Mercury in Cancer

Mercury in Cancer is sensitive and withdrawn. They are very thoughtful of others. They are shy and may choose not to talk at all. They may respond slowly, giving the impression of being a deep thinker, which they very well may be. They like to meditate on a problem, and reflect on their experiences.

They are great listeners, and can actually make decisions faster than it appears. Cancer Mercury has a terrific memory, too… especially if it is emotional in nature. They come across as gentle, intuitive, sentimental people. They take things very personally, which can make them appear defensive. At the same time, they can also make you feel protected and warm. They can appear to be hiding something even when they are not, which can cause Cancer Mercury some trouble.

Mercury in Cancer learns best when they feel balanced emotionally. They can remember a lot of information, though they prefer to focus on a subject and approach their problems step by step. They are empathic and can pick up the feelings of others. They are good at putting themselves in the other person’s place.

Cancer Mercury does not like to argue. They will go out of their way to avoid it if possible. At the same time, they are good at starting an argument. They do this very subtly, and then feel hurt when others argue back.

They are attracted to poetry and the romance of yesteryear. Don’t be upset if they withdraw for a time when making a decision… it helps them figure out their own opinions on the matter rather than being influenced by others. The dislike distractions and need to focus on matters at hand. They make very good speakers and writers. Mercury in Cancer has a talent for feeling out the audience.

Cancer Mercury is very intuitive. It is not easy for them to be objective. They learn best through experience and are very receptive to subliminal messages. They have a deep appreciation of the past and historical artifacts. They would probably enjoy working in a museum. Mercury in Cancer is loyal and very patriotic.

They are creatures of habit, and a lack of routine is upsetting to them. Mercury in Cancer is very considerate of others, which engenders sympathy and support when they need it. They are very good at giving motherly advice. When they are upset, they tend to sulk. They cannot focus enough at this time to react with practical reasoning. They can be moody and defensive when criticized. Cancer Mercury is talented at reading between the lines, so they are not easily fooled.

They are often called upon to speak at family gatherings because they are in touch with life’s deeper meanings. Mercury in Cancer also knows how to draw someone out of their shell when they feel awkward or troubled.


You’re not always quick with your wit, but have a subtle knowing that adds depth to your humor. You come to the verbal aid of the vulnerable, and can be counted on for a kind word when it’s needed. Because you resonate with the deeper meaning of life, you’re often called on to make speeches at family events, or write the sentiments on the birthday card. You’re able to sense when someone is socially awkward or troubled, and know how to draw them out of their shell.

Your Mercury interweaves emotions with thoughts, so that a memory can cause all those feelings to rush back. This can be a blessing and a curse. Sometimes it can cause you to lose clarity, especially if the unresolved issues start to pile up. An attitude of forgiveness for self and other can help calm the choppy waters of the past.

Mercury in Cancer can find an outlet for emotional intelligence through the arts. You’re able to express the depths of any experience, and the poignant yearnings we all have to live, love and belong. This gift also makes you a caring co-worker, parent, friend and so on.

Your interests might lean toward the past, and the family. You might be drawn toward history, researching the family tree, and the fascinating area of healing collective emotional trauma. The ancestral soul can be engaged through self-expression, as well.

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