Moon in Gemini

Witty and charming, Gemini Moon is fun and pleasant to hang out with. Their twin aspect also makes them moody and irritable, though. If you can put up with the constant switch from one to the other, you will find that they are very interesting people to be around. They like to have a hand in everything, are usually well-informed and are the basis for the saying "curiosity killed the cat." Their inquisitiveness is all-encompassing. Like other air signs, the Moon Sign Gemini is adept at saying what they think is expected before they have a chance to think about it. They may also imitate others’ behavior if they think it is more acceptable than just being themselves.

Gemini Moon needs a lot of stimulation to keep their interest. They are either, talking, reading or thinking… they never stop. They bore easily. You may notice they are somewhat restless, and may worry incessantly or appear to be perpetually nervous. Since they are more likely to reason things than feel them, they are capable of handling anxiety, worry and sorry better than others.

Sociable and friendly, Gemini Moon has a talent with words. They have a great imagination and always have way too many irons in the fire. Some may tend to pay too much attention to what everyone else is doing and forget what they needed to take care of. They often have artistic talents if they can be persuaded to stick with it and develop them. They may pick up one interest, only to drop it a week later for another. No matter what they end up doing, they need an outlet for creativity. They also need contact with others. Social interaction is needed like they need air… they can’t survive without it.

Gemini Moon is a great organizer, even though inside they may be unsettled. While they are very open-minded, their ability to make a decision suffers for it. Even so, the versatility and adaptability that they have is an exceptional trait. Monotony is their worst fear. They prefer change and adventure.

If they have a problem, they want to talk it out. They like to analyze their problems, which can make them look detached. In fact, they may feel more comfortable talking about their feelings than experiencing them. Because of this, it is common for this Sign to often feel misunderstood. If you have a friend with a Moon Sign Gemini, they will want to help you solve your problems in the fastest, most clever way they can manage. Be prepared to be peppered with questions so they can get all the facts.

When in a relationship, they are loyal and loving. Their problem is that those they may be attracted to physically may not stimulate them intellectually, and vice versa. While they don’t like being tied down and demand a certain amount of freedom, once they have made up their mind to commit, they’re in it for the long haul. Unfortunately, even to those who know them well, the Moon in Gemini person comes off as fickle.

Moon in Gemini Man

Agreeable, warm hearted, sympathetic, liberal mind, and of ingenious nature. Busy and have varied life. Reserved in personal and domestic matters. Changes emotions, dual nature, restless, seeking truth, lover of books and studies. One is of active mind, changes his residence, undertakes short journeys and is quite social. Lack of straightforwardness, one may have stepmother, brother or sister.

Moon in Gemini Woman

Attractive, keen and intelligent face, beautiful and well-shaped body. Tendency to do many things at a time. Quick grasping power, talkative, romantic but warm or affectionate. Helpful to their husbands. A good organiser but not a good housewife. Fond of reading and arts. Should avoid intoxicating drugs, liquors and medicines which will affect adversely.

Emotional Comfort through some Nervous

The Moon in Gemini mind needs constant stimulation, and this is how it finds emotional comfort. Ideally, all this information is filtered through, and then redistributed out to the world through their unique gifts. Many are fine writers, artists and comedians, since they’re so tuned in to the peculiarities of their social surroundings.

In romance, the Gemini Moon is an enchanting mate that is also like a fun, child-like friend. Their ideal mate is someone with an adaptable outlook who helps sooth their nervous temperament. In return they offer a relationship that is fresh and always evolving because of their endless search for variety.

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