Jupiter in Aquarius

Jupiter in Aquarius attracts good luck when they are cooperative, impartial and inventive. They work at their best when they have the freedom to choose what to do and how to do it. They are good at breaking rules and thinking outside the box.

Jupiter in Aquarius can break new ground in any endeavor because they are willing to try new things. They are not afraid to step away from tradition to make new discoveries. Some may call them genius, others eccentric. The point is, Aquarius Jupiter is not afraid to be different. They are very spiritual and artistic. They are sociable and love to share ideas. They may find themselves as an activist, musician, artist, scientist, inventor or in the occult.

Aquarius Jupiter accepts those around them at face value. They are tolerant and understanding, which allows them to work equally well with many different people. They are fresh and original, though they don’t seek out responsibility frequently. They can also lack in discipline at times. They are not into material goods, so it may be more difficult for them to prosper financially. They can be rather revolutionary at times.

Jupiter in Aquarius wants to make the world better for everyone. They may find themselves as union leaders, shop stewards or volunteers. They are excellent at networking and can inspire those around them to bigger and better things. They have no problem getting followers or being popular. They can be unconventional.

Luck finds Jupiter in Aquarius through their use of visionary ideals and innovative ideas. They can seek more luck by putting themselves in situations that place value on innovation and original thinking. To gather even more good fortune, Aquarius Jupiter needs to learn to compromise.

They are independent humanitarians who want to learn about the subjects that help mankind. They may be successful in technology, philosophy, social science, religion or the occult. They have pioneer spirit that many traditionalists don’t want to encourage. They like to socialize. Social reform is important to them to help the downtrodden and the poor.

Innovation & Spiritual

Jupiter in Aquarius is going to be a time innovation and reform. A more humanitarian time comes with this transit. Social, spiritual and mystical studies become important to people under this transit. As well as collaborating and rising collectively with each other. The rebellious spirit and urges take on greater momentum.

Still there’s that detached side that Jupiter could make more prominent. The things we were passionate about that we wouldn’t give up on don’t affect us so much anymore. Jupiter is the natural ruler of Sagittarius which is sextile to the sign of Aquarius. This can be a time of the opportunity and dynamic changes.

In general there will be more of an interest in statesmanship, politics, and the governing of our world. As the largest planet in our galaxy Jupiter can pull even the Sun out of it’s orbit and away from the Bari center. Jupiter rules laws; however not all laws are fair to all people. Jupiter rules religion and not all religions are entirely good for all people especially if we blindly follow along and lose our free will choice and our ability to stand up and give opinions and say when something is right or wrong.

Jupiter in Aquarius is revolutionary in that we see this and we understand change is necessary and we attempt to change the rules, boundaries, laws and limitations to make them more up to date with the changing times. Since Aquarius is the 3rd house to Sagittarius the natural placement and home of Jupiter, time flies by. Mercury rules time, weather and fast paced events, and Uranus ruler of Aquarius is the higher octave of time. Time, our concept of time will change, longevity, and longer life spans are possible now.

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