Moon in Virgo Man

A Virgo Moon man gets his emotional security by being productive, organized and as perfect as possible. This moon wants to help and give to others. They absolutely love sex and need to have it constantly in order to feel good about themselves. And since they want everything to be perfect in their life, they are quite capable of giving you the exact type of emotional bond that works for you.

If you are a water sun or moon and want him to be deeply and intensely in love with you, he can do that. If you want him to be more detached emotionally, he can do that, too. He may not be able to understand your feelings, but he can adapt to them. Above everything else, a male Virgo moon feels good when he makes you feel good.

Virgo Moon Man

A young man with moon in Virgo is shy to the core and his dressing sense will always display it. He gets the most self confidence during his adulthood. It just takes some time for him to make himself at home with strangers. His thinking process is refined and thus, he is an excellent student and worker. His communication style is envious to many men. He just knows how to talk and has a good sense of humor.

Because of that above reason, he gets to attract many women towards him. In a way, his love life is always busy. Still somehow this man is never completely satisfied with the current partner. The idea of being with the perfect woman is always in his heart. Moreover, just like the moon in Gemini (ruled by Mercury), he has a habit of analyzing his feelings. Virgo is also known to be slightly detached and that gets in his way to feeling the love fully.

Many women may also find him annoying because of his never ending criticizing habit. Even after all this do not come to conclusion that a man with moon in Virgo does not have luck much in getting a long term relationship. The earth element ruling his emotions actually programs him to be relationship oriented and faithful. A marriage is actually the best option for him. He is not fond of divorce.

Yet he is quite picky about with whom he wants to spend the rest of his life. The lady of his dream is dedicated to a healthy lifestyle. She is not overly independent, yet respects his need for space. She is talkative but clean, disciplined, organized and has a conservative dressing sense. Last, she knows how to make him useful around home and listens to what he dictates.

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