Mars in Libra

Mars in Libra can be indecisive, but they do eventually get things done. They procrastinate usually because they are weighing all their options before coming to a decision. They tend to end up defending themselves and others who they feel are downtrodden. Instead of creating harmony, which is their goal, they may end up disrupting everyone in their efforts to attain balance.

Libra Mars is charming, and it is important to them to always appear that way. Because of this tendency, they may act passive-aggressive. Instead of being openly upset or mean, they may sneak about or rely on subterfuge to make their point. They can also take all that energy from Mars and turn it into action at times. They are gracious and entertaining, and will attract many people.

Libra Mars are very good at knowing when problems will occur. They are experts at compromise and conflict management. They follow the rules of social etiquette and have a desire to gain approval. They prefer intellectual pursuits. They are objective and somewhat unemotional. They don’t like confrontations or battles. They can be manipulative to get what they want.

Mars in Libra needs motivation. They do best when paired with someone they adore. They are affectionate and romantic, but they have a rather low sex drive. While they can unlock the passions in others, they are fairly conservative themselves. Role-playing may intrigue them. They dislike rudeness and vulgarity, and will stay far away from potential partners that display such behavior. They are very subtle in their approach to sex. Romance is very important, as is lots of sensual contact. The environment is very important to set the mood. They can be very skilled at pleasing their partner.

Mars in Libra has a reputation for being unfaithful, but it stems from a difficulty saying no rather than a straying eye. They tend to expect their partner to read their minds about what they like. If they have an unspoken need not being met, they will hold their anger in and let it seethe while they wonder why their partner doesn’t have a clue about what they want. They prefer to be showered with praise and affection and love being the center of attention.

They may be even choosier than Virgo. They may allow themselves to be pushed around for a time, but it will inevitably make them unhappy unless the relationship equals out.

Mars in Libra Man

This is the typical Prince charming – man with Mars in Libra will want to please you, he will be super nice, charming, and will always consider your wants and needs. Libra is actually an unnatural placement for Mars – Mars wants to conquer egoistically and aggressively but Libra is very other-oriented and polite. These are the guys who will ask you “can I kiss you now?” - they never want to seem too aggressive or pushy. But they know exactly how to wrap someone around their finger and get what they want anyways. These individuals will share their lives with you and wants to be a part of yours. This is the very sweet and classy cheesy romance type. Their feminine side comes out when they like someone – they suddenly become teamplayers, those who would watch a romcom with you because they try to “get you”. They’d even go shopping with you and your girlfriends! Anything to understand you and conquer you that way.

Mars in Libra Woman

Any kind of crassness and overt aggression is a big turn off for the women with Mars in Libra. Your ideal guy oozes elegance and style! He is easy on the eyes, outgoing yet tactful and always wears a smile on his face. Soft-spoken and sophisticated, he has impeccable manners, never raising his voice – under any circumstances – in order to achieve his ends! Your ideal man has artistic flair and moves effortlessly in the most, cultured, refined and civilised of circles.

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