s shortcomings are compensated by the manโ€™s merits, and vice versa. So, the lady neutralizes the excessive stubbornness of Taurus with her diplomacy.

Taurus man and Scorpio woman must learn to yield and forgive a partner. Otherwise, a passionately begun romance can quickly end in parting and leave an unhealed wound in the soul of both signs. To maintain their deep feeling, the couple will have to go through many trials, but it will be worth it.

Taurus man and Sagittarius woman have mutual sympathy from the moment they meet, but the relationship will not develop easily. The representative of the fire element loves large companies, travel, changes in life, and the Earth sign โ€“ calm evenings in a quiet family circle. There are chances of happiness, but not very high.

Taurus man and Capricorn woman look at many things the same way. The union of two down-to-earth personalities may be devoid of frivolity and excessive romanticism, but harmony and mutual understanding will reign in it. Taurus and Capricorn can not only live together, but also open a successful family business.

Taurus man and Aquarius woman are unlikely to appreciate each other. A freedom-loving lady will not like the strict rules and restrictions of a partner, and a man will be dissatisfied with her impracticality, constant soaring in the clouds and the desire to spend time not with him, but with friends. Surprisingly, such alliances are not uncommon.

Taurus man and Pisces woman will be imbued with mutual trust gradually. A water sign takes time to get used to the pragmatism and rudeness of a loved one, and the logical mind of Taurus must come to terms with the mysterious daydreaming of a partner. In the end, they may well find a common language and create a strong pair.

Taurus Man in Marriage and Family

For most women, marrying a Taurus man means drawing out a lucky ticket. The representative of the sign tries to marry once and for life, thoughts of divorce have no place in his head. A man begins to think about creating a family in early youth, but he will not rush to marry the first person he meets. For him, the family is a reliable rear, absolute mutual trust, everyday comfort and material prosperity. It is impossible to marry a Taurus man with perseverance. He must think over everything, weigh and make a decision on his own. If a representative of the earthly element sees that the girl corresponds to his ideas about the ideal life partner, then he will not hesitate for a long time with the proposal of a hand and heart.

In the future spouse, Taurus values most of all a calm character, the ability to manage a household, thrift, loyalty and, at the same time, self-sufficiency and reasonable activity. It is difficult to marry a Taurus man to a dowry, since he is too practical, and he will not like it if the woman rely only on his income. The sign of the element Earth is a home person, he cannot imagine a family without children, he will do everything so that his loved ones do not need anything. From household members, he demands respect for himself. A Taurus man is able to build relationships with a representative of any element, but the most harmonious alliances are formed with earth and water signs. It is better to bypass the fiery women so that the flame does not scorch the earth.

Family Life and Leisure

In family life, a Taurus man should feel the love, warmth and care of loved ones. He seeks to be at home most of the time, does not like to go on business trips or spend vacations separately from his wife. The representative of the sign will do everything to arrange a quiet, cozy family "nest". At the same time, a man will buy only high-quality household items, even if they are not cheap. Taurus will make repairs in the apartment to the highest class, but later it will be very difficult to persuade him to change the interior or even rearrange the furniture. A comfortable environment for a Taurus man presupposes perfect order in the house, a full refrigerator of products and delicious homemade food.

The representative of the sign is not a fan of visiting, but he always welcomes his family and friends. The best place to live for him is his own house with a land plot. In his free time, he prefers to make something with his own hands, do work in the garden, garden, listen to good music, is often fond of painting. A Taurus man in marriage is able to find joy in small things, to have fun doing everyday activities. It is worth noting that sometimes Taurus has periods of extreme laziness, and then he can lie for hours on the couch in front of the TV, switching one channel after another. A spouse in such a situation should show patience, but make it clear that it is not unlimited.

Children and Fatherhood

Children for a Taurus man are flowers of life. He does not represent a family without a child and is unlikely to build relationships with a barren woman. She is especially delighted at the birth of a girl, she is very proud of her sons. Father Taurus is wonderful, has all the necessary qualities to educate worthy representatives of the next generation. A man spends a lot of time with a grown child, he is ready to spend significant sums on his education. He is very patient, can explain the same things several times without showing irritation, tries to help with lessons, teaches everything that he can himself. A child can always come to his father Taurus for wise advice. At the same time, the earth sign requires obedience from children and compliance with the rules established in the family.

