Moon in Pisces Man

A Pisces Moon man gets his emotional security from… I’m sorry, but it is impossible for a Pisces moon to feel emotionally secure, and the sooner you realize this, the better. Everything scares the hell out of him, especially his emotions and yet he is trapped inside them, never to be released.

You must be a very positive person to endure this relationship. And that’s what he needs most, a woman who is upbeat and will convince him nothing in the world is quite as bad as he is feeling like it is right now (and always). What he really needs to do is seal off his upper chakras and his energy field (aura) in general so that he is not unknowingly sucking the negative energy from everyone else.

This is the one man in the world who is so intuitive he can actually sense what you need without asking and without you saying anything to him. But he might be too afraid to act on that knowledge.

Pisces Moon Man

Apparently, the Neptunian influence gives them ample power to be imaginative which they use in their lives to come up with great creative results. But with all honesty, due to the intense power of mutability, no two people with moon in Pisces can ever be alike. To know how their emotions work, you actually have to analyze the friends and family members they have in their surroundings.

Although not from the element earth, Pisces with the moon influences a man to be emotionally down to earth. He readily understands pain and sorrow, and wishes to take care of those who are in need. This sure sounds mindboggling, but do remember that Pisces is one of the most feminine signs we have in astrology. Even the man who has it as the moon sign cannot escape it. Sadly, this often ends up souring his relationship with the male figurers he has at home. Even outside, he finds it difficult to accept all men. The aggressive masculine energy is actually too harsh for him to stand. He wants everyone to be as compassionate as he is. Because of this, he is most comfortable with his sisters or mother. To him, they are like his ultimate best friends. And if he is outgoing, he will have a long chain of female friends.

Before, we came to know that emotions of moon in Pisces people are always impacted by the surrounding people. Let us find out what that means for the man. Nothing surprising is in store here. With strong people, he will not let himself be lost and ruin his career. In contrast, under the shade of bad companions, he will let himself fall.

Some women often think that this man with moon in Pisces is a big cheater and womanizer. Yes, it is possible for him to be so. But conditions apply. He will definitely be unfaithful if he is too dependent on females for his happiness. In addition to this, if his family background includes cheating parents he will not learn how to have a healthy relationship with his partner. His mutable emotions take in what he sees at home. But this is not all. He has more chance of cheating if his own partner does not provide him enough love and support or his Venus is in Aries.

But in a relationship, he can be quite a romantic partner. His feelings of love are very deep. And luckily, if he has a good family and neat and clean friends he will make sure to stay faithful in his relationship. Now who is his ultimate dream woman? She is someone who is strong as well as compassionate. And yes, if a lady is interested in him she must show it through signals. He does not want her to be too pushy about it though. He can easily get scared of bold moves being thrown at him. So the initiation must include a soft friendship.

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