Moon in Libra Man

A Libra Moon man gets his emotional security by clinging to you like glue. And not just any glue, but that cheap off-brand super glue that will make it impossible for you to let go when you hold his hand. And this is what he wants, of course. He wants to always be connected to you!

Now, despite his acute dependency on his primary relationship, this is an air moon, which means it is intellectually and not emotionally based. He’s a good talker and listener, he’s very friendly, he’s tolerant and won’t go off the deep end emotionally like a water moon (you know who you are, Pisces and Scorpio!!)

He may not be very motivated to do anything other than have a relationship with you. Everything he does, he wants to do with his partner. In his perfect world, he is not only sleeping with you and running a business with you, but you actually have the same first name and appear to be twins. He can go his entire life without much of a desire for a threesome, but if you do have a MFF, it is guaranteed he will fall in love with the other woman, so be forewarned.

Libra Moon Man

When a man with Libra moon talks he appears very innocent. He just sounds nice. It is the work of his emotions which prefer to take the middle road instead of left and right. In a way, he is quite a street smart person! He knows to add wisdom to his sentence and that wins the hearts of his employers. This also compels his acquaintances to regard him as a very likable character.

But no stable parental nest or successful career is enough to make a lunar male Libran happy. His uttermost need is a female companion. Make it a plural because this man is more of a flirt and does not have much idea about fidelity. Why is that so? The answer lies within Libra. This sign is controlled by air, masculinity and Venus, the planet of love, sensuality and indulgence. So just think about what can happen when all of them embrace a man’s emotions through the moon. Certainly, the result of this is good for his own mind. Who does not like having many lovers? Only for his girlfriend, it is a bad news. Yet there is no way to blame this man. He is not foolish at all. He is completely aware of the consequence that comes with taking things to the “sexual” level. So most often his affairs are rather emotional and “secretly” verbal.

In spite of all this, this Libra moon man can be taken as a good lover in a relationship. He is quite skilled at organizing romantic dates and making his partner feel like a princess. With him, it is not possible to feel any sign of boredom at all. However, not just any girl can be his girlfriend. He is never going to allow that to happen. When it comes to a long term relationship he is selective about his mate. In his mind, his ideal partner is someone who is socially acceptable. Yes, she must not only be attractive to his eyes, but also to others’. She must also be eager to show off her intelligence in public. But the best is if she has a great bank balance! Inside the closed room, it is okay for her to be all angry and dominating. He is ready to put up with that as long as she allows him to enjoy a little bit of that bank balance!

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