Mars in Gemini Man

Men with Mars in Gemini are talkers. They love to talk and to express themselves. They can be fidgety and become bored easily, being high-strung with an abundance of nervous energy. They can be inclined to cheat when in a love relationship, especially if they feel they are not being treated well, or if they grow bored, much like the men who have Venus in Gemini. The mind is active and there is a fondness for word puzzles and similar games that engage the mind.

Mars in Gemini is good at arguing. These people can be prone to indecision and often change their minds and stances on different topics, especially if there is an emphasis on mutable signs in the chart. The energies are focused into communications and intellectual activities. Mars in Gemini is not favourable for staying power and many who have this placement often begin projects of which they get bored with and are off to something new; finishing very little. This placement gives dexterity and physical coordination, especially if other placements in the chart support this.

The key to understanding the Mars in Gemini Lover is to recognize that sex is not essential to this individual. When it is available they can revel in it without reservation or conscience, but when it isn’t then this man can quite comfortably do without. Because passion is essentially an idea for them, their sexual energies are easily redirected or rethought. And because love carries no deep, personal or emotional baggage for these folks, they can look at it without prejudice or shame. In a man’s chart there can be a trait of homosexuality in them. They can be very promiscuous of all the Mars in the signs. To turn them on you have to actually talk to them about sex and put it in their mind. Their hands are their erogenous spots, so give them hand massages as well. When these people talk they have the tendency to talk with their hands.

Gemini Mars Man

Man born with Mars in Gemini will be witty and charming. They will come off like cool, confident, intellectuals with a wicked sense of humor. They are highly flirtatious. They will seem really light on their feet. They are often kind of lanky or skinny but they can really have any look or any style of dress. They will dress appropriate for whatever game they are playing.

They have quite a way with words and they know how to get into people’s heads. Often they don’t even have to fight because they have already beaten their competition through some head game. Their biggest opponents are other intellectuals. People who are just as smart as them who can see through their game and who challenge them to up the ante. These people LOVE to play games. They need the constant mental stimulation. That turns them on, gets them off.

If it should ever come down to a physical confrontation, Mars in Gemini man will first probably do all he can to talk his way out of it or manipulate the situation in some way to avoid this. These people are CHAMPION talkers. They will do everything possible to avoid a physical confrontation. They will probably get knocked out if it actually happens or completely dismantle the other person. It could go either way.

Man with Mars in Gemini are very flirtatious. They tend to be very into casual sex. They may also exercise little to no discrimination in choosing their sex partners. The more different from the last one, the better. Tying them down for the long haul is often a challenge. They tend to have “scattered” sexual energy. This often manifests as promiscuity and rampant infidelity. They are the types who may need a lot of different partners. They get bored easily and kind of like mischief a little. Being faithful to one sexual partner is often a big challenge to them. Should they marry, their partner may want to think about being open in her perspective of fidelity.

They can be very fun in bed. They will probably love to talk a lot and may really love phone sex. They may have really sexy voices and may have a great talent for seducing with their words. They may talk a bigger game than they can deliver though.

Men with this placement tend to keep a very lean body. Their minds are very active and consumes most of their energy. They do best in sports where mental dexterity is required. They are excellent strategists and often make great coaches. Whatever sport they choose, they will become an expert at it. They will study every detail of it, they always want their opponent to be mentally intimated. These natives want their opponents to know that they are playing against a master.

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