Mars in Aquarius Man

Men with Mars in Aquarius are focused on friends and group activities. These people prefer teamwork to working alone. They are very individualistic and enjoy the unique and eccentric. Justice and fairness are extremely important to them. They value their independence and freedom. If others attempt to control them, they will react and rebel.

They are attracted to humanitarian concerns and often work to make positive reforms that are helpful to society. This placement often gives scientific ability, with a strong interest in the future, technology and the advancement of humanity. They have little patience with old outworn modes of doing things, structures, and like to replace these with new and better methods.

Aquarius Mars Man

Men born with Mars in Aquarius use their minds to assert themselves. They put a lot of energy into being new, original, unique. They are usually kind of offbeat and weird. They may have a really unique sense of style. They may draw from really unusual influences. They often have kind of a weird look. They are not always the most typically attractive or masculine. Most of their masculinity shows up in the way they execute their ideas. They are incredibly confident in their intelligence and they use their intelligence to go after whatever they want.

They are not always the most athletic, though they can be. They are more inventive. They may be the types to invent a new type of bicycle or a new sport. They may feel bored with or unsuited for any established methods of exercise or conventional sports. When they do play sports they are always very concerned with outsmarting their competitor. They want to feel like they are above their competition. They may break the rules in favor of inventing their own rules. They may argue with the umpire or referee or judges over some rule they are trying to get around. These types always feel as if they are above the rules or that the rules are antiquated and in need of an upgrade. They are always trying to rewrite the game in their favor.

Mars in Aquarius men are often discontent, unsettled. They are often angry that the world is not operating according to their specific worldview. They are often the types to start arguments and pick fights. They won’t pick fights with an individual though. They usually find some outlet to vent their anger against some cause or a group of people. They often see their enemy as a specific group in society that is doing everything all wrong and needs to be cancelled out. They can be extremely cold and very nihilistic.

Sexually they are usually pretty outside the box. They are often very detached from the act. They are not naturally very sexual people in that they don’t really NEED sex like other signs do. They may even feel uncomfortable with the act of sex. It may feel too intimate or barbaric. They may prefer sex with prostitutes or someone that they don’t have to make any emotional connection with.

They may also prefer phone sex, internet sex, or something where there is actually no contact. They may think that they are actually really sexy and sexual but their partners may feel very disconnected from them during the act of sex. They can also be very promiscuous. They are often so detached from the act that they have sex frequently with little thought before or after.

They do best with a partner who does not need a lot of emotional gratification in sex and perhaps who doesn’t have a very high sex drive. Someone who is more fascinated with the idea of sex and fascinated by all the things you can try, but doesn’t necessarily need sex for physical or emotional comfort or stability.

Mars in Aquarius men can be very inventive with sex, they may try some really interesting and new tricks. They are not for all tastes but with the right person they can be pretty fun. Mars in Aquarius men tend to have very unconventional relationships. They may date someone completely unexpected. They may date several people at a time.

They often have “open relationships”. They don’t like to feel owned or tied down to anything. They are typically not that jealous or possessive. They may also be open to group sex or polyamory. More than anything they need their sex relationships to remain light and mentally stimulating. They don’t like a bunch of emotional drama. Their mind is too focused on what’s coming next.

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