Jupiter in Scorpio

Jupiter in Scorpio attracts good luck when they devote themselves to a project. They need to draw on their inner strength and use those magnetic powers of theirs to heal. By using their innate intuition, imagination and compassion, they are able to attract good fortune and a vast assortment of enriching life experiences.

Jupiter in Scorpio can see what is hidden. They have the uncanny ability to read between the lines and understand the reality of a situation. This can be turned to their advantage and help them succeed. This talent as well as their natural magnetism can be used to enrich their life. They can handle intense energy and turn it into a healing rather than a destructive force. They are excellent at empowering others when they choose to do so.

Scorpio Jupiter has an instinct for mysteries, sacred things, metaphysics, shamanism and sexuality, and all can be turned into a form of healing. They understand what it is to go through a spiritual death and emerge brand new. They are especially gifted in helping others through such strong transitions.

Jupiter in Scorpio can be very secretive and serious. They have a critical sense of judgment and a shrewd business sense. They are willing to dig down and get to the heart of a project, and this helps them succeed. They are uncompromising in their beliefs and views. They have a tremendous sense of faith in themselves and if unchecked, can exercise their will over others. They are farsighted and determined to succeed.

Scorpio Jupiter is passionate and intense. They understand that big projects are the same as littler ones, just with more numbers. They are anything but shallow. They attract good fortune through their intensity of emotion, though they will be even luckier if they learn to accept criticism and to be a little more open minded rather than skeptical.

Jupiter in Scorpio has a certain degree of social power. They often attract opportunities to learn business and money skills. They must learn the truth about anything they are interested in. They may become philosophical or be involved in the occult.

They can be clever, crafty and devious. They may wish to control others or accumulate power. These attributes also make good engineers, researchers, police officers, scientists or health workers.

Naked Expression and Confronting Fears

Those born with Jupiter in Scorpio are creatures of mystery. They are very comfortable with their own darkness and spend much of their time pondering the shapes of their own shadows. Secrecy and obscurity are the centerpieces of their existence. They are the guardians of the monsters that lurk in the darkness, hide in the closets and beneath the beds. The monsters are their friends and they are dismayed by the inability of the general population to appreciate and get comfortable with their own demons.

They understand that the dark elements are as natural as the light and spend their lives trying to show people the freedom in the acceptance of this truth. They get a primal satisfaction out of antagonizing those they feel are more fearful of their own ugliness, inhibited by convention. They can sense what turns people on - their most hidden desires. They can psychically zone in on someone’s insecurities and anxieties. Then, they will wickedly flirt with exposing all of your hidden compulsions and will confront you with your biggest fears.

These types of people can scare the shit out of you. They are the masters of creepiness and horror. They love being the ambassadors to the dark side and will take any opportunity to parade their close and comfortable relationship with the demons underneath. They love taking what is taboo and putting it in the forefront - forcing people to face it, embrace it, move beyond it, be transformed by it. Whatever people find sexy, scary, inconceivable, unspeakable, they make their life’s ambition to attractively and fearlessly represent.

These natives are very committed to individual self expression and won’t hold themselves to someone else’s barometer of tastefulness. They want to be who they are and don’t respect any form of oppression or suppression of individual creativity. Their endeavors are not driven by a desire to be liked or to be accepted, but by a desire to be truthful and honest; to represent themselves fully, completely, and honestly; to be seen for the beautifully unique creature that they are - warts and all.

Jupiter in Scorpio natives understand the value of secrecy and respect it highly. They can be very private and have many secrets that they never share. But most importantly, they want to live in a world where secrets are not necessary. They are on a mission to slowly evolve the world passed fear of the darkness. But in the meantime they value the importance of keeping the darkness under control. Though they yearn for naked expression, they realize that most are not able to handle all there is to share.

These natives often have a lot of sex appeal. And it should be no problem for these natives to “get lucky”. Even if they are not classically or commercially attractive, they can become sexual icons because of their raw sexual magnetism. They usually love to flaunt their sexuality and to break any societal sexual taboos.

They are immensely powerful people, and it wouldn’t be unwise to keep a healthy fear of them. Their boundaries are much wider than the average person and range much deeper into the nether regions of existence. Sometimes their vision gets obscured by all the darkness and they get a little too comfortable in the underworld. They can be very destructive to themselves and others when they are unable to separate themselves from hell.

The young or unevolved Jupiter in Scorpio native can spend a lot of time hanging around with “the wrong crowd” and may feel that they have to prove how tough, scary, and fearless they are. They are actually quite fearful of their own shadow but will try to prove that they are not. They may feel powerful dark primal compulsions and may not yet have the wisdom to direct it. They often get involved in wicked or destructive activities.

Jupiter in Scorpio natives begin to gain wisdom when they remember that shadows are nothing without light and the interplay between them is beautiful and eternal. When this happens they are the bold champions of truth, exposing what is behind the shadows to advance the greater good. They are righteous “warriors of the light”, letting no lie live freely in their presence, redefining outdated conventions, standing up for the downtrodden, the abused, the unappreciated, the overlooked and all those who have been kept in the dark; transforming the notion of “ugliness” to a different kind of beauty - one that is deeper, richer, sublime.

Jupiter in Scorpio natives at their best can be great role models and confidants for Sun in Scorpio natives, yet at their worst a sobering reminder of how it can all go wrong. Jupiter in Scorpio natives at their best want everyone to confront their own darkness and to expose any harmful secrets.

They understand that monsters are only scary when you are too afraid to confront them, when you let them run amuck by pretending that they don’t exist. When they have not evolved, it is easy for them to get lost in their own darkness and never face the light of day - live a destructive, depraved, perverse existence. But when these natives are on a steady path to righteousness, there is no stopping these fearless truth warriors.

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