Asteroids in Libra

The asteroid in Libra belt consists of innumerable objects that orbit in a diffuse belt between Mars and Jupiter. By the patterns of our solar system and the laws of harmonics reflected in the planetary orbits, we deduce that the asteroids are fragments of a planet which once occupied that orbit and for whatever reason broke apart and disintegrated. Many modern astrologers include asteroids in their astrological delineations.

Chiron in Libra

Chiron in Libra suggests a relationship that needs to be healed, or maybe they got hurt or rejected in a relationship. Learning to ground themselves may help them deal with their sensitivity. They may get caught up in a codependent relationship or be abused. They may feel that every relationship they have goes wrong. By learning that they are whole on their own can come as a great relief. They create more balance by learning this lesson. Chiron in Libra may also learn that a partner can help them heal in some way. One of the lessons that may be learned with this combination is that conflict may lead to a greater sense of intimacy.

Vesta in Libra

Vesta in Libra needs to work with others. Interaction is important to them. Balance helps bring out their willingness and ability to serve. They need equality in their relationships, but in order to be accepted they may give away too much of their own control. They may end up competing rather than working with someone. They are willing to suffer anything to bring advantage to their partners. They have talents in the arts and in social situations. They are good at compromise and diplomacy. They want to find a balance between themselves and others.

Ceres in Libra

Ceres in Libra is nurtured by beauty. They notice the small subtle things that others do to show they care. They do the same for others, nurturing in small ways and surrounding others with beauty. They like everyone to cooperate and share. Having a good relationship is very nurturing to Ceres in Libra. They may get caught up in need acceptance from others and forget to work on themselves. Good manners and sensitivity towards the feelings of others go far in nurturing this combination. They appreciate the effort. Luxury is not wasted on them either… they truly appreciate fine dining, fine fabrics and beauty all around them.

Eros in Libra

If Eros is in the sign Libra then you’ll experience love, sex and attraction in the most socially charming and graceful manner. Eros in Libra truly cares about a relationship and isn’t simply looking for a fling – although this sign is definitely capable of casual sex. Love will also begin in the mind for this placement and you’ll be extremely turned on at social gatherings and events where you can show off your beautiful partner for all to see.

Eros in Libra will tend to give more than others in a sexual relationship and love can be a double edged sword for you because of it. While Eros in Libra will flirt and charm and be as gracious as possible, if you’re not appreciated then at some point you might become resentful. This resentment might come out in your sex life so to avoid this be sure that in your love life, there’s an equal give and take.

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