Mars in Cancer

Mars in Cancer can be passive-aggressive. They don’t care for change or direct confrontations. They prefer to feel secure before they act on something. They would rather be well prepared. They are tenacious, and strong despite their appearance.

Indifference hurts them more than anything else. Mars in Cancer can be manipulative and argumentative. Emotional displays will occur if they feel threatened. They can be over-sensitive, but when they are confident, they are helpful, dependable and protective of those they love. They prefer peaceful solutions. They are not very assertive or demanding, and prefer to work on their own where they are in control. Cancer Mars may change direction or even their goals in order to pursue security. They are loyal and devoted.

Mars in Cancer is passionate and creative. They are in tune with their own wants and desires, and they are sensitive to the needs of those around them. They have a good memory, and they are dedicated enough to see things through to the end. They have a great imagination that serves them well when it is not imagining terrible scenarios that hurt their feelings of security.

They may be moody, but this is because their emotions are so intense. This intensity may affect their digestion or cause anger deep within them. They try to suppress it, only to suffer physically because of it. It can be difficult for Cancer Mars to be objective, and they tend to make decisions based on their mood at that moment, which they may regret later.

Mars in Cancer is very sensual. They want to find a partner they truly love. Sex and love must go hand in hand. They need a lot of romance and affection or they will feel neglected. They can be so overwhelmed with the emotions of the moment that they may actually cry… it is part of their release. They make every effort to please their partners, even though they are not very adventurous in this area. They are not very demanding lovers. Mars in Cancer is very traditional, although there are a few who need to sleep with many people in order to feel wanted and attractive.

The thought of conceiving a baby may be very attractive to Cancer Mars. They are not very vocal about their wants or needs, and expect their partner to figure out what they like. They are exceptionally loyal to their partner, and expect the same in return.

Mars in Cancer Man

Those with Mars in Cancer will try to conquer your heart by evoking maternal feelings for you – they will become emotional softies around you. In return, however, they’ll also take care of you. Their chase is expressed in acts of nurturing, caring, and emotional connection. They will pamper you and take care of you – a Mars in Cancer in love will not so much chase you, but rather nurture you, in hopes of that being reciprocated. He will make you feel secure and at home, protecting you from emotional pain. Although he might not be that type of guy naturally, when chasing a love interest, someone with Mars in Cancer will be very emotional and sentimental, focusing a lot on shared memories and shared nostalgias. He might also become very protected and kind of shy, like a crab retreating into its shell.

Mars in Cancer Woman

Women with Mars in Cancer want their man to be an absolute darling. You are turned on by kindness and sensitivity. It is the silent, introverted and somewhat unfathomable type for you...who will go to great lengths to protect his family. With a tough exterior and a soft interior, your ideal action hero shows the utmost tenderness behind closed doors yet is transformed into a fierce warrior when his loved ones are threatened! Somewhat traditional and sensitive, he is a true gem in the rough - and it wouldn’t hurt if he were also a good cook! Your kind of guy prefers to stay in and cuddle on the sofa with you than go drinking with his mates. And you don’t mind it if he is a little too attached to his mother – that shows that he has family values after all!

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