Paternity is a natural condition for a Taurus man. He himself loves to get pleasure from life, understands art. Therefore, she will be happy to take children to the circus, visit museums, cinema and theaters, football matches with them. Regular field trips can become a favorite family tradition. Often, in an effort to ensure material well-being for himself and his loved ones, the Taurus man spends too much time at work, shifting the care of children to his spouse. In this case, he may feel remorse and overwhelm the child with expensive gifts, at the risk of spoiling. Sometimes children are passed on such negative qualities of the Taurus father as greed and the desire for profit in any way.

Holidays and Gifts

A Taurus man can rest as well as work. He prefers to celebrate the holidays in a familiar atmosphere, surrounding himself with relatives and close friends. Big celebrations are necessarily accompanied by toasts, exquisite dishes, and drinking songs. In the family of a Taurus man, sweet home traditions are often formed, which are strictly observed by all household members and passed on to the next generation. The representative of the sign loves to prepare for the holiday with the children. With their active participation, dishes are prepared, the room is decorated, the Christmas tree is dressed up for the New Year. Often in a family it is customary for a minor reason to give each other crafts made with their own hands.

A Taurus man prepares a gift for the birthday of his wife or child long before the significant event. Usually he chooses expensive but practical things. An earth sign does not like to talk about their wishes, so choosing a gift for a Taurus man is not an easy task. Many representatives of the sign are partial to high-quality alcohol, especially wine and cognac. Surely Taurus should like a thing that improves his image, like expensive cufflinks. Accessories for relaxing outdoor activities โ€“ an umbrella or a sturdy hammock โ€“ will always come in handy. The ward of Venus appreciates useful quality things and may be offended by receiving a cheap trinket as a gift, interpreting this as a sign of disdain on the part of the guest.

Scandals and Divorce

The Taurus man really does not like to sort things out in a raised tone. He will accumulate resentment for some time, avoiding open conflict. But if the second half is inclined to regularly make scandals almost from scratch, while expressing a lot of hard-hitting words, his patience will surely run out. The sign of the earthly element will not allow him to humiliate his dignity, and also will not tolerate obsessive pressure and open manipulation. Over time, he will try many times to reason with his life partner, but if she does not change her behavior, a divorce from a Taurus man can become a reality. The representative of the sign is incredibly jealous and capable of falling into a rage at the slightest suspicion of treason.

Taurus decides to break off relations only as a last resort, especially when there are children in the family. He will try to save the marriage to the last. To avoid a divorce from a Taurus man and strengthen relations, it is better to take his stubbornness for granted, criticize less for oversights and do not forget to thank your beloved spouse for everything he does for the family. Also, you should not praise other men in his presence, except your father and brother, and even those not very much. A Taurus man will not like it very much if the intimate details of family life become the subject of discussion with friends and even relatives. He wants to completely trust his soul mate and must be absolutely sure of her love, sincerity and honesty.

Taurus Man โ€“ Combined Horoscope

Taurus is a fixed sign of the element Earth. All of its representatives, belonging to the strong half of humanity, are characterized by practicality, hard work, stubbornness, a desire for material goods, a love of money, as well as romance and sensuality. In a calm environment, a Taurus man is a balanced, slightly slow person, pleasant to talk to, persistent in achieving goals. In anger, he looks like an angry bull. True, it is not easy to make him lose his temper and, having expressed all the grievances, Taurus quickly calms down. These are the features inherent in all representatives of the sign. However, the year of birth also affects fate and character, therefore, in order to better understand a man, you need to look at the combined horoscope for Taurus. The calculator allows you to immediately select your sign and read its description.

Combined Horoscope Calculator

Taurus Men in Everyday Life

The Taurus man is surrounded by an aura of calm and firm, confident strength. He tries to create a safe space for himself and his loved ones, comfortable for life. At the first meeting, Taurus is laconic, he may limit himself to a few banal phrases in a conversation. He experiences emotional and intellectual balance among long-familiar people, in close surroundings he completely relaxes, becomes an interesting storyteller, shows humor and erudition. The Taurus man lives according to his own schedule, it is useless to push him โ€“ he will not move faster than he sees fit. If the representative of the sign takes up some business, then he will definitely carry it out to the end, even if it takes a lot of time.

In love, a Taurus man strives for stability, chooses a spouse for a long time and carefully, can start numerous novels until he finds his ideal. Having got married, the earth sign tries to arrange the life of its family as comfortably as possible, acquiring only high-quality things that serve for many years. A man looks forward to the birth of every child, becomes a caring father. Taurus accumulates his wealth slowly and persistently, uses every opportunity to earn capital, as a result of which he always achieves material well-being. A man perceives changes in his life with caution, ponders for a long time before taking the next step, does not like moving to a new place of residence.

