Mars in Capricorn Man

Men with Mars in Capricorn are channelled into the career and professional ambitions. They can start out small but end up in very high positions. Mars in Capricorn gives a methodical nature, along with plenty of perseverance and endurance. This placement can offset the scattered energies and lack of follow through of planets in mutable signs. There can be workaholic tendencies, along with a talent for business. Much effort can be put into attaining a position of status.

Like Mars in Taurus, these people are focused on material and financial gain. They are efficient, practical, responsible, self-disciplined, and reliable. Like Mars in Virgo, they have very little patience with those who are shiftless and lazy. They can be cold, calculating, usurious, and selfish if the energies of this placement are not sublimated, or of other factors in the chart encourage this. There can be problems with the bones, skin and teeth.

Capricorn Mars Man

Men born with Mars in Capricorn are not to be trifled with. They may often seem like the devil’s incarnate. They can be very lusty, cynical, greedy, depraved. They are very connected to the earth. This means that they are usually comfortable in whatever they do. They don’t have a conventional view of morality. They do what they want, what feels good. They are not ashamed of any desires. With Mars in Capricorn their materialistic pursuits get an adrenaline boosts. They are as ambitious as possible. They can be very horny and obsessed with wealth and power. They may indulge in liquor, hard drugs, sex, food, gambling whatever. They will stop at nothing to make an extra penny. They may indulge in extravagant excesses and luxuries. They may not feel comfortable unless they have one more diamond than the richest guy they know.

Ironically enough, they may also have a commitment to an organic lifestyle and be very concerned about nature and the environment. They may be great at farming, cooking, taking care of animals. They often have a very realistic respect for women and value their natural femininity. They can be both good and bad. They are full of moral grey areas.

Man born with Mars in Capricorn usually have kind of a lean build. They are not always the most athletic but they do like to keep things in a natural functional order so they tend not to get too fat though they can sometimes get too skinny. They aren’t typically very muscular. They look great though when they let themselves be natural, letting their beards and body hair grow. They have a very calm but mischievous, and natural charm. They usually have an “earthy” look and they may wear a lot of neutral colors and natural fabrics.

When they do participate in sports, it is often for practical reasons or to prove something to themselves or someone else. They usually stay in the sport if it is financially rewarding or fits in with some bigger ultimate goal.

In a confrontation, there is no measuring the depths of how low a Mars in Capricorn man will go. They do not play fair and they are happy to fight dirty. Usually though, they don’t actually fight, they find someone else to do it for them. Or they arrange it so that their competitor suffers in some way without ever having an actual confrontation. Or they play dirty, these are the types that would suffocate you in your sleep. Their martial skills are pretty weak so they have to rely on their conniving underhandedness. They are pretty sharp tricksters. And they can’t stand any kind of humiliation. If you attack them in this way, don’t be surprised if they dig out their book of sorcery and you wake up one day not being able to move your legs.

Mars in Capricorn man can be very gloomy and melancholic. They can turn into Scrooge types. Cold, mean, and sitting in the top room of their mansion counting their money. They are best to spend a lot of time in nature. They should definitely make a commitment to some active activity in nature like rock climbing, farming, anything that allows them to really work and sweat outside in the elements.

They are painfully aware of mortality. For them the clock is always ticking in their minds, and sometimes they get so caught up in the climb to material comfort they forget how connected they actually already are to material comfort if they’d only just take a walk outside. They are users. And they have to be careful not to take the Earth for all its worth. Sometimes they get depressed about their own destructiveness.

Mars in Capricorn men are typically very peaceful though. They are generally very laid back and easy going. They can be tricky, greedy, and gross. But mostly they just want to have sex all the time. They want to live comfortably and peacefully and do whatever they want.

Mars in Capricorn is very very very horny. They live for their lusts. They are almost ruled by their lusts. When they lust for something, they usually get it. They usually are very well skilled at arranging things to their lustful benefit. It may take many many years, but they are patient and diligent and they will eventually consummate their desires. Their sex life can be the reason for their ruin. It sometimes overpowers them if they are not careful.

Unlike Mars in Scorpio, Mars in Capricorn can be a little more creepy about their constant horniness. They are not as selective as Scorpio and not always as emotionally attached to their lovers. They tend to objectify their lovers, they see them as a means to end, whereas scorpio connects with their lovers deeply even spiritually. Mars in Capricorn can be very promiscuous and may have little control over their urges. They can be very lecherous and depraved choosing any available body when they get the itch.

Usually though, they are not that crazy they’re just really horny. It is best that they find a relationship with someone who is equally horny and maybe a little twisted. They are extremely loyal in relationships with the right person who understands their needs. If they find the right person they will stay with them forever. They will take care of them and provide for them. They can be very old fashioned and they will provide for their wife and family until their dying breath. These types can be extremely kinky, twisted, and weird in bed and they need a partner that can roll with that without any judgement.

Sexually they usually have quite a lot of stamina. They can go for hours or days. But usually they stop when its time to go to work. Above all else they are extreme workaholics and they usually don’t allow anything to interfere with their ambitious climb to material wealth and stability.

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