Mars in Scorpio Woman

If a woman’s Mars is in Scorpio, a complicated, dark, powerful, and passionate man is the biggest turn-on. This woman wants a man with “layers”–one who has depth and is complicated enough to intrigue her. She is especially attracted to men who ooze sensuality, who are perhaps a little dark and mysterious (even brooding), and who have a magnetic and powerful aura. Intensity is a turn-on for these women–flighty, superficial, and indifferent types need not apply! These women generally do enjoy a certain level of possessiveness in a man.

The Scorpio Female is an unwinding mystery, sometimes even to herself. She is strong yet soft, kind, compassionate, intuitive, alluring and shy. She can rise to any challenge, claim victory without rubbing it in, and love so deeply that it scares herself. Sexually, there are no boundaries, no limits to the games she’ll play (sex is power!) but she’s very selective with the few that can experience her feminine wiles. She is attracted to a partner who is intelligent as well as wise, attractive and enigmatic. While the Scorpio female can be quite possessive, she prefers that her freedoms be unrestrained. The person who falls for Ms. Scorpio’s embrace will never be the same. Once you know the rules, you understand it is her game.

Scorpio Mars Woman

May date men who seem dangerous. May date men who are dark or darker then them physically or metaphorically. May prefer to keep her boyfriend/husband a secret, a private affair. May date men who are very sexy and sexual. May prefer a man that is a rebel, a loner, or a counterculturist of some type. May date guys that people don’t expect her to date, like the cheerleader who dates some gothic art nerd.

Mars in Scorpio can be very into activities that are weird, psychedelic, occult, magical etc. They often exert a lot of energy experimenting in areas of the unknown and shooting themselves, in some form, into oblivion. They often experiment with drugs. They have to exercise extreme caution with these substances because they can easily get lost in that world. Scorpio is the sign of the underworld and its very easy for them to tell themselves they belong only there. They can also be a bit masochistic They can easily push themselves too far in a dark direction out of a dysfunctional need to punish themselves for something.

Scorpio is also the sign of transformation though. So more than anyone Mars in Scorpio man will have the ability to control or quit any addictions as long as he really wants to. Most importantly he can use his experiences in the other side to add to his own power and put the energy towards something positive. When this happens they are usually highly creative people. Their creations are so beautiful, they seem magical and they are always fun to experience.

Scorpio woman may be very sexual. May be highly sexually frustrated or may have had some scary experience with sex. May be very secretive about her sex life. May have dark or weird sexual needs. May be very vengeful when it comes to former sex partners and unforgiving.

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