Jupiter in Libra

Jupiter in Libra finds the most luck when they are fair and treat others equally. Their natural graciousness and talents at promoting and mediating can often bring them many opportunities. They are intellectually adventurous and willing to learn. They are open minded and impartial. Because of this, they often are persuaded to change their minds through the arguments of others. They can also see all sides to an issue.

Jupiter in Libra does best in a team of two. They have a true gift for working one-on-one. They like things around them to be aesthetically pleasing. They can turn this into a career such as interior design, fashion or other artistic avenues. They are also good at entertaining, writing and public relations.

Libra Jupiter is idealistic, and they are attracted to those who share their views. Pairing up with people of like mind can enhance their opportunities and good fortune. They are very considerate of others and understand the element of compromise. They can be very persuasive. They have a strong sense of justice.

Jupiter in Libra loves people, and this will bring them much good fortune. Their natural diplomacy lets them interact with others and solve problems. If they can develop a strong sense of self, their luck grows stronger. This allows them to care less what others think of them.

They are humanitarians, and they lead dignified lives. If they can be creative and bring about beneficial social change at the same time, all the better for Libra Jupiter. They can then make everything harmonious.

On the down side, when Jupiter in Libra lets their ego get too big, they can be too optimistic, greedy, snobbish and overly condescending to those around them. If they can keep themselves in check, they are humorous, hearty and jovial. They like to explore new venues and opportunities.

Lucky when Keeping Cool

The life for a Jupiter in Libra native can tend towards pretty damned easy. They are often popular, attractive, and well taken care of. A high number of models, artists, and celebrities have this placement due to Jupiter’s expansive influence in Libran areas of Beauty, Symmetry, Artistry. These natives can often be lazy, doing as they please and reaping the benefits of the hard work of others. These types tend to have many lucky breaks in their life. Many times they are clueless to just how easy they have had it and how others have suffered while they enjoyed.

They can also be very desperate though. Because they often have it so easy, they don’t know how to tolerate the eventual dropping of the other foot. And it always drops. These types can be crazy drama queens whenever they have to face the music and pay the price of all that good luck. They often make rash, desperate, even stupid decisions to free themselves as soon as possible from the weight of reality and responsibility.

They want everything to be light and easy again as soon as possible. Usually someone or something comes to their rescue and they are back to floating on a cloud again. But the cycle continues, back and forth, up and down until they finally learn that life is not always supposed to be pretty. Jupiter in Libra natives become their best selves when they learn to give up just as much as they take.

Jupiter in Libra natives gain wisdom by focusing on the true nature of harmony, balance, and beauty. This always encompasses a combination of light and shadow, pleasure and pain, major and minor. Beauty is never just one side of reality. It is not just the pretty, its the ugly too. Whenever these natives can learn to detach from one side of reality enough to embrace an equal part of the other side, they can become very wise.

Jupiter in Libra natives become wise when they allow themselves to experience the fullness of difficult situations and when they have to make difficult decisions. Only then will they begin to understand, that more than anyone, they have the capacity to deal with the uglier side of life. These natives begin to experience true beauty when they learn that the hard side is just as valid and worthy as the easy side and they are just as good at it. They are among the extreme few who have the ability to rise above the charms of the easy choices and the scariness of the hard choices to make the wise, fair, and therefore beautiful choices.

They frequently lack wisdom until they are middle aged or older. When they are young, they are very concerned about beauty, and the superficial elements of “harmony”. They can be concerned with being well-liked, beautiful, trendy. They only bother with things that have some aesthetic appeal to them. When they are young they have a lot of luck being popular but that luck always comes with some bad luck too.

The more pretty they go after the more ugly comes their way. They begin to mature when they begin to learn that harmony is black AND white, popular and unpopular. When they begin to understand that harmony is an equal push and pull of opposites, they will begin to experience greater luck and wisdom. When they begin to “pay their dues” and learn to balance their own luck by giving back in some way what is given to them they will begin to become their best selves.

Jupiter in Libra natives don’t like stress. They naturally deflect it. These people can remain cool in very stressful situations. When they are young, they usually “remain calm” by simply avoiding or running away from stressful situation, being in denial about them. But as they age they learn to remain calm without running away but by facing it and realizing that they have the greatest ability to handle it.

They are usually at ease and project a calm and collected disposition as they age. The more wise they are, you will see that they remain calm not by doing what is easy, but doing what is fair. At their best they can serve as great mentors and advisors to people with Sun in Libra.

Jupiter in Libra natives can help others by helping them to see the other side of any situation. They have a very wide capacity for justice and understanding. And they can often help others by helping them to see the bright side, if they are stressing out, or the dark side if they are being naive. They can hold up a mirror to people to see the side of themselves that they never see, so that they too can learn to balance their own excesses and deficiencies. They can be the cool, just, voice of reason in the chaos.

Jupiter in Libra natives often attract situations that force them “to balance” and may naturally have success in activities that require that skill. Anything from surfing to designing can bring a lot of luck and wisdom to this native. They can make both great artist or great athletes as both require the ability to balance mentally or physically. These natives also often have a lot of luck tied up in partnerships and relationships. And often are quite lucky when they can help or be helped by someone else.

Jupiter in Libra natives love beauty and they want everything to be beautiful and harmonious. But their biggest challenge is to understand that beautiful and pretty are not the same, easy and harmonious are not the same, and that the scary road can be very rewarding if they learn how to face it. At their best, they are experts at perfect harmony with a natural sense of balance.

They can be great artists as a result or just really good at focusing on their center to remain calm, one with everything. Jupiter in Libra natives are lucky in situations that force them to use their innate sense of balance and are lucky when they are forced to find that perfect push and pull. Anytime they are able to see that life is about facing and balancing the wonderful and the terrible, they will be very fortunate.

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