Mars in Sagittarius Man

Mars in Sagittarius for men gives an honest nature. These people are adventuresome: they love travel, the outdoors, and are restless and energetic. Like Mars in Gemini, they can be fidgety, easily bored and they can have trouble sitting still for too long. They often feel they are invincible and take high risks, as Sagittarius is the sign of gambling. Their optimism and confidence many times bails them out of even drastic situations. There can be problems with gambling and impracticality, in repeating the same mistakes and not learning from past experiences. When sublimated, energies are focused into higher education and learning.

These people can be life-long students. Mars in Sagittarius gives natural athletic ability and a love of sports, especially of other factors in the chart support this. They are direct, blunt in their communications, opinionated and have strong beliefs. Most mars in Sagittarius people take sex as a sport. Not wanting any restrictions in love. They love to have sex in open areas. The men are attracted to the sports looking type, the type of women that look like they work out regular. They are turned on by the hip area.

Sagittarius Mars Man

Men born with Mars in Sagittarius tend to be wildly adventurous. They will try anything once. As long as their heart desires it they will do it at some point. They are generally very masculine and often brutish. They have a very raw untamed essence at times. But then at other times, they seem very genteel, worldly, wise.

They are very confindent, optimistic. They love traveling learning and expanding their minds. They love to talk about what they know. They are very passionate about their opinions and experiences. They love sharing their knowledge and “enlightening” people. They love showing people things and teaching people. They are very confident in their beliefs and opinions, but they also love to learn and be taught. They are both humble and confident.

They tend to live non-conventional lives. they like forging their own path. They are often extremely lucky. They’re always getting lucky breaks.

They can be very social. They LOVE a good party. They will usually party hard and often. They are often the life of the party. Everyone will probably gravitate to them and they will always have a good time. Sometimes they can party a little too hard though. These types will try anything and do anything. In party mode they sometimes lose their sense of good judgement. They are often the types to wake up in a strange place having no idea how they got there. No one parties harder than Mars in Sagittarius natives. But they can also be the lone wolf type who travels alone and lives off the land.

They are always on some great journey, a higher spiritual mission that transcends conventions or rules. They make their own rules and strictly abide by them. Whether or not it fits into the constructs of mainstream society is not their concern. They are highly moral but they create their own, morality answer to their own individual God.

Mars in Sagittarius is usually very masculine. They look and feel best when they are healthy, muscular, meaty, harry, manly men. :-) Mars in Sagittarius should try hard to eat hearty meals but also get a lot of exercise. They are exploding with energy and are best when they put it to good use. They do great in rough, contact sports, like rugby, soccer, wresting. They may actually be too intellectual for sports like football. (They would hate to injure their precious brains) and they can be very clumsy and uncoordinated but tend to be very lucky when they aim and shoot so basketball could also be a good sport for these types.

When a Mars in Sagittarius natives does not workout, he can get very puny, unhealthy, and rapt with anxiety. He will mull about obsessing on his own philosophies and lost in his thoughts and ideas. He can become a religious, political, or philosophical fanatic with dogmatic beliefs and a grandiose sense of self importance. They can easily get a God complex when their energy isn’t being put to good use. Mars in Sagittarius men really need a lot of physical activity especially outside in nature to stay healthy and wise. They need to exert both mental and physical energy to remain balanced and at their best.

Reading and/or traveling can also be very important to their state of mind and well-being. Their minds are made to expand and thy need to keep their minds active with big trips and big ideas. When they don’t do this, they become very dysfunctional people. They sometimes use drugs to expand their minds. They can often be the types to experiment with all kinds of psychedelic substances They are always looking for a bigger trip. For many of them, a plane ride is good enough though.

Mars in Sagittarius rarely gets truly angry. They are too positive and optimistic. They try their best to laugh off any beefs and turn the situation into something comical. They are very confident and strong and don’t scare easily, but they often respond to attacks by turning the situation into live comedy. They may try to force their opponent to laugh which is really a pretty aggressive move. No one wants to laugh when they’re angry. But Mars in Sagittarius has a great knack for defending themselves through humor. If it ever comes to blows though. They fight hard and dirty. They are genuinely peace minded and don’t want to hurt anyone, but they will defend themselves.

Their heart truly is a very lonely hunter and they often yearn for a new prey. The hunt excites therm! The romance fulfills them, but after a while they just want to venture out and take a different avenue, taste something different. There is really no foolproof method for holding their interest. They are married to knowledge and experience. With these guys you just have to cross your fingers and hope for the best and just enjoy the ride. Try to be prepared for any possible outcome. Don’t expect ANYTHING.

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