Appearance and Style

In his youth, the Taurus man has the correct strong physique, but with age he can gain weight, because he loves to eat well. Among Taurus, there are representatives of both high growth and below average. Born under the auspices of Venus, they are often very attractive. Especially noteworthy is the calm look of the dark almond-shaped eyes and the correct facial features. In clothing, the Taurus man chooses a discreet but elegant style. She prefers to buy high-quality expensive things in pastel colors, green, blue colors. A man loves jeans, and also tries to emphasize his sexuality by undoing the top buttons on a T-shirt or shirt.

Hairstyles for Taurus men can be varied in shape and method of execution, the main thing is that the hair lies freely, and not too short a haircut has a neat look. Taurus pays great attention to accessories. Men love items made of precious metals, especially gold rings, chains, pendants. They are happy to wear jewelry with natural stones, harmoniously combining them with clothes. The talisman of the earth sign is an emerald. In addition to this, Diamond and Sapphire are considered beneficial birthstones for the Taurus man, and semi-precious stones โ€“ Topaz, Sodalite, Amethyst. Also, Taurus always carefully chooses a perfume, sparing no expense on it. Usually Taurus men prefer unobtrusive floral scents โ€“ light, slightly sweet.

Health and Sports

Nature has endowed male Taurus with good physical health. Due to their phlegmatic nature, they very rarely suffer from mental illness. At the same time, the representatives of the sign are not inclined to pay due attention to their well-being, they may become addicted to alcohol and tobacco smoking even in their youth, and they pull to the last with a visit to the doctor. Weak spots in the body of Taurus โ€“ ENT organs, digestive tract, lymph nodes. Slightly slowed down metabolic processes, combined with a love of high-calorie food, often lead to excess weight, provoke the development of diabetes, gastritis and other concomitant diseases. The health horoscope for a Taurus man advises to consult a doctor in a timely manner and follow their recommendations.

Those born under the sign of Taurus need to limit themselves in food, control their diet. With age, it is better to reduce the consumption of meat products, replacing them with eggs and fish, and also include more vegetables, berries and fruits in the menu. Once a week, the health horoscope for a Taurus man recommends fasting days, cleansing the body of toxins and toxins. The representative of the sign needs to move more and play sports from childhood. Inborn caution does not allow a man to choose an extreme type of activity, however, he can achieve success in weightlifting, long-distance running, powerlifting, swimming. Passion for sports helps Taurus overcome their laziness and achieve great career success.

Work and Professions

At work, a man born under the sign of Taurus is a cautious pragmatist with a developed business acumen and the ability to foresee a situation. He enjoys authority in the team, can find a real way out of a seemingly hopeless situation. Taurus men at work are distinguished by their hard work, are not afraid of routine activities, they can lead a complex project for a long time and will certainly achieve a positive result. The representative of the sign of the earth element does not always become a big boss, but he knows how to make good money. Taurus, who cannot tolerate change, can work all his life in one organization, gradually moving up the career ladder, provided that his income is sufficient for a comfortable life.

Very often, representatives of the sign become successful businessmen, gradually achieving wealth through hard work and financial intuition. It is difficult for subordinates to wish for a better boss than a Taurus man, although they do not always understand this. He tries to adhere to old, time-tested methods of work, he is suspicious of everything new, although he is ready to consider promising proposals. Does not tolerate laziness and carelessness in employees, quickly part with such subordinates. The most successful professions for Taurus men are related to the financial, construction, and insurance spheres. They usually decide who to become in their youth and rarely change the direction of their activities.

Interests and Hobbies

The greatest values in life for a Taurus man are his family, work and money. The best leisure is outdoor recreation in the company of old trusted friends. The representative of the sign appreciates the country in which he was born, rarely moves to live abroad. In his free time, Taurus enjoys going to watch football matches, he likes to sit on the shore with a fishing rod, resting in silence from everyday worries. He reads many books, especially as a child, prefers works about heroic personalities. He often listens to music, watches for new hits. If a man lives in a private house, his hobby is likely to be gardening. Taurus reaches for the ground, he is no worse than landscape designers capable of creating beauty on his site.

Many Taurus are well versed in painting, acquire valuable works of art (especially since this is a profitable investment), and often become amateur artists themselves. In addition to the main work, the representative of the sign is interested in mastering an additional craft, which involves physical labor, for example, carpentry, locksmith. The Taurus man will happily devote his leisure time to making a thing with his own hands that can be useful in the household. He will make original garden furniture, weave baskets, cut and saw from wood. An adult Taurus is not a big fan of active sports activities, but can get carried away by horse riding, skiing or bowling.

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