Mars in Pisces

Mars in Pisces is gentle and mild. They get to the point in a round-about fashion. They tend to go with the flow. They prefer to let life just happen to them. They need a way to express themselves creatively, or they can create quite a mess through indirect aggression.

Pisces Mars may play games to get what they want, even though they may not know what it is they really want. Their emotions are unpredictable and intense. They run on emotions, in fact. They do well intellectually, but they may have problems dealing with physical and practical challenges.

Mars in Pisces is attracted to the arts, and may be very talented. They have the introspection necessary to create, as well as a sensitivity to color, rhythm and tone. They are often restless inside, while appearing calm on the surface. They may appear to be shy or withdrawn. They are very sensitive to their environment.

Mars in Pisces is romantic, though their needs are more emotional than physical. They are very idealistic about love. Sex is more like a fantasy. Their sensitivity helps them be very responsive to their partner. They need a lot of affection. Without it, they feel sex is cold and emotionless. They need an emotional connection to their partner to be fulfilled. Even better, they are ecstatic when they also have a spiritual connection with their partner.

They are very sensuous, and without the intimacy of lots of touching and romance, they are left feeling unloved. Their imagination is terrific, and they can indulge in a lot of romantic fantasies before they even go out with someone. They are willing to please, but they are not aggressive. They always play it passively. They can appear to be detached or spaced out. They like lots of details when they fantasize, creating intricate storylines and sidelines. They are attracted to those who need their care and compassion.

Mars in Pisces Man

When a Mars in Pisces guy likes someone, they don’t become more of a “man” to prove themselves, they actually become really mushy – very romantic and poetic. These individuals are never more vulnerable and soft than when they are really attracted to someone. That is why they might be a bit shy or secretive about their feelings and will not likely make the first move or initiate anything. Their chase is more passive than active – trying to build a deeper connection, a union with you, hoping it will make you reciprocate his feelings. He is poetic and a hopeless romantic. They are likely to sacrifice a lot for the person they’re interested in and even run danger in victimizing themselves, and giving a lot more than they receive. He wants to lose himself in the chase of his idealized love. To him, love is a spiritual experience.

Mars in Pisces Woman

Women with Mars in Pisces want an absolute dreamer of a man. He may be an artist, musician, photographer or filmmaker or he may be someone who does all he can to help his fellow man. Your ideal man is imaginative, sensitive and compassionate – a bit of a bleeding heart – motivated to action by the imagination or the sight of suffering. Your ideal man may also be a little fickle, flighty, moody and changeable, absorbing feelings and thoughts from the atmosphere like a sponge!

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