Mars in Cancer Man

Man with Mars in Cancer can be moody, touchy, easily upset, and volatile. The men often have trouble expressing softer emotions. Both sexes are inclined to hold grudges. These people can be very emotional when it comes to sex. As a matter of fact they always have to have the feeling of love and emotions tied to the sex act. They can have a very bad temper. Most of their energy is in arguments in the home. Their feelings are always on the line, no matter how much they try and deny it, and they are easily wounded.

For this reason Mars in Cancer Lovers tend to be happier when they are conservative in their private lives. Unfortunately, the intensity of their sexual feelings, both on a physical and an emotional level, often makes it difficult for them to be conservative enough. You can find them being very whiney when they don’t get the attention they want. There is mostly always a conflict with the mom. The men are totally mama’s boys! And the woman attracts men that are totally mama’s boys.

The women with this placement want a man that is nurturing and mothering and caring. They also love for their sex to be aggressive and ruff. Men with Mars in Cancer love for their woman to have large breast. In the end you will find that you will be mothered and some cases smothered in the relationship because they need reassurance that you will stay in their life. Their erogenous zones are their breast and chest.

Cancer Mars Man

Man born with the Mars in Cancer are quite frankly a handful, I won’t lie. These are highly sensitive creatures. Not only are they sensitive, they are very aggressively sensitive. They often feel the need to be babied, taken care of, looked after. They often feel entitled to good treatment, whether or not they have earned it. It will be near impossible for them to acknowledge their own flaws and they often feel like their lovers owe them something. They feel they deserve to be nurtured more than others. They won’t want to be left alone. They will often need coddling. These men are often just grown up babies.

That being said, they are often more compassionate and nurturing than the average man. They will like to make their lover feel good. They are often the types to give backrubs and foot massages and cook their girlfriend dinner. They are highly in touch with their emotions and can be very soulful. They may be the types to write a song about their girlfriend and sing it to her. They love emotionally bonding with their lovers. Men with Mars in Cancer are the Emo nice guys that you want to love and slap at the same time.

They often have some strong attachment to their mother. They could be a momma’s boy or they just may have wanted a better or stronger relationship with their mother. They may also date women with a motherly quality or who like to mother their partners. They may need their girlfriend to take care of them like a mother would. They may also be really into breasts and may choose women according to the type of boobs he likes. :-)

Men with Mars in Cancer are usually very soulful. They usually love music, food, family. They often make great musicians, dancers. They can be very traditional or old-fashioned. They usually have a very casual and lazy style of dress. They want to be comfortable. They love jeans, sandals, sneakers, hoodies, t-shirts, the more worn out the better.

When a Mars in Cancer man is angry there are an infinite amount of ways he might express it. Basically whatever he is feeling he will act on. They can be highly impulsive and often react instantly and aggressively when the anger is ignited. They often act first, think later. It is very very difficult for them to control their emotions. They can get themselves into all kinds of trouble with their impulsive behavior.

Usually though they will just go somewhere and cry, write a song, complain to their mother. They are so sensitive and don’t mind crying. They innately understand the mental health benefits of crying and frequently do it.

People with Mars in Cancer can do very well in water sports. They will instinctively have a natural relationship with the water. It is an ideal place to really activate their aggressive energy. Water sports also require both surrender and self control — two of Cancers biggest issues. They are natural at surrounding to their emotions but must also learn to control their emotional responses. Water sports give great practice by learning to surrender to the density of the water but also strictly controlling your breathing while doing heavy physical exercise.

Men with Mars in Cancer tend to be very passionate in sports and can often be sore losers. They take winning and losing very much to heart.

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