Taurus Man and Leo Woman

Since Taurus is a sign that is ruled by Venus, one can expect a lot of affection and emotion from people belonging to this sign. Consequently, people who are born under sign “Leo” are bright, effervescent and exhilarating to be with.

A pair that consists of a Taurus man and a Leo woman has vast personality differences. It is a known fact that a Taurean enjoys his home more than anything else man prefers to enjoy the company of a few close ones. A Leo woman is just the opposite. She loves attention of anyone who adores her. She is an attention seeker. This goes against the reserved nature of the Taurus man. Both are equally stubborn in nature. Neither would allow the other person to dominate his or her ideas. Also, amidst an argument, neither would step down to end the argument. They may have ego clashes quite often. Both stick to their own ideas. A Taurus male will not like the extravagant nature of a Leo female. She is a spendthrift whereas, he is practical and economical. Thus, there is a rare chance of a Taurus man and Leo woman having a successful relationship.

However, it is noted that they would have a lot of romantic compatibility. Both of them are passionate lovers and thus, would have a great physical relationship. Also, a Taurus male provides the attention required by the Leo female which in turn boosts her self-esteem. But, personal discrepancies will not make the relationship last long. Passionate love affairs are common in a Taurus man and Leo woman. But, a long-lasting relationship is rare and difficult. In the long run, clashes of temperaments and personalities would lead to arguments. In order to maintain a healthy relationship, both should work with an open mind. They would need to understand each other well and adjust accordingly.

Thus, a relationship between a Taurus man and Leo woman is difficult. But, if both have a determination to maintain the relationship, it will turn out to be positive.

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