Mars in Scorpio

Mars in Scorpio loves a good challenge. Whatever they decide to do is done with every ounce of gusto they can muster. They have the ability to focus and have a strong willpower to accomplish anything.

They make formidable opponents, though they are quiet and subtle, not loud and brash. On the surface they are calm and collected. Below the surface they may be a seething pool of emotion. They don’t let others see this side of them very often. Mars in Scorpio has the ability to exploit those around them because of their talents of seeing through the facade to what lies beneath.

Scorpio Mars likes to test themselves. You will find them creating all sorts of rules and goals so they can have the satisfaction of achieving them one by one. They can be provocative in a subtle, controlled manner. Those who have low self-esteem can become rather loathsome. They turn their self-hatred outward and manipulate others to feel better. Scorpio Mars knows that life isn’t fair and accept it for what it is.

Mars in Scorpio harbors powerful desires and emotions. They have a very high energy level. They are strong, efficient, self-reliant and self-disciplined. They have a strong sense of purpose. They are slow to anger, but when they do, watch out. They get even in a calm, rather frightening manner. They are proud, strong-willed, and dignified. They are known for a long memory and they don’t forgive when hurt. They may be fascinated with the occult, death and dangers.

They are very passionate and sensual. They are attractive to the opposite sex no matter what they look like physically. Their personal magnetism is powerful. Scorpio Mars is intense, and this can be too much for some people. Sex is an all-encompassing experience; it is intensely physical, emotional and erotic. They can be a bit obsessive, and may be attracted to the darker side of sex.

Mars in Scorpio equates sex with power. They are faithful to their partner. They can be very complex, and they need their partner to want to share the depth and intensity of the experience. They don’t kiss and tell; they believe sex to be an intimate and personal issue. They give great emotional depth to their partners. They may focus on breaking sexual taboos, if their partner is up to it. Mars in Scorpio is a bit possessive of their partners. While they probably won’t admit it, they don’t like to share their partners with anyone, not even for social engagements or family obligations.

Mars in Scorpio Man

When attracted to someone, Mars in Scorpio man will do everything in his power to seduce his love interest. It is likely that their dark side can come out when in love – they will chase their person of interest and be highly vindictive against anybody else who might show interest in them. They tend to obsess over a person and may even manipulate them into liking them back. They will exude a sexual, mysterious, and magnetic aura when chasing someone. This is definitely one of the most passionate and intense placements there is, it is almost animalistic. With all their attention focused on a single person, they will be mesmerizing and powerful. That is why Mars in Scorpio is usually very successful in conquering the person they like – because they commit to it 100%. A good sign that someone with this placement likes you is that they share secrets with you!

Mars in Scorpio Woman

Women with Mars in Scorpio like still waters that run deep. It is the mysterious, silent type for you, with a strong jaw and huge sex appeal. You are turned on by sheer personal power and intensity! You just like to take a bit of a risk and go for someone with whom you can experience real passion – someone who can turn your world upside down! You are probably attracted to a bit of a ‘bad boy’ and you may even go for someone who is an absolute dictator, as well as jealous, possessive and vindictive to boot. But, he will have the kind of charisma that radiates for miles!

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