Mercury in Taurus

Mercury in Taurus takes their time when making a decision. They do eventually get there, and will be stubborn once their mind is made up. While some may think that Taurus Mercury is lazy, upon closer inspection, you’ll find that they really do think things over very carefully.

While it may take some doing to get a Mercury in Taurus to start something new, once they begin they see it through to the end. They are full of common sense. They process information through the use of their senses. When they communicate, they may be a bit slow to get to the point. They are very deliberate in everything they do.

People tend to listen to Taurus Mercury. They are taken seriously. They are funny and a bit sarcastic. They do not use flowery speech; instead they come across as authoritative and realistic.

Mercury in Taurus likes to learn through demonstrations, basic concepts and concrete answers. They like practical applications for what they learn. They can learn in the abstract, but the lessons are much more powerful if they can use the information personally.

They are very sensual, and have well-defined tastes. Everything they can experience through the senses: color, scent, touch all affect their communication style. They are shrewd in business and excel at finances.

Mercury in Taurus can come across as obstinate and opinionated. They have an incredible memory. Whatever they set their efforts to needs to produce tangible results. They truly believe that slow and steady wins the race. Unlike most Mercury signs, they are not restless… they are grounded and steady. This keeps them rooted in reality.

Taurus Mercury usually has a pleasant voice and the discipline to get through rigorous training periods as they learn their craft. They may be talented in the arts. They seek to make things that last and reflect their own deep values. They want to show something for their efforts.

Taurus Mercury may appear set in their ways, and may need to get out of their rut on occasion. They can appear pigheaded and difficult. They need to learn how to adapt. They don’t like being forced into a quick decision.

They like to build new things. It creates something substantial that they can measure and see as the result of their efforts. Mercury in Taurus can make a good living as a speaker. Their voices are melodious and their topics are thoroughly covered. Their ideas are practical and work well. Those who take their advice are seldom sorry.

Earthed Visions

Mercury loses its restless edge, and becomes mesmerizingly grounded in Taurus. They speak with the authority of earthy wisdom, a knowing that comes from leaving no stone unturned. Their words come out full-bodied, rich, and rooted in the real world. They can be no-nonsense, which saves them time in the long run. They’re not fantasizing about what could be, because they’re enmeshed in what is. Sometimes this locks them into safe boxes, where the unproven or new is treated as suspect.

Taurus is Venus-ruled, and as artists, they’re apt to approach it as craft, becoming masterful at what they do. This Mercury lends the strong focus and discipline to make it through the apprenticeship period. Often they’re graced with melodious voices, and shine in mediums in which the body is the instrument.

In Taurus, Mercury seeks to create things that are enduring, tangible and stable. Ideally, what is created is a reflection of deeply held values. There’s a need to have something to show for the effort, like growing wealth and possessions. This is a mind geared toward consistent effort over time, with the expectation of an abundant harvest.

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