Mars in Aquarius Woman

If a woman’s Mars is in Aquarius, she can be most impressed by men who are somewhat unconventional or kooky in their choice of clothes and overall style. She wants an interesting man. He can certainly be handsome, but boring? Hardly. A man with a brain is important, although she won’t be attracted to a brainy type. Somebody who is perceptive, a little unconventional, and perhaps somewhat aloof is most attractive. Rigid or boring types simply won’t do.

The Aquarius Female is a dreamy, analytical, friendly person, who either enchants or scares those she meets. At work or play, there is a calm intensity about her that can endear or overwhelm, but never fails to make an impression. She is most attracted to lovers of a like-mind, those who value honesty, humanity, the world, and all the life forms in it. One of the best listeners out there, Ms. Aquarius often fails to ask for what she wants or needs, because she’ll just assume she won’t get it. Marriage is security, and she has idealistic views of both.

Aquarius Mars Woman

May prefer a weird man who is a little arrogant and talkative. May date really unconventional men. May prefer a man who is emotionally distant and stimulates her intellect. May be really sexually liberated and have really progressive ideas about sex. Maybe totally sexually clueless.

They fight by talking. They don’t necessarily try to talk themselves out of a confrontation. For them their words ARE the confrontation. They can be incredibly verbally violent. How they do in an actual confrontation is anyone’s guess. But they are not afraid to fight dirty, rules don’t apply to them. These people are inventive and may have some hidden gadget under their shirt that throws the punches for them. You never know what to expect with these people.

Aquarius may be very unsexual and just goes through the motions for the sake of procreation. May be very arrogant and a know-it-all who may or may not actually know it all. May have a knack for getting what she wants with her bold and unique intellect. May be a strange and wonderful visionary seemingly from the future or another planet.

In relationships, they try to impress their love interest with their knowledge. They may talk for hours about their ideas. They want their partners to be really impressed with their intelligence. They may be very interested in teaching their partner or showing them the way. It is very important to them that they are the smarter person in any relationship. They will spend a lot of time sharing their opinions and world views. They appreciate a debate, but you must succumb to the fact that they will always be “right”.

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