Moon in Capricorn Man

A Capricorn Moon man gets his emotional security through his reputation, his career and his ability to achieve greatness. If he loves you, he may see your relationship with him as a teacher-student opportunity. He wants to teach you what he knows and learn whatever you can teach him.

A Capricorn moon is actually more comfortable if you are 10 or more years younger than him, or 10 or more years older – he’s even fine with a 20- or 30-year age gap. That way, since you come from completely different generations, you’ll be able to teach each other so much more. It might be kind of boring, though. If you feel you might be a plain, simple or boring person, look for a Capricorn; he’ll love you!

Capricorn Moon Man

Capricorn moon man is an object of surprise. He appears strict, angry and calm. But deep inside, he is actually very down to earth and caring. It is possible to see this side of him through friendships. Others just need to make him feel comfortable.

Emotionally, he is realistically ambitious, ready to work through strategies to achieve goals that will help him see everyone from the top of the mountain. Nothing can stop of him from giving his hundred percent to his work. He competes against himself. That is why, many who knows him would tag him as workaholic. Life is all about obstacles and sometimes they do slow down his walk to his destination. This is never taken lightly by him though. If the obstacle is created by a person he will remember them forever. In a homely environment, he can often be slightly insensitive to family members’ needs. For others, however, he is a true friend.

In a relationship, this man with moon in Capricorn becomes quite devoted to his partner. No matter what happens in the bedroom, he programs himself to draw a goddess like portrait of her in public. Same he does for his relationship. Others will only hear how it is free of trouble. There is a reason behind it. He believes that people do not evaluate his social position just based on his career, but also on the relationship he shares with his girlfriend or wife.

Since Capricorn is a cardinal sign, through the moon, it can enable this man to gather courage to ask his crush out. But yes, first he will always analyze whether his path to her is clear! But who exactly is his type of woman? To know the answer, you have to look at his mother. He prefers someone who is just like her. He feels security in a relationship can be best acquired from someone whose personality is familiar to his mind. Sadly, sometimes this does not work. By the way, this man must be avoided by those who seek constant entertainment, adventure and romance in relationships. He is a homely person who finds satisfaction from a calmer and slower partner. Besides, he dislikes making a party out of his relationship.

Does this moon in Capricorn make him faithful? Yes, 99 percent of time it keeps him faithful. It is extremely difficult for him to cheat. Emotionally he can focus just on one woman and also he is aware of the fact that getting caught while cheating leads to dented social status. Nonetheless, during a relationship crisis, he can wander off. Interestingly, his style of cheating is quite specific. He never brings his other woman in public. Instead he meets her inside the closed bedroom. And in the midst of this, the idea of leaving his real girlfriend never gets into his head.

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