Mars in Capricorn Woman

If a woman’s Mars is in Capricorn, she is generally attracted to competent men, perhaps well-established business types or otherwise accomplished men. She doesn’t necessarily go for status, but she does want a man who has an aura of competence about him. She is looking for a certain level of security, and is unimpressed with men who are drifters, irresponsible, or flighty. A stable, directed man with goals in life and a responsible, even serious, attitude to life is important to this woman.

The Capricorn Female is an energetic workaholic who is always on the move. This accomplished femme fatale is one of the most kind-hearted, loyal, and caring pessimists that you could ever meet. Her sense of self-worth is what makes her strive tirelessly for success, but it also is what allows her to fall for some pretty superficial romantic situations. While she wants a self-sufficient, warm and caring partner – she often falls prey to false hopes and promises formed by attractive lips. She is a sensitive creature whose feelings can easily be hurt, but has a problem recognizing that her own finesse is often delivered with the gentleness of a 10 pound sledgehammer at full swing. Logic, emotion, and drama rule and fuel her world, but being on her “good side” is a very good place to be, because while she will forgive – she is less likely to let you forget.

Capricorn Mars Woman

May only date rich men. May want a grounded, earthy, practical man who is dedicated to his work and supports her. May want a serious stern man. May want a man who is a father figure or behaves an authority figure. May have “daddy issues”. There may always be some age difference or power dynamic in her relationships.

They are very ambitious, but not necessarily competitive. They would prefer it if there was no competition at all. They don’t like having to fight or compete for what they want, they’d rather just get it. As a result, they are usually very clever. They are good negotiators and bargainers. They are very business minded and calculating. They are always making deals and arrangements. “You let me have this and I’ll let you have this”. They are often crude business person who become very powerful through their skills of negotiation.

Capricorn woman may date business men or men whose career she admires. May be very materialistic, greedy, and/or lusty. May seem “witchy” and a bit scary. May be very business minded. May get what she wants through expert skills of negotiation. May be very boring sexually or be very kinky and into sexual fetishes.

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