Mars in Leo Man

Man with Mars in Leo have an enormous amount of personal pride. They are born show offs, and know how to impress others. They are natural leaders, are creative, and have a strong will. There is a need for independence and self-sufficiency. They expect complete and total devotion in love. Anyone who is in love with a Mars in Leo person should give him/her as much attention as is possible, for the relationship to be happy. There is much energy, willpower, and creativity.

Mars in Leo gives acting ability. As with other fire signs, there can be self-centeredness, with a lack of awareness regarding the needs of others. This placement gives self-confidence, and can offset aspects that give low self-esteem. There can be exceptional talent in the arts and with music, especially if other factors in the chart support this. If you want to talk about possessive and jealous in a relationship then you can start here. These Lovers look upon sex as an important, even sacred, activity. Sex is, after all, an extension of their ego and it would be an offense to nature to keep it under wraps.

So Mars in Leo Lovers always reserve the right to brag. There are times, of course, when this noisiness about sex conflicts with the essential conservatism of this type. For while these people love attention, they dread ridicule and embarrassment. This is why no one should take the bragging of a Mars in Leo Lover too literally. Pride always rules over truth in the stories they tell. Women are attracted to men that are very romantic and display a bigger than life attitude. Some one that is funny and can make them laugh. These women can be very selfish in bed. To turn them on you will have to give them full attention to their body as if you are worshiping them. Their erogenous zones are their back of their neck and their spine.

Leo Mars Man

Man born with Mars in Leo tend to be leading man movie star types. They are the star of their own life. They are so cool with confidence. They live their life as if the world is their oyster, theirs for the taking. They usually say what they want and do as they feel. They can be highly self centered and a bit domineering. They won’t easily see any flaws in their behavior. They want to be noticed and liked. They often do nice things for people because they know that will lead to admiration.

These man generally have warm bright personalities and a warm comforting presence. They may have any style of dress but they usually do all they can to look acceptable to whatever female/sex partner they are trying to attract. They will dress the part of whatever they consider to be great.

In relationships, Mars in Leo men can be very self absorbed. It is usually very hard to pin down these types. They are very confident and often feel “better” than whoever they are with. They may stay bachelors for a very long time, waiting for someone who they feel is good enough for them. They will never tell their partner they think this. They will let them know by postponing commitment. They will keep them around until someone better in their eyes comes along.

When they do fall in love, they fall head over heels and might even get married that day. If they find someone they think is that fantastic, they want to make sure nobody else will ever get her. They are very possessive. They often end up getting hurt later on though, because they have overlooked all the details and flaws about the person. They can easily get caught up in the moment and behave impulsively. They are very romantic.

Sex with Mars in Leo men should be very good. They want very much to please their partner. They want their partner to worship them and see them as some kind of sex God. They will work very hard on their skills in bed to make sure that every sex partner leaves idolizing their sexual prowess. Their feelings will get very hurt if they find out later on that their partner, was “faking” or in any way unsatisfied. They will feel horribly inadequate and insecure.

They can also be very selfish in bed. Only focused on what satisfies themselves and not very naturally in tuned to the needs or desires of their partner. Men with Mars in Leo can be very creative. These types are usually very popular actors and entertainers. They often choose fields in the entertainment industries and are usually very successful there, but they will gravitate toward any career where they know they will shine and be recognized. They want very much for everyone to know how great they are and tend to be very honest with themselves about which career can do that for them.

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