Planets in Astrology

Astrology deals with ten planets, namely the Sun, the Moon (the two luminaries are considered planets in astrology), Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Minor celestial bodies, such as the Dark Moon, asteroids and the nodal axis, are also taken into account. Each planet has its precise function in the natal chart, and represents a specific energy. The planet’s action is influenced by the sign it tenants. It plays out primarily in the area of life indicated by the house where it is posited.

Ruling Planet by Zodiac Sign

In astrology, each zodiac sign has a ruling planet. As the planets circle about and move through the signs of the zodiac, everyone is affected by their locations. While most people know their zodiac sign, not many know what their ruling planet is. Do you? The following shows the planets that rule each sign. Note that some planets rule two signs.

Zodiac Signs