Mars in Gemini Woman

If a woman’s Mars is in Gemini, intelligence ranks very high on her list of ideal qualities in a man. An athletic or tomboyish look, sometimes on the slim side, is often preferred. Wittiness is a huge turn-on for these women. Versatility, liveliness, and playfulness are qualities in men that these women find devastatingly attractive. They’re not especially impressed with what they might consider “less evolved” types of men who display more typical, or traditional, masculine traits. Depressed or boring types won’t do. These women want to be stimulated, and their brains are their biggest sexual organs.

The Gemini Woman is witty, charming, intelligent, and almost always at least ten minutes late. She is more attracted to a high IQ than any physical trait. She enjoys candlelight, but romance can bloom in broad daylight if the conversation is scintillating enough. This is not a woman adept at expressing her innermost feelings, and is likely to crack a joke until the serious moment passes. She wants security and stability in love, and a lover who is actually going to understand her, or at least treat her warmly when they don’t.

Gemini Mars Woman

May prefer an intellectual partner who talks a lot. May prefer a man who is really non-committal and carefree. May be a bit of a player and an excellent strategist. May be able to talk her way in and out of any situation. May be very social and talkative.

They are very cool, though, so they can look great in tailored suits or anything trendy and sexy. They can be very GQ with their style. They are always so cool and calm and never get their hands too dirty. Watch out! These people can be VERY sexy. They KNOW what turns people on — if they are hot it was definitely part of their plan.

Gemini woman may be immensely intelligent, much smarter than she is first assumed to be. May be a big player and major hustler with men and people in general. May have a really big mouth and a way with insults.

They are probably best with types who are always changing and who can’t really be domesticated in the traditional way. They can best be faithful to a partner who always keeps them guessing and is always activating their intellect.

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