Mars in Leo

Mars in Leo wants to be significant and create a lasting impression. They are passionate and strong-willed. They are willing to take risks and have ambitions to "be someone." They have a strong sense of authority and personal magnetism.

Mars in Leo is impatient with those who are disloyal or narrow minded. They are idealistic, and if they get humiliated, they are quick to defend their principles. They follow their heart. They take pride in everything they do because their ego gets involved with every situation.

Mars in Leo has a lot of physical energy, but they do fine intellectually and they are fairly practical. They are confident and self-sufficient. Their vitality is noticeable. They can be very dramatic, and they can be very successful performers. They are determined to succeed at whatever they strive for, and they make excellent leaders.

They may be overbearing with their own opinions. They can be domineering and stubborn. Pride can be their downfall. On the other hand, they are playful, have a good sense of humor, and are full of warmth. They want to leave a legacy through their actions. They are generous and romantic. Leo Mars is friendly and exuberant, if a bit impulsive.

In relationships, they are affectionate and demonstrative. They love the excitement of a new love affair. They like to be the center of attention in the bedroom as much as they like it in the other areas of their life. Mars in Leo is very dramatic, and they enjoy opulent surroundings. They are passionate and charming. They donโ€™t like competition in the bedroom or with past lovers.

They are faithful, and expect to be treated the same way. While they do pay attention to their partner, their primary concern is their own enjoyment. They may be possessive or jealous, but they may try to hide this. Leo Mars is not above testing their partner. They may try to pull the wool over your eyes from time to time. They may come across too strong at times or get impatient, but they are open and direct.

Mars in Leo brings a lot of fun and romance to a relationship, and they appreciate a partner who reciprocates in kind. Their enthusiasm may be a bit overwhelming for some people. When their ego becomes involved in the relationship, it can disrupt an otherwise happy situation. They want to be happy and settled with someone they can have a fun, romantic relationship with.

Mars in Leo Man

In order to impress you, these individuals will brag and become a total show-off, they will try and be entertaining and louder and more cocky than usual. They will pretty much turn themselves and you into the king and queen. By drawing attention to himself, he wants to shine in front of you, and, at the same time, also shower you with compliments! He is romantic and melodramatic - every chase is like a fresh and theatrical romance. In love, he is very generous with compliments, gifts, attention, basically everything, and will make you feel very special. Leo Mars pride themselves in their manliness and the one they like is often like a trophy to themโ€ฆ so if they do like you, you will feel like youโ€™re worth a million dollars and like you are the most precious thing on the face of this earth.

Mars in Leo Woman

You, ladies with Mars in Leo, are after a man with true star quality and dramatic flair! Nobility is key here. Majestic, proud and chivalrous, your ideal man is a true knight in shining armour! Lighting up a room when he walks in, everyone naturally gravitates towards him. And while all the girls are oohing and aahing over him, he only has eyes for you. There he is, going down on one knee and swearing his unswerving loyalty... He is a romantic after all! And he expresses his affection with generosity and with grand gestures. Like the Sun at noon, your ideal man may have superb talent or the kind of natural authority that is unquestioningly accepted by everyone.

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