Mars in Aquarius

Mars in Aquarius is a bit difficult to figure out. And they like it that way because they like to surprise others. They find conventional methods boring and look for new, innovational ways to accomplish their goals. They are original and unique.

Aquarius Mars is proud of their own independence. They wouldn’t have it any other way. They can stand up for themselves quite well. While open-minded and progressive, they can be surprisingly stubborn. They don’t like to feel trapped it will make them rebellious. If they know you’ve found a pattern in their behavior, they are sure to change it!

Aquarius Mars has lots of ambition and energy, especially for mental and intellectual projects. They are a bit scattered, but pull it together to finish a project. At times, they appear utterly mad, but somewhere in there it all makes sense. They are good at getting what they want. They have a strong will that they are not afraid to show. Combined with their innate cleverness, they are very creative in getting their own way. They can be the dominant force in a relationship without their partner even realizing it!

Mars in Aquarius is willing to let others be themselves. They value freedom and individuality, both yours and theirs. They like to feel they have plenty of space and freedom. They are not very sentimental. They come across as detached, even in an intimate relationship. They like to run the show. They are well organized and can make a good leader. Mars in Aquarius is often the reformer; the one against the establishment. They are non-conformists, and demand compliance from those that follow you.

Mars in Aquarius is into anything new and unusual in their sex lives, too. What is exciting one day is totally boring the next. They like to experiment and have a creative imagination. They will try anything at least once in fantasy if not in real life. Stimulating their mind works very well. They are in it more for the fun than for any real passion or affection. They may seem detached to their partners. They will be faithful unless they get bored. Aquarius Mars can drive their partner mad with their "don’t care" attitude. Sex over the phone or computer is intriguing for them because it is all imagination. They crave variety and excitement.

Mars in Aquarius Man

The Aquarius Mars man will not be very obvious with their feelings – their way of conquering their person of interest is usually based on friendship, so it can be quite subtle and confusing being chased by them. It’s likely that you won’t even notice them giving you any more attention than any of their other friends, you’ll just be one of their buddies! Mars in Aquarius prefers freedom and independence in relationships so they will stay aloof and unattached. However, you’ll be able to tell that they like you when they start acting unconventional, wanting to prove to you how independent, quirky, free-spirited and weird they are! They like to experiment in love and don’t like the classic cheesy knight in shining armor role; they’d rather be your friend whom you can share intellectual conversations with. He will let you be yourself and accept all your flaws, since he doesn’t believe in fairytale romance, but rather in real connections based on friendship.

Mars in Aquarius Woman

Women with Mars in Aquarius like men who are friendly, outgoing and sociable but also very independent and quite cool and aloof! Your ideal man may be slightly odd and off the wall – a kooky scientist, a political activist, or someone who is simply a bit of a misfit, interested in astrology and other bizarre things… He probably has a large circle of friends and a strong sense of community – all for one and one for all – and he may be a bit of a revolutionary.

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