Moon in Scorpio Man

A Scorpio Moon man gets his emotional security through intensity, passion and sex. So, um, heโ€™s going to need a shitload of this from you. If you reject him sexually, you might as well just shoot him because heโ€™s never going to recover from it. A Scorpio moon enjoys physical pain and actually enjoys emotional pain as well, although he pretends not to. They are impossible to break up with, though; you will have to fake your own death.

They love emotional extremes, are easily hurt and are the most vindictive, jealous, obsessive, possessive, bi-polar, depressed, quizzically complex, paranoid, schizophrenic, drug- and alcohol-dependent and most saddled with karmic debt of any sign. But the sex is awesome and makes up for everything else, trust me!

Scorpio Moon Man

A man with moon in Scorpio is nothing, but a confident figure. At least that is how he approaches people and challenges. But inside his mind, passionately, he is riding the roller coaster of emotions. The one who gets a glimpse of them can be considered as fortunate. The man just knows how to keep them concealed because he does not want them to be hacked and manipulated by others. There are actually some weapons that he uses to make himself successful in this job. They are none other than harsh words and anger. His friends still admire him because of the fact that he is dedicated in friendships.

How is this man in love? Not bad at all. Scorpio is a fixed sign and that is why, his emotion of love can be taken as stable and faithful. In front of a crush, he gets shy. But once at home, he might begin investigating her personality and life through Google and Facebook. This is the age of Internet after all! It will be foolish to think that a spy like Scorpio moon will not take advantage of them.

In a relationship also, due to the trust issue, the Scorpio moon man might often try to spy on his beloved. In spite of this, he is a giving and dedicated boyfriend. A freedom loving sensitive girl must still think twice before going into an official relationship with him because he is quite a possessive person with an urge to analyze spoken words. And if he comes to conclusion that he has been wrong in the relationship he will not wait much to take revenge on his partner. Scorpio and revenge just go hand in hand. This fact remains true even when its job is with the moon. A sincere apology can still work to weaken its mission.

His ultimate partner is actually someone slightly more hard hearted. She must also be programmed to respect his space, see sex as a profound emotional experience, understand the darker side of life but have no interest in changing his personality.

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