Moon in Gemini Man

A Gemini Moon man gets his emotional security through expressing his feelings, learning new things and having a variety of fun experiences. He is much like Peter Pan. He’s very young at heart, loves to have fun and is always flying about – mentally and physically, but especially emotionally. He has a hard time deciding what he really wants and what really feeds him emotionally. If he’s ordering for the two of you at a restaurant, you’ll be lucky if the place doesn’t close for the night before he decides, even if you’re there for lunch. And he’ll talk so much it will take forever for him to finish his food.

He has a lot of great ideas and a lot of ideas that are just simply, well, ideas. He’s going to express all of them to you – including some that (if you have your sun, moon, Mercury or Venus in a water sign) might even offend you, although that is never his intention. He wears his heart on his sleeve and he will tell you a thousand times how much he loves you. And you thought you couldn’t hear those words too much? He’ll tell you exactly how he feels about you and the relationship.

By and large, a Gemini moon wants to keep things fun and light. He’s a good communicator, and expressing how he feels about anything is a must if he’s going to feel emotionally secure with you. If you want a man who isn’t afraid to talk about his feelings, this one is the jackpot. But remember, that’s what he’s feeling when he says it. Five years, months or minutes from now, he might feel totally different. And you might actually be able to discern his emotional needs more adeptly than he can!

Emotionally, a Gemini moon is very well suited to love two partners at the same time. I don’t mean like a MFF threesome, although he would be the first in line for one of those (because he’s quick enough to jump in front of all the Scorpios and Virgos), but Gemini moons always enjoy focusing on two (or more) things at once – two projects, two jobs, two topics of conversation, two relationships. Yes, he’s the one with a beer in each hand, although he might just be holding them for his Pisces and Scorpio pals.

Gemini Moon Man

Moon in Gemini man likes the adventure of life. He sure is cheerful and outgoing, but in a very different way. Instead of clubs and bars, he prefers historic places, museums, art exhibitions and so forth. He is also an avid collector of books, music albums or any other things that he likes. That is why, to some extent, he can be taken as an outgoing intellectual person. Since Gemini is ruled by mercury, through the moon, it helps him to be a good writer and talker. He is also fond of making friends. So don’t be surprised to find many numbers in his phone book.

However, in love and relationships, the Gemini moon can be taken as a curse for him. By now we know that mercury, the planet of communication and travel rules Gemini. This is where the problem is. A man with Gemini moon unintentionally tries to verbalize his feelings in his mind. He tries to find logic in them. The unfortunate truth is that all feelings cannot be always verbalized. So he finds himself often questioning whether he is really with the right partner.

Additionally, the traveling aspect compels him to be on the move around and seek variety. Too much romance, thus sometimes suffocates him. That is why, a relationship that has lots of travelling and entertainment best suits him. This should imply to you that for a lunar Gemini man, an outgoing woman is perfect. She must also be very strong and convincing. Since he is always questioning his feelings and find himself indecisive, she must come forward to assure him again and again that his relationship is actually somewhere.

Another thing worth mentioning here is that moon in Gemini compels its carrier’s mind to not have the same thought and feelings all the time. So do expect this man to be sometimes cold in the relationship. We are still not done with the description of his type of woman. So let us concentrate on this a little more. Apparently, the Gemini moon has a tendency to make its male carrier experimental. It is all in learning and quenching the thirst of curiosity. Overriding taboos is not at all a problem. Because of this, a sexually experimental woman can turn into his ultimate partner.

But is moon in Gemini man faithful? It really depends on how strong his partner is. If she knows the art of keeping him in the relationship through plenty of entertainment he will not seek for excitement with another woman. Still, do note that Gemini moon is unpredictable. So there is a possibility for this man to wander off at least emotionally.

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