Asteroids in Sagittarius

The asteroid in Sagittarius belt consists of innumerable objects that orbit in a diffuse belt between Mars and Jupiter. By the patterns of our solar system and the laws of harmonics reflected in the planetary orbits, we deduce that the asteroids are fragments of a planet which once occupied that orbit and for whatever reason broke apart and disintegrated. Many modern astrologers include asteroids in their astrological delineations.

Chiron in Sagittarius

Chiron in Sagittarius is indicative of a break with traditions or spiritual teachings that may cause pain. Life may seem like one long continuous spiritual crisis. They may decide that atheism or fundamentalism is what is right for them. They may feel they have no deep understanding or wisdom. It is common for them to feel that they are meant for glory but that something went terribly wrong. Depending on how Chiron and Sagittarius are situated, those with this combination may not listen to advice in those areas, such as finances, for example, or relationships. When they are modest about their knowledge, they will be more trustworthy when giving advice. Chiron in Sagittarius may feel confined in a mundane existence. By realizing that there is wisdom in their own heart, they will begin to heal.

Vesta in Sagittarius

Vesta in Sagittarius is devoted to a higher power or universal truth. This serves as inspiration for their greatest work. They may become fanatic about their beliefs. They believe in intellectual freedom. They are practical and determined to learn as much as possible. They are dedicated to their faith. They are able to see the big picture and are full of enthusiasm. They love adventure. They can be inspired teachers. They know that there is no end to the journey of learning.

Ceres in Sagittarius

Ceres in Sagittarius hides their nurturing qualities. They tend to reflect the drive and passion of those around them. They want those around them to succeed. They are not good at taking the initiative when it comes to nurturing. They prefer to share wisdom, adventure and knowledge as a form of nurturing. They may be excellent at giving advice or teaching. They may feel their life is meaningless when stressed. Part of their nurturing nature is to encourage optimism in others. They show their concern by taking part in social issues. They feel nurtured when they have the freedom to explore and broaden their horizons.

Eros in Sagittarius

If Eros is in the sign Sagittarius then you will experience the most erotic and soul depth kind of love when your lover can meet you on a spiritual or philosophical plane. You’re turned on by seeking the answers to the big questions in life with Eros in Sagittarius. When you’ve met a love who has the intellectual courage to ask for the deeper meaning behind any idea then you might have found the perfect relationship.

In addition, with Eros in Sagittarius you’ll be a playful and adventurous lover – often treating love and sex like a sport. Competitive or marathon sex will be enticing to you and you’ll enjoy having sex outdoors. A good laugh and a good time will turn you on and often lead to memorable sex if you have Eros in Sagittarius. Without a light hearted camaraderie with a partner you might never fall in love with the person you’re in a sexual relationship with.